Jun. 20th, 2016

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Hiya =)

Still here and going \o/

Going = writing, actually my muse has hit me and I'm writing all over the place in different fics, but I'm going to try and corral a few. Of late, my muse has gravitated to Teen Wolf. So I am writing a Sterek bigbang- and atm what I need help with is medical, maybe a medical beta? You don't have to be in TW, I just want to make sure it’s somewhat correct or at least within the right vicinity.

Character A gets hurt, shot left for dead bleeding out, but he has also suffered smoke inhalation and a few 2nd/3rd burns before they find him. In critical condition, he went through emergency surgery and is now in ICU. I just need help on any details and logistics I need to follow and time frame. I can give you a medical summary of sorts (or whole plot if you’d like –or not) of where I want to go - that'd be up to you. Again I'm looking for someone to just help me with medical aspect - or if you know of any lj/dw group/cite that could help me out...

Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

Other fics I’ve been working on, and have new words this month \o/
Note: highlighted are new fics (or new chpts), asterisks dirtybadporn that will be posted under my sockpuppet.
TW 3some 3.1k
SPN AU 762 wc
TW Allison/Lydia 948 wc
SGA Lorne/Sheppard 1.2k
*TW porn 3.9k
*CW rps porn 3.3k
TW 7.8k
*CW rps porn 775

Okay off I’m off to work

I'm still in shock over this - however my love, prayers & thoughts go out to his family/friends and to other fans – he will be MISSED!
RIP Anton Yelchin


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