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Title: Morning After
Author: Denyce
Fandom: CW RPS
Pairings: Chris-Dave friendship, Chris/Chad
Rating: PG-13
Summary: BestBud!Verse - While Chris untangles and works through his unrequited love for Jensen. Chris finds out his friends are keepers as Dave and other friends are there for him - including Jensen. Then Chris discovers he has the support and interest of one he didn’t even know he had as a friend.
Word Count: 1,764
Notes: This is p3 of an on-going verse, newly named and tagged, BestBuds!Verse, as I couldn’t think of anything else. A thank you! & hugs goes to [ profile] princesslanie for the quick beta, and for the poke! Any remaining mistakes are mine, as I tweaked it yet again *sigh* so if you see anything lmk, better yet beta for me *eg* My goal is to finish this verse in 3 more parts, and… let’s set a date how about labor day weekend? A firm goal sounds good *nods* muse & health withstanding ;) Also for anyone interested and doesn't know Jeremy is Jeremy Renner who played Penn on Angel in S1. Like Chris, he knew David prior to working with him on Angel.

p1) A Day Late and a Dollar Short
p2) A Step Forward

Twisting under the covers, refusing to get up, under his breath Chris cursed his phone, shut the fuck up!! After the umpteenth ring he flung a pillow in the direction toward the phone on the other side of the room, growling at the unknown caller, go away as he rolled back over onto his stomach. Blindly he reached out for another pillow, burrowing his head under it to cut away the sound. A few minutes later the phone actually stopped ringing. Relieved by the silence, Chris started to relax and turned to his side. Partially spread out sinking deeper into the blanketed cocoon warmth around him, intending to sleep; welcoming the peace to quiet his pounding headache.

Suddenly a brisk knock invaded his quiet, and the door to his bedroom was swung open as Dave’s overly cheerful voice rang out, “Rise and shine, Sweetheart.”

Dave moved closer to the bed, Chris could hear him shifting things to put something down on the nightstand then snagged the pillow from his head as he moved away.

Without turning or opening his eyes, “Bastard! And if I shoot your ass?” He heard Dave’s chuckle as he moved about the room. Could hear his curtains being pulled; even with his eyes closed Chris could feel the brightness, the rays of the morning sun. “Gonna shoot me with your finger?”

He tried to sound nasty and threatening as he barked as loud as he dared through the pounding that started doing double time within his skull. “Trespassing, entering a man’s home—his bedroom, waking him before his hangover is gone; a crime easily justified.” What came out was a low whining whisper. Slowly he pried one eye open, only to immediately shut it against the blinding brightness of the day, then dragged the blankets up and over his head as he tried to figure out why Dave was here then immediately gave up—too taxing to think with a hangover. Instead he whined just loud enough to be heard through the blankets. “Could have a gun.”

Dave moved closer to the bed, “Yeah, except I know you and Eliot share the same hatred for guns.” could hear him doing something with whatever he left on the nightstand. Then felt a sudden swat to his ass, “Come on get up.” A second later using the tactic of surprise against him, Chris lost his hold on the sheets. With a firmer grip, Dave threw the blankets back leaving him exposed to the brightness of the day. Any hopes he had of lounging curled up sleeping through his hangover, were gone.

Pissed, Chris turner over and slowly sat up rubbing his eyes trying to block out the sun. Quietly not to aggravate his headache further, Chris demanded, “Mind telling what the fuck, before I pound your ass into the ground?”

Then it stuck him, Dave was actually here. It had only been yesterday, last night that Dave supposedly couldn’t make it to Jensen’s because he was out of town and wasn’t due back until next week.

“Here, don’t strain yourself.” Dave handed him a cup of coffee. Immediately he brought it closer, until the robust aroma hit his system. Automatically he leaned forward and took a tentative sip. Black, three sugars, pleased he took another healthier sip allowing the hot liquid to soothe his tired throat, and clear his sleep logged brain. Then took another.

Though he was a bit more awake, his temper still simmered to a boil. “Now, what the fuck, are you doing here? And explain to me, why I shouldn’t take my keys back?”

“What no thanks?”

Chris threw him a menacing glare. “Are you fucking kidding me?” Dave just stood there waiting his head cocked to the side. A look he had perfected back in the early days on Buffy—the on slot of brooding.

Caving, Chris rolled his eyes, and gestured with tip up to his coffee. “Fine. Thank you. Now explain asshole.”

Dave grinned, “Didn’t realize you where such a touchy prim-a-donna.”

“Start talking, before I bodily throw you out! That’s a promise not a threat.”

Sighing Dave gave in. “Yeah well, I wasn’t the big draw, Emily was. She has the flu and had to cancel at the last minute.”

“Huh, so they cancelled you? That’s got to hurt.”

Dave shrugged, “Wasn’t my fan base.” and moved to sip his coffee, then paused midway, glaring. “Oh that was good, real good distraction…” Grinning he nodded, “almost had me, and here I was beginning to think you were too hung over.”

Chris opened his mouth about to protest, but Dave shook his head and chuckled. Dismissing Chris protest with an exaggerated wave of his finger back and forth. “Forget it; trying to distract me isn’t going to work.” His grin infectious, “Now spill?”

Chris blew on his coffee, declaring. “You know you’re a real insufferable prick.”

Proudly Dave wagged his eyebrows as he waited.

Chris sighed in defeat. “Fine. It went just fine. You were right, if you would have called....”

Dave’s eyes narrowed as he glared at him, a silent, you think! was clearly expressed.

“Oh yeah,” Chris sheepishly admitted, remembering he didn’t answer. Then smiled and shrugged. “Could of called, Aldis, or hey your buddy Chad.” Chris couldn’t stop his voice from dripping with sarcasm when he said Chad’s name.

Bitterly Dave responded, “I did call. Right after Chad called and left me a message - again.”


“You heard me. So you want to tell what the hell is up with your buddy Chad? Cause I gotta tell you, getting messages from him…” Dave suddenly clamped his lips together stopping whatever he was going to say. Then hung his head before glancing up, looking distressed, “You’re not starting something with him are you…” he sighed and didn’t finish then chuckled answering his own question before Chris could respond. “No, no you wouldn’t do that, right.”He waved off an answer, “I know I’m probably not being fair since I don’t really know, know the guy, but I can’t dismiss everything I’ve heard” he shrugged his shoulders, then continued and started to pace as he did. “You know from reliable sources, too. I mean even if only half were true, you’re just better off not getting involved. Besides he’s not exactly your type right?”

Chris was sitting there with his back against the head board. It was damn too early in the morning with a hangover to clearly follow Dave’s train of thought, but one thing stuck out clearly, Dave was talking about Chad fucking Murray, again! Why and how the fuck does he have Dave’s number- the better question, and still unanswered is why the hell is Chad getting into Chris’s business.

“… I look nothing like Murray, then again Jenny looks nothing like me either… tell me it’s not like, that he’s just being a friend – that you two are only friends?”

Chris blinked confused over Dave’s agitation.

Dave’s hand reached out and tugged on toe. “Hey, you with me?”

Chris jerked his foot away then distractingly asked, “He called you?”

“Yeah I just said so, weren’t you listening?”

Chris blurted out, “Why the fuck….”

Jeremy reprimanded, as he walked in. “Language, gentlemen language! Innocence of youth approaches.”

Dave looked up and smiled as he saw Jaden up on Jeremy’s shoulders. “Jaden, Jeremy, thought I told you two to wait for me downstairs?”

Jeremy gripped Jaden, and started to lift Jaden up and over his head, letting him drop at the foot of the bed. Jaden started bouncing when he landed as Jeremy responded. “Yeah and we thought you two would be coming downstairs.”

Chris openly smiled at his number one fan, and then held out his coffee. Taking the unspoken hint, Dave grabbed it from him and put it down on nightstand.

Jaden jumped and bounced toward him, squealing in delight, “Eliot!”

“Hey little man, didn’t know you were here.” As he held up his fists, shadow boxing with Jaden who followed darted and bob jab for jab.

“Dad made us stay downstairs said he didn’t know if you were alone.” Chris raised an eyebrow as he glanced toward his friend.

“That wasn’t exactly for your ears; and don’t think we’re not going have to have a talk about you eavesdropping.”

Chris didn’t give Jaden away as he barely held his laughter when Jaden rolled his eyes, an action that made him look exactly like his father.

Jeremy interrupted as he announced patting his stomach, “I’m starved.” and nodded to Chris, “You know if you’d actually get out of bed, we could go downstairs.” He inclined his head toward Dave, “You know he promised me lunch.”

Obviously exasperated, Dave offered, “Fine, I’ll fix you lunch…”

All three interrupted in unison, and answered, “No!” and watched as Dave turned a steady stare at each of them then pointedly at Jaden. Going for overkill Dave placed a hand over his chest, and staggered back as if he was physically wounded by their response. No one was baited as each of them had the misfortune of eating something from Dave’s skills as a cook, or lack of skills.

Chris shifted as he got out of bed. “Go ahead I’ll meet you downstairs, I’m sure we can scrounge up something to eat.”

Jeremy nodded, “Come on kiddo, let’s go raid the refrigerator.”

Jaden scooted off the bed and as he passed Jeremy, hit him on the arm, yelling, you’re it then raced out the door. Jeremy stood there for all of two seconds before he was yelling back racing after Jaden.

Chris and Dave stood there chuckling, then Chris moved toward the bathroom, “Just let me splash some water on my face and I’ll be down.”

Nodding, Dave moved toward the door. Chris called after him. “Hey, you saved Murray’s number right?”

In mid-step Dave jerked to a stop, his face falling, and he silently nodded. The corners of Chris’s mouth lifted as he stared at Dave’s expression.

Startled, Dave’s eyes widened, “Wait a minute, you didn’t answer me before, you’re not?” nervously adding, Are you?”

Chris only widened his grin and refused to answer, as he turned away, basically dismissing Dave. “I’ll see you downstairs.” He could hear Dave’s mumblings even as he made his way down the stairs. Chuckling to himself, Chris thoroughly enjoyed turning the screws, fucking with Dave’s head. Though none of that change the fact Chris needed wanted to know why Chad fucking Murray was suddenly so interested in him. One way or another, Chris was determined to find out.



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