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Title: The Reconstruction of Mayhem
Author: [personal profile] denyce
Artist: [ profile] ragingquiet26
Fandom: CW RPS
Character/Pairings: Chad, Chad/Hilarie, Chad/Jared, Chad/Jensen, Jared/Jensen, Chad/OMC, and Chad/Jeff with mentions of: Chad/Sophia, Chad/Kenzie.
Rating: Overall NC-17 Written for: [ profile] rpf_big_bang
Summary: Chad’s lived his entire life with secrets, including the denial of his sexual identity. Now, whether it’s because the stars have aligned or he’s run out of luck, Chad thinks he’s lost everything and everyone. Chad is forced to take a journey of self-discovery, and learns that sometimes you need to take a big step back before you can start taking steps forward.
Warnings:Het, Slash/pre-slash, denial of sexual identity, unrequited love, spanking, mentions of child abuse/sexual abuse, non-con/rape, mentions of child abandonment/child neglect and alcoholism.
Word Count: 43,679
Disclaimer: Not real, COMPLETE FICTION—I have no clue, or any real knowledge, of any actor’s private personal life!!
Betas: OMG, I’m truly thankful & blessed…. Huge thank you shout-outs to: [ profile] mastermia, [ profile] belatressl, [personal profile] azraelz_angel, [personal profile] wendy, [personal profile] varkelton and [ profile] nighean_isis. You are each made of awesomeness!! Any glimmer of goodness comes from them. ;)
Art: Created by the wonderfully patient and talented [ profile] ragingquiet26 The prettiness kills in a very delicious way ;)

First, props (or blame) has to go out to [ profile] beanside for introducing me to Chad in the first place. Prior to reading her fic, I seriously had no idea who the &%^&% Chad was, nor had I ever seen anything he did. Afterwards, I devoured Chad-centric fic and OTH and became overly fascinated with the RL drama of the man. At some point I started to develop a muse for Chad, although I slowly realized that the Chad living in my head was vastly different from fanon Chad—or even from the friendly Chad other writers and readers love.

That being said, I have to thank those who have listened to me ramble on about Chad—my Chad. Most of my RL fen either despises or only slightly tolerates Chad, yet they have indulged me in my ramblings. They’ve allowed me to talk about Chad and go on about my fic… and for that I can’t thank you enough. And if you hear that collected sigh of relief, that’s them, overly pleased that I’m finally posting and that maybe I’ll give them a reprieve *evil laughter!*

October wasn’t one of my better months/moments in life: too many trials/tribulations to get into, though right from the beginning when I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to continue, when I was afraid I’d have to drop out even after drafts were called, each person above never wavered in their support and kept cheerleading me on—I can’t thank you enough, seriously. So much ♥ for each of you.

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