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Title: Flicker of light
Fandom: Downton Abbey
Characters/Pairing(s): Thomas - Carson
Rating: G
Warnings: S6, after Thomas' incident of attempted suicide
Word Count: 632
AN A challenge for [community profile] gameofcards Team Clubs, challenge #34 Missing Moments (or wishful moments). I'll be watching the last episode this weekend, but while watching last week this popped up, a moment I wish had taken place. Anyhoo, hello still around- watch for it, I will be posting a few fics this coming month =)


“Oh hello Miss Baxter, please excuse the intrusion. Mr. Barrows if you’re feeling up to it and wouldn’t mind, a word?”

Wide-eyed Thomas just stared at the butler then glanced at Baxter who had brought up his breakfast.

When he nervously met her gaze, she only smiled encouragingly, offering a measure of reassurance.

Jerkily he nodded, swallowing pass the lump in his throat and choked out, “Of course Mr. Carson.”


“Certainly, Mr. Carson.” Standing Miss Baxter turned to Thomas, “If you don’t object, I’d like to check on you later this afternoon, Mr. Barrows.”

Flustered at her generosity, Thomas replied, “I’d like that Miss Baxter. Thank you!”

“Very good then Mr. Barrows. I’ll see you later.” At the door, she addressed her goodbye with a nod, “Mr. Carson” and closed the door behind her leaving the two men alone.

Thomas waited for Mr. Carson to say something – anything. Instead he stood there silent looking around the room and most notably he avoided looking Thomas’ way. Thomas felt his stomach tighten, this was it Carson was ready to sack him, here and now…

Finally, Mr. Carson straightened. “I want to inform you…” he cleared his throat, “to inform you as you know Mr. Mosely is taking on the job as teacher. It’s not a permanent vacancy, but it leads us in need of a footman again. Understandingly you can return to duty once the doctor has cleared you – that is if you would like to stay on for a time?”

Thomas’ mouth dropped, “For a time? His Lordship would let me stay?”

“Yes, it was his suggestion to put things on hold in order to keep the house running smoothly.”

“And you Mr. Carson, do you want me to stay?”

The man looked at him appalled that he would outright question him. Suddenly Carson straightened then inhaled sharply. “It is not my place to question his Lordship.”

Discouraged Thomas looked away, “Of course not, Mr. Carson.”

“However, Mr. Barrows I will say it appears I was wrong to accuse you of any irregularities regarding Mr. Parker. He informed me how you have taken him under your wing, trying to teach him how to read. I told you once before I will not pretend to understand your – situation. Yet you have settled here, know your place without question - and like most families, even those fallen or ill-favored, they are still family. Your ….

Your incident, has reminded even someone like me who is so set in their ways, that as much as I might have suggested otherwise, you, Mr. Barrows would be missed. In other words, you Mr. Barrows, are indeed family.”

Thomas just stared-wide-eyed at the man, he had to be hearing things. First waking up then discovering he was still here at Downton Abbey, to the rotating door of visitors, most notably Lady Mary with his Lordship George. To now hear his Lordship has rescinded the demand that he find employment elsewhere - it was overwhelming. His emotions were quickly unraveling at the generosity offered that he couldn’t utter a sound. Thomas looked up at Carson with hope his answer and gratitude was easily displayed as he nodded his acceptance.

Whatever Carson saw seemed to appease the man as he smiled. “Very good then, I shall inform his Lordship. Now, I will leave you to rest Mr. Barrows. Good day.”

Through watery eyes Thomas nodded and smiled in return as the man left. Staring at the closed door, Thomas didn’t bother to hide or wipe away the tears that fell freely down his cheeks, recalling Carson’s words; the declaration that he was family. The cherished words eased a pain he had lived with his entire life. It wasn’t perfect, but it filled him with hope of what tomorrow might bring.

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