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Title: Home
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Leverage
Pairing(s): OT3 Parker/Alec/Eliot
Rating: PG
Prompt: Starting new
Summary: Hardison gets them their own place.
Word count: 646 snip
AN: While cleaning up files I found this this morning and finished it. When exactly I started it *shrugs* has to be sometime before the show was cancelled - I miss it! Still <3 adore my OT3 ;)

Standing at the bottom landing of a Brownstone, almost shoulder to shoulder, they silently looked up – marveling at the sight of what was going to be their new home.

Squinting against the sun, Eliot couldn’t deny he was pleased. It wasn’t a house with a white picket fence with a green lawn that’d need to be mowed located on some cula-sac somewhere in the middle of suburbia. That would have leaned too far toward a fantasy that none of them believed it anymore. Hadn’t, not since they were kids. Those were lost dreams and fantasies from their childhood that had long ago been trampled by the adults that had been around them.

Eliot knew each of ‘em had it tough one way or another growing up; a lifetime of hurts, that in the end, they were better for it when they found each other. Those experiences forged a strength within each of them to learn, to see outside the box under any circumstances they were given. They weren’t just lucky they were quick learners; each learning to fend for themselves. And they didn’t just survive, they were self taught with an ambition to achieve more.

Adapting to new environments until they could move on, adjusting skills, until they excelled at what they did. In time, it made them who they are - the hacker, a thief, and the retrieval expert.

Nate was the one who brought them together. Initially they all had been loners suddenly brought in to work as a team.
From their first job together, Eliot only saw and held that first impression of: Nate the brains and master planner, Sophie the grifter con-artist, Alec the hacker an annoying geek-freak and Parker the thief who was is twenty pounds crazy in a five pound bag, and he’s sure they had only seen him as glorified muscle.

Although from the beginning, it was apparent Nate and Sophie had a history, were meant to be together. The three of them found it amusing to watch them dance around each other until it became frustrating.

Their antics were distracting enough that they didn’t even realize how the three of them gravitated toward each other on the side-lines watching.

Overtime things changed. They’d bitch, moan; tease and cajole each other unmercifully as they worked together. They were always in each other’s pocket, learning each other’s body language, until gradually they somehow fit. It didn’t happen right away, but slowly they realized how they truly did fit together. Not just as a team, but the three of them fit together seamlessly like a perfect three-sided puzzle box.

Breaking the silence, Eliot questioned, “This it?”

Eliot didn’t realize how his voice came across until he saw Alec’s shoulders sag in disappointment. Then he heard Alec’s soft reply, “Yeah” then a hitch in his tone as he got defensive, “alright so it’s not exactly the Taj Mahal?”

Eliot reached behind Parker and smacked Alec’s ass. Ignoring Alec’s ow, he gruffly added, “Don’t need the Taj Mahal, we can make our own.”

Parker piped in, adding her own brand of encouragement, “Who’d want to clean anything as large as the Taj Mahal?”

Slightly mollified Alec nodded, “Point.”

With a bounce, Parker wrapped her arms over their shoulders, “Besides it doesn’t matter, together we’re a home without walls, right?”

Eliot turned and met Alec’s gaze, each grinning at the truth of Parker’s words, then in chorus, they answered in agreement, “Always!”

“Good!” Reaching down she took a hold of their hands and pulled them forward, “now let’s go see what the inside offers – like the bedroom.”

Eliot didn’t need to see Alec or Parker’s face to know they were all on the same page; with hands clasped together, in sync they ran up the steps into their new home, each eager to christen not only the bedroom, but every room in the house.

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aw! I miss these guys so much. Love this.


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