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Titile: When its Right
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing(s)/charater(s): John, Wee Dean
Summary: Pre-series: John takes Dean out to get a Christmas tree
Rating: PG
Word cound: 567
AN: Merry Christmas <333


John glanced back to make sure Dean was following behind him. He would have thought Dean would have been more excited to get a tree, but the way his son meandered around, he started to question Mary’s plan that they to do this without her. She had pushed him to take Dean while she went shopping without them. The plan was to meet them back at the house for a late lunch slash early dinner then set the tree up to decorate.

“What do you think Dean? Is this the one?”

John stood back to watch his son.

Although at only three, Dean stood rim rod straight as if he was closer to John’s height. He walked around the tree eyeing it up and down, studying every angle. Then he stopped and crossed his arms over his chest before his son cocked his head and looked back up at him.

John bit his lip to keep from laughing out loud at the sincere seriousness on Dean’s face; yet he couldn’t stop the grin that pulled at the corners of his lips.

Slowly Dean nodded, “I think Mommy will like it” Then he firmly declared, “So will Sammy.”

“Yeah?” His eyes glittered with happiness then John raised his brow, questioning, “Who’s Sammy?” He had already guessed the answer, but hearing his son’s answer and the thought process behind it always lifted his heart.

Without batting an eye Dean answered, “My baby brother.”

“That so. You’re sure it’s going to be a boy – what if it’s a girl?” Dean just gave him a look like he’d gone crazy. John chuckled, “Okay, so how’d you come up with Sammy?”

Dean shrugged. “Mommy asked me if I liked the name, Samuel.” He crossed his eyes and shook his head no, in distaste. Then he paused, at the memory sharp, his lip dropping, Dean quietly said, “That made mommy sad. She said Samuel was Grandpa’s name and that I was named after Grandma Deanna. I didn’t want to make mommy sad and told her we could call him Sammy – that Sammy was better. It made Mommy happy.”

“Huh, I like that, Sammy rolls off the tongue. Still works if he turns out to be a she.”

John tried and failed make his son see reason. All he got in return was Dean’s steady glare. John sighed and tried another tactic. “Dean, even if he’s, a he when he gets older he’ll probably want to shorten the name to Sam.”

Dean shook his head defiantly then turned his back on John, to admire the tree. With a smile, Dean’s small voice rose as he stated over his shoulder. “Nope it’ll always be Sammy.”

John stood there in blatant shock at his three and half year old son’s firm resolve.

Finally John burst out laughing, “All right then kiddo” and leaned down to pick Dean up. “Let’s go pay for this tree then tie her to the roof of the car. Then we can go home and see Mommy’s make lunch or dinner? Then if she bought any stuff so we can make some Christmas cookies?”

Dean bounced on his shoulders then he leaned over, hair flopping as he animatedly shook his head no, and simply answered, “Pie, mommy’s gonna let me help her make pie. Christmas pie!”

John only laughed louder, his heart beaming with pride and happiness things couldn’t be more perfect.



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