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Entering Crash, Max and Logan suddenly realized why there were so few parking spaces outside. For a Wednesday night, the club was unusually packed; it’s atmosphere festively loud. Nearly shouting and using hand signals, Logan got the message when Max decided they should split up: him to get their drinks and Max to find Original Cindy and Alec.

Moving, pushing, elbowing his way through as politely as possible, Logan did his best to ignore the boisterous crowd around him as he slowly made his way toward the bar. Squeezing through Logan waited, then when the bartender came over he had to yell loud enough to be heard.

Waiting Logan turned in time to see Max on the stairs scanning the room looking for Original Cindy, then stop as she spotted her. Turning she caught his gaze and pointed out the direction where she’d be. He nodded, and watched her head the rest of the way up the stairs making a bee-line toward a woman Logan assumed had to be Cindy. Still waiting for his drinks, Logan observed as Max gave Cindy’s shoulder a friendly nudge as she came up behind her; could almost hear Max’s friendly, “Hey, what’s up?” Even from here Logan could tell Cindy’s response was stiff and robotic where she just gave a curt nod and just tilted her head toward the direction of what had captured her full attention.

Like Max, Logan followed the gesture, expecting to see some beautiful - if not stunning and probably attached - woman who had caught Cindy’s interest; instead the sight that greeted them rendered him speechless. His mouth gaped open as Logan stared, blinking several times in an attempt to change the scorching image in front of him: Alec, standing on a table, more than a head above the crowd in clear view for anyone looking in that direction. Smiling as if without a care in the world, Alec laughed and continued dancing.... if one could call what he was doing dancing. Alec moved and swerved his hips in time to the music, an exaggerated bump and grind on top of one of the tables—naked. Or nearly naked, in tight boxer briefs with dollar bills sticking out from the waistband.

Logan didn’t even realize the bartender was demanding his attention, asking if he was buying the drinks or not. Dazed, Logan shook his head to snap out of it, then dug into his jeans for a few bills, sliding them toward the bartender. Without another thought, he picked up their drinks, and headed toward Max and Cindy.

As he approached, Logan was close enough to see Max snapping her mouth closed, obviously flustered in a way she’d never acknowledge especially in front of him. Catching his presence Max immediately went on the defensive. “What the hell?” she muttered. “Is he crazy?”

Logan stood there taking in the scene that hadn’t changed, oddly wondering the same thing.

Logan knew without looking that none of them had taken their eyes off of Alec, when he heard Cindy laugh. In his mind’s eye could see her smirk nodding in agreement. “Seems so.” Her tone dipped in flippant sarcasm as she added, “For scrawny bow legs, the boy can dance.”

Curious Logan turned to fully see Cindy’s expression, but stilled as he saw Max. He could only describe the look Max sported as comical disbelief, something he’d only seen between the pages of a comic book from his youth. A minute later, Max choked out, “But why the hell… wait, is that Normal?”

From his peripheral vision he saw Cindy nod then grunt in answer as they each watched disbelieving as Normal grinned, waving more dollar bills in Alec’s direction.

Alec appeared to return Normal’s smile as he scooted closer, dancing directly in front of Normal. Alec gripped his hips only to do a bump and grind tease. Fingers dipped under the elastic band of his boxers and slowly rolled them down several inches exposing more flesh—just a bit above indecent. Not to mention, the gray jockey boxer briefs did nothing to hide the erection Alec was sporting. In fact, his partially rolled boxers highlighted his arousal and the obvious wet spot that was spreading. Encouraged by Alec’s reaction, Normal reached forward, tucking a few more bills into the waistband. Logan eyes widened as he realized that Normal, the repressive tight-ass, was copping a feel, his fingers lingering. Alec only grinned. He paused his movements for a second, allowing Normal’s hands to move over him slowly. Not surprisingly, the crowd cheered them on. In response, Alec stepped back, turned around and thrust his jiggling ass and firm glutes into Normal’s flushed face.

Still standing there, holding their drinks Logan quietly exclaimed, “Shit!” announcing his presence.

Without a moment's pause, Max snatched one of the drinks he was holding and downed half of it. He noticed she was flushed, though he couldn’t decide if it was out of embarrassment or excitement that Alec’s antics had gotten to her. Not that he could really blame her.

Like everyone else in the bar, Logan was mesmerized and continued to watch Alec dance, each movement sensuous and enticing to those around him. Logan’s mind reeled as he watched Alec laugh, and flirt outrageously; he was every bit as flirtatious with the men as he was with the women. There was no question Alec was a flirt by nature, sure, but this was freer, more open, than Logan had ever seen Alec be.

Unable to tear his eyes away, Logan finally asked, “How long has he been…” His voice trailed off as Alec turned around and slowly bent over, his body pulled into a long, taut stretch as his hands lewdly traveled up the back of his legs to his thighs, caressing up and grasping his ass cheeks. Logan found himself nearly choking at the sight. Heard Max make a similar sound before finishing off her drink then nearly slamming the glass down on the table.

Cindy snorted. “Mmm hmm, boy's damn flexible, gotta give him that.” Logan felt a tingle of heat around his ears as he silently agreed, then guilty glanced over to Cindy and Max to see if either had seen his reaction. Neither had taken their eyes off of Alec. Cindy paused only to take a sip of her drink, and then answered, “Ah, don’t know... fifteen, twenty minutes ago?”

Max’s hand abruptly snaked around, snatching Cindy’s drink and she gulped down the remains before Cindy could protest.

Startled, Cindy turned and glared her annoyance but Max didn’t react or take notice of anything other than Alec’s erotic display. After licking the rim Max thrust the empty glass down on a table next to her own, then without even looking grabbed Logan’s drink before he could react. “Sorry, thirsty,” she stated without apology. After taking a healthy gulp Max glanced at the half full glass and tossed down the rest. Licking her lips she huskily continued, “Hot. Don’t you think it’s hot?”

Without waiting for a reply, Max put the glass next to the others. Her fingers busily unzipped and removed her jacket allowing it to fall to the floor. When she didn’t stop and started to remove her shirt to reveal a camisole tee, Cindy hesitantly spoke, sounding as if she didn't really want to know the answer. “Max, what the hell you doing?”

Logan watched in shock as Max swayed, her body leaning until she plastered herself to Cindy’s side. Though to anyone else Max might have appeared unsteady or drunk she was an X5, they didn’t get drunk—at least not easily. As an X5, Max was agile and maneuvered quickly; her hands suddenly lively as they started to deftly travel Cindy’s body. In shock, Logan stared, gaping as heard Max whispered breathlessly, “Hot,” like that answered everything.

Stunned speechless, Cindy turned, quirking a brow in Logan’s direction as if he had an answer. Logan could only shrug then curiously he glanced back toward Alec.

Max must of done something else as Cindy smacked Logan’s shoulder to get his attention, but he was rooted to the spot taken in by Alec’s new moves that clearly validated Cindy’s earlier statement on flexibility.

“Shit! Logan, I’m thinking we have a problem here. Whoa, girl, hands…” He could hear Cindy unsuccessfully try to swat Max’s hands away, obviously to no effect by the sounds of it.

With reluctance Logan turn toward her though his eyes still focused on Alec “Hm?” dazed he barely swallowed and muttered an automatic, “Whatt?” before he actually glanced and took in the scene before him. He gasped in shock to find Max molesting Cindy barely registering Cindy’s attempts to stop her, her hands roving decisively over Cindy’s body.

“Oh oh…”

Exasperated though her voice carried more worry than snark, “Duh! Thinking something’s up with those drinks….”

Logan followed Max’s hand as she tried unsuccessfully to garner access under Cindy’s top then shook his head as he processed what Cindy just said. As he finally understood, he glanced to Max then took a fleeting look back toward Alec, then back again to the empty glasses on the table that Max had finished off, then - unable to resist - back to Alec. “Manticore…”

Looking annoyed, Cindy only rolled her eyes, too busy trying to placate Max’s aggressive manhandling… where she was quickly losing ground.

Unable to stop himself Logan continued to stare at Alec who was performing a sensuous body roll. His eyes were glued to Alec’s fingers, fingers that cascaded slowly up and down his chest. Swallowing hard, Logan stated the obvious; “We need to get them out of here.”

“You thinkkkk….” Cindy’s irritation trailed off into a shriek.

Finally Logan turned and stared dumbfounded as Cindy ineffectively tried to pull Max’s hand out from where it had apparently snaked up and under her shirt. With his view partially blocked Logan could only guess what Max was doing now as Cindy suddenly shuddered and muttered, “Help…”

Logan stepped up behind Max and - carefully avoiding touching skin - placed his hands over her leather covered hips and tried unsuccessfully to pull her away. With a firmer grip, Logan leaned forward, his voice pleading, “Max, let go. You need to let Cindy go,” then pulled.

Her answer was to hook an arm around him, pulling him closer. Though they didn’t touch skin-to-skin, Logan’s heart pounded. The adrenaline of excitement and danger collided as he was plastered against Max’s back. Her small tight frame pressed back, intimately rubbing against him. Her hand on his hip tightened, holding him in place as she rocked her body between them.

Logan wasn’t exactly sure what Max was doing with her other hand, but from the look on Cindy’s scrunched up face and mutterings of, ‘Fuck no… oh god,’ Logan knew they were in deep trouble.

The crowd’s sudden cheer drew Logan’s attention. Alec was still on the table; his hands clutched at his sides, holding the bunched up material of his shorts with his fists. He had created an obscene bikini encasing his hard cock that he was teasingly grinding into someone’s face.

Just as they leaned forward, mouth open, ready to inhale Alec’s cock clothed or not, Alec stepped back and turned around, displaying the wedgie deeply embedded between his ass cheeks. Distracted by the raunchy exhibit of Alec, Logan didn’t notice until it was too late. Max had untucked his shirt and was inching her way under his waistband.

The instant he became aware, he knew it was already too late as skin touched skin. Instinctively he jerked away, reacting just moments too late, frantically pushing Max away from him as he simultaneously stepped back. The heated scorch of nails raked across his hip as Max made an effort to maintain their contact.

Once out of reach, Logan held his breath, mentally trying to estimate how long he had. He only had one incident to compare to but the reaction had started within minutes - if not seconds - after Max’s touch. Though that time they had kissed, deeply; this time he hoped it had only been Max’s fingernails to his skin—maybe it’d be different. Shaking off the seeping dread, knowing that in reality he might not have time, Logan returned his focus to the immediate problem— how to get Max and Alec away safely before Manticore showed up. The only reason he’d survived the last time was because of Max and she was his priority.

Automatically Logan brushed Max’s insistent fingers away again before guiding and wrapping them back around Cindy’s waist where Max’s other hand was busy doing something that he could only describe as having effectively made Cindy coo in delight.

Grasping Cindy’s hands, Logan purposely secured them around Max. “Hold her tight. We need to get out of here now. Head for the back. I’ll create a distraction and get Alec…”

Jerkily Cindy looked up. Her bewilderment was quickly replaced by anger as she opened her mouth to protest, though whether it was from being interrupted or the difficulty of having to maneuver Max, Logan didn’t know or care. “GO!”

Cindy moved. Max was practically attached to Cindy and went willingly toward the back. Logan watched until they were at the back door before he turned toward Alec. He was pretty confident he could get Alec to follow him… it was the crowd he was concerned about, Alec’s new fanbase... and Normal in particular.

As he worked his way through the crowd, Logan caught a glimpse of Sketchy in his peripheral vision, warily watching from a distance. Changing directions, Logan headed toward Sketchy, his hand already digging for cash, a plan forming as he reached him.

Thankfully Sketchy was relatively cooperative and didn’t ask questions once he was given enough incentive—in the form of cash. Not that he had given Sketchy an easy task, creating a distraction so he could get to Alec. Logan headed back toward Alec, who was still shimmying his body in Normal’s face. As he got closer, he realized he’d need more than a simple distraction to get Normal away. The man didn’t waste a second of his attention on anything else other than Alec.

Suddenly turning around, Normal directed a heated stare his way.

At first, Logan didn’t know what to make of it until he looked past Normal to Alec. He was surprised to find he had Alec’s full attention. Alec had stopped dancing and was just standing there, grinning like mad. His hands unclenched the rolled up boxers only to roam freely over his torso—a torso that was glistening with sweat. Dilated green eyes bore into his. The intensity nearly knocked him on his ass right there.

Logan swallowed and licked his lips, trying to gather his senses and stay focused. It didn’t help that Alec followed his actions.

The sudden body shove, and the cold possessive fury in Normal’s voice as they stared at each other was almost as good as an icy shower. “He’s mine, get the fuck outta here!” Normal shouted as he bodily blocked Logan from getting any closer to Alec.

Logan didn’t have to answer as shouts of ‘Fire’ rose through the crowd and everyone else around them started rushing toward the front exit. Concerned Normal looked behind him and Logan took the opportunity to throw a right cross, putting all his weight behind the punch, having no time to question the man's uncharacteristic aggression. It connected solidly with Normal’s jaw, knocking him out. Stepping over his fallen body, Logan made his way to the table where Alec still stood waiting. He smiled down at Logan, his head slightly tilted, bemused by Logan’s actions. Without hesitation Logan reached out for Alec’s hand. “Come on, let’s get out of here.”

Alec answered by grabbing Logan’s hand and jumped down.

Not bothering to look for Alec’s scattered clothes, Logan just unzipped and removed his jacket, wrapping it around Alec’s shoulders as they moved in the opposite direction of the thinning crowd toward the back of the bar, in the same direction Max and Cindy exited.

Effortlessly Alec slipped into the jacket then entwined his fingers within Logan’s. Startled, Logan stopped in mid-stride to stare down at their clasped hands. Alec’s thumb was moving, caressing the back of his hand. Frowning, Logan shook his head, immediately dismissing the erotic spark he felt—he didn’t have time nor did he want to acknowledge it, not to mention Alec was a natural flirt and drugged to the gills. “Alec, knock it off; it’s just the drug that’s coursing through your system,” he explained, as much to persuade himself as Alec, then tried to shake Alec’s hand off.

Alec held on and edged closer and simply stated, “No.”

Bewildered, Logan just froze.

In fact, he was panicking. Methodically, rationally, panicking in fear. Logan wanted to laugh at the ridiculousness of everything, of how this all could end – that he could die from Alec's and Max’s spiral into heat. Distracted, he worriedly wondered if this attack was solely directed at Max, with Alec accidentally getting in the way first. It brought up too many questions: if Manticore actually knew of Max or Alec’s approximate location, or if Crash was just one of many targets to supply the cocktail; if Manticore was intentionally after one, both, or any and all X5’s within the targeted areas; if it was even designated to get at him, Eyes Only, through Max, or if he was just an inconsequential bonus. There was also the slight possibility that it had nothing to do with Manticore and that something else was going on. Not that it would make it any less sinister. On top of everything else and at the moment the most crucial was—Max had touched him.

And that alone, Max had touched him… Logan’s breath hitched as he stood there—fear gripped his heart. His mind screamed he was wasting time, that he had no time left… numbly Logan zoned out and stared down blankly at his hand clasped within Alec’s hand.

Alec tightened his hold, his thumb continuing its caress. Receiving no protest Alec leaned in, his hot breath ghosting over Logan’s ear, virtually nuzzling him.

Logan’s mind raced—it was impossible, but there was no doubt that it had been well over five-ten minutes and outside of his pulsing heart rate running off the charts, he wasn’t feeling any ill effects. Previously the reaction had seemed to be almost instantaneous: the tight pull of skin, swelling, a burning itch racing across the stretched-taut skin, followed closely by his throat closing, lungs collapsing too tight to draw a full breath, a domino effect of symptoms until he'd fought gasping for each breath. Now ten, fifteen minutes after Max’s touch and still nothing.

It was almost too much, but each trouble-free breath he took did help him to calm and refocus on the still-immediate danger of Manticore.

A hefty jolt of pleasure interrupted his thoughts as it slithered down his spine to settle within his groin. His cock stirred to life as Alec’s wet tongue captured his earlobe, suckling it between his lips. Weak-kneed by Alec’s fervent attention, he was startled by his own reaction. It was something Logan wasn’t ready to deal with—not that Alec was giving him the space to think.

Resolute, Logan firmly pulled away. “Alec no.” He shook his head, trying to pull himself further back to distance himself from Alec.

It didn’t work. With ease Alec maneuvered his body, turning him around until his back was firmly pressed against the wall and their bodies were fully flush against each other, chest to chest. Without hands, just using his body, Alec was able to hold Logan firmly in place. A slow, wiggling slither lined up their bodies, hard cock to hard cock... then Alec held the position. His hands were busily skittering up over his shoulders and down Logan’s sides, up and under his shirt - the same shirt Max had pulled out of his pants and that he had never tucked back in.

Thinking of Max only reminded him of the danger they were in, but Alec’s fingers demanded his attention as they trailed over his body and lower back, almost molding to his skin and clutching, pulling him tighter. Hands purposely explored, caressing soothingly up and down Logan’s skin.

Simultaneously Alec’s tongue and lips were attached to his neck, licking and sucking steadily, setting a rhythm that matched his hips as they rolled and pressed against him.

Hands and fingers continued to dig, explore, and cascade up and down Logan’s waist. He was rock hard. Alec only chuckled as he gently palmed, pressed, and cupped Logan’s cock through his jeans. Breathless, Logan arched forward and was rewarded with a harder squeeze. Teeth raked his neck followed by a sharp nip; pleasure rippled through his body. Alec pressed forward, grinding his hips.

The initial shock of cool air was quickly dismissed when Logan felt the silky hot flesh of Alec’s cock slick against his own that now stood out through the slit of his boxers. Logan couldn’t decide what shocked him more: his reaction to Alec, that Alec wanted him, or that he wanted Alec now. His body was eager, impatient, and waiting for more.

But the nagging thoughts that they had to stop—that they were in danger, Alec was in danger. Meaning they had to stop now! Angry with himself for letting it get this far, for taking advantage of Alec’s obviously drug-induced state, Logan struggled to push Alec away. “No, Alec no. Not like this, you have to stop.”

Alec barely paused, continuing his rhythmic pace. Breathless, Logan pleaded desperately, “Please, it's too dangerous…Manticore, White, they’re probably on their way.”

This time Alec did falter as if he finally heard Logan. Taking advantage of Alec’s hesitation, Logan pressed on; his hands captured Alec’s face pressing his point. “You and Max, you’re both in danger... we’re in danger if we don’t get out of here. It’s a drug making you… please, while we still have time…”

At first Logan wasn’t sure if Alec really heard him or even understood, but suddenly there was space between them. Unexpectedly and with no warning or finesse, Alec knelt before him. With fast efficiency Alec’s fingers pulled his shaft completely free from cumbersome material, leaving just enough room for Alec to swallow him down, simultaneously gathering and pulling Logan’s boxers and pants further down to bunch just above his knees.

Utterly shocked, Logan’s head slammed back against the wall almost hard enough to make him see stars. A moment later, Logan’s moral conscience kicked in, his mind screaming, stop him, he doesn’t know, it’s the drug. In response, Logan tried to push Alec away. Alec refused and held tight, his tongue doing unspeakable things.

Logan sighed and caved. He cursed himself over the pathetic, half-hearted attempt he'd made against Alec’s talented mouth even as he gave into it. Defeated, his fingers threaded through Alec’s hair and slithered down to the back of his head and neck, encouragingly caressing irregular patterns as he fought to breath.

Alec rewarded him by pulling back, licking and sucking on the head before he descended down and bobbed his head, creating the most obscene slurping sounds as he worked Logan’s organ. With each bob, Alec’s throat opened wider, taking him further on each downward stroke until Logan was deep within Alec’s throat and his nose was nestled against Logan’s pubic hairs.

Unable to stop himself, Logan muttered a deep guttural sound as his hips snapped forward.

Alec’s only response was to grip Logan tighter around his hips, his throat muscles continuing to work ferociously as he sucked Logan down.

The steady hum of white noise blocked everything around them other than the chorus of Logan’s sharp panting breath and the gurgling sucking sounds Alec created.

Consumed in heated lust, instinctively Logan’s fingers gripped tighter as they re-threaded through Alec’s hair. He rocked forward fucking Alec’s throat, hips snapping once, twice; his body stiffened then spasmed as he came hard down Alec’s throat. Alec seemed to approve as his fingers dug into his hips, swallowing everything Logan gave him.

Dazed and euphoric, Logan wearily tried to pull away, but Alec again refused and firmly held Logan, greedily swallowing through the aftershocks, milking him dry. Depleted, Logan slumped against the wall. Even as cool air greeted his softened cock, Logan wasn’t allowed to move as Alec moved down toward his sac forcing his legs to part further. Then Alec nuzzled his inner thigh, followed by long licks saturating the skin that was quickly alternated with sharp nips.

With each nip lasting longer until Logan yelped. Logan’s hands gripped Alec’s shoulders as he tried to forcibly push Alec away.

Alec didn’t budge, only holding tighter, and a sharp nip turned into a bite as teeth firmly grabbed and clamped onto a healthy fold of skin—suckling tight until it burned with pain. Minutely Alec let go when he heard Logan’s hiss of pain, then re-gathered the bruised skin between his teeth and firmly bit down to suck even harder.

Logan howled, barely noticing when Alec’s finger stroked along his perineum. Fingers still played with his scrotum, creating a delicious friction before Alec finally slid a finger into his puckered hole. Each inward stroke was followed with pain as Alec bit and chewed on the sensitive skin of his inner thigh.

Frustrated and anxious, caught between the pain/pleasure that Alec was creating and the fear that White and his Manticore goons were going to appear at any moment. His feelings didn’t abate as Alec began finger fucking him, but that also didn't stop Logan from participating, riding Alec’s finger just as he rode out the pain Alec was creating amidst the pleasure. His cock was heavy and ready for another go, a true testament to how long it’d been since he'd had sex with anyone beside his own hand.

Another finger was added, pistoning in and out in quick succession. The pain increased to a steady throb even as his hips were snapping of their own accord, fucking himself on Alec’s fingers. His frustrated need built: to have Alec inside, to touch his…

Just as he made the connection of what he needed, Alec’s finger brushed against his prostate. His muscles clamped down hard as Alec repeated the motion then simultaneously his teeth nipped and bit down, sucking hard. Pain and pleasure exploded as Logan came.

Long moments passed before Logan slowly opened his eyes with reality hitting, as he looked past Alec, and realized they were still in the bar. Breathing a sigh of relief that at least now the room was empty. Thankful that amid the commotion of everyone rushing to leave, he could only hope no one had lingered to watch. Not that Alec noticed or seemed to care instead he appeared unfazed. Blinking Logan tried to focus and catch his breath; he felt no better than a teenager coming so hard and fast, but instantly dismissed the idea. He glanced down at Alec, who leisurely alternated and continued to lick clean the evidence off his stomach then bent lower, as Alec soothingly licked the throbbing pain of his inner thigh before fingers skillfully tucked him back in.

Standing, Alec eyed Logan with a mischievous smile quirked over bloodstained lips.

Logan swallowed and shivered in excitement, unable to stop himself as he realized whose blood it was. Alec’s green eyes pierced his and seemed to like whatever he saw displayed on Logan’s face. Stepping back, Alec teasingly licked the blood away—not that Logan had forgotten or needed the reminder of what those swollen red lips could do, what they just did, or what they could do if given more time. Just the thought had his spent cock twitching in anticipation.

Instantly Alec’s smirk widened like he knew exactly what Logan was thinking.

Leaning forward he licked across Logan’s lips, his hand intertwined with Logan’s, then pulled back just as quickly. Alec’s eyes shifted, scanning the area. His hand tightened protectively around Logan’s then pulled him in the direction Max had gone with Cindy.

Dazed by what had happened, Logan meekly followed. The only thing he knew for certain was that he didn’t have time to fully analyze everything with Alec or Max, nor would he dismiss Max’s touch as inconsequential. Instead he started to speculate if the drug Max and Alec consumed might have somehow delayed or altered the effects.

No sooner had they made their escape out the back door than they were faced with the sight of Max busily going down on Cindy. Partially bent over and leaning into Cindy, Max’s hair acted as a curtain that obscured from view exactly what Max was doing to her... though it was perfectly clear from Cindy’s response just how focused Max was at her present task.

From what he could see Cindy's eyes were squeezed shut, her lips barely moving in a halted breath. Desperation and need edged her words as Cindy begged, “Boo, please, you have to stop. I can’t, please…”

Max swallowed the rest of Cindy’s plea and only paused to pronounce between breaths, “Can… you can.” A low whimper followed as Cindy’s head fell back, her body surrendering to whatever Max was doing.

Logan found the sight of the two of them mesmerizing— Max’s fervor and Cindy’s utter abandonment under Max’s hands.

Behind him there was a shift of weight as Alec’s arm wrapped snugly around his waist. It was Alec’s hand under his shirt lovingly stroking his stomach that jolted him back to the underlying situation and their immediate danger.

Abruptly he grabbed Alec’s wandering hand in an attempt to impede its downward descent. Batting Alec’s hand away Logan couldn’t deny the frustration and confusion he felt from his body’s signals. Logan purposely ignored Alec’s exaggerated pout and the location of Alec’s other hand, which stayed and was steadily roaming his ass and hips. Clearing his throat to allow his voice to carry over the sound of the coming sirens. Forcibly Logan tried to dismiss or at least ignore his feelings of excitement—of Alec’s touch, of watching Max and Cindy. “Max! You have to stop. We need to get hell out of here before Manticore shows up?” Logan swallowed, even to his own ears he sounded desperate and shaky as his voice faltered, his arousal bleeding through.

At the sound of Logan’s voice, Cindy snapped open her eyes. Dazed, she briefly closed them again and shook her head, only to reopen them and be confronted with Alec’s smug, grinning face and his own anxious one.

Even as the sirens drew closer, Max didn’t pause in her actions.

Alarmed, Logan and Cindy shared a look. Neither knew what to say. Cindy’s mouth hung open. It was clear she wanted to say something, anything, that might ease whatever emotion she saw reflected in his eyes.

Both unable to look away, Logan clearly recognized several emotions as they flitted across her features: undeniable desire, shock, longing, and concern... mingled with questions he didn’t have answers for. In return, he allowed whatever she saw in his eyes to be her answer because at the moment he couldn’t articulate what he was feeling: he felt the sharp edges of lust, disconnection, guilt and desperation, spiked with fear and mixed with other emotions he couldn't begin to identify.

Cindy nodded to him, then broke the silence and addressed Max. Her voice was cracking, tentative. “Boo, you have to stop.” Her hands caressed, then feverishly pushed Max away enough to pull her up so they were face to face. “Max! Not now, we’re not safe. You’re not safe.” The sirens blared closer; Cindy cupped her face to emphasize the point, forcing her to listen. “Hear that? It’s a safe bet that Manticore isn’t far behind. We have to get you and Alec out of here before they take you away—Understand?”

Panting, lips swollen, Max just stood there staring at Cindy’s lips. Hesitantly she nodded. “Not safe?”

Cindy smiled as she saw a small glimpse of her baby girl. “That’s right, Boo. We need to get out of here, right now.”

Without another word, Max clasped Cindy’s hand within her own, and stepped back. Once Max moved Logan was able to see exactly how exposed Cindy was. Her top was twisted pulled down around her waist that exposed her breasts. Logan flushed, as his eyes automatically zeroed in on the wet saliva left from Max’s mouth glistening over Cindy’s hard nipples before they were hidden as Cindy one-handedly pulled up her top covering the hard nubs. Without relinquishing her hold on Cindy, Max’s other hand simultaneously dug into her pants pocket to pulling out her keys. Then tugging on Cindy’s hand as she started trotting toward where her bike was parked.

Still disheveled, worriedly Cindy glanced back at Logan. Not slowing her pace, Max called over her shoulder, “Let’s bounce.”

Startled and annoyed, Logan just stared until he found himself being pulled by Alec who muttered, “Not safe.”

Logan wasn't sure what had happened, why Max suddenly understood, but it didn’t really matter as long as they were finally leaving.

As they neared the end of the alley, it was near pandemonium. People were running in every direction, screaming to get away. Others, once they got outside, stopped to watch as smoke bellowed out the door, flames licking through a window. Losing a step, Logan was taken aback that Sketchy’s distraction was a real fire and not a false alarm as he had originally assumed.

Alec gripped Logan’s hand tighter, steadying him, and wrapped a protective arm around him before ushering him forward. He was alert, walking taller, apprehensive of those around them and shielding Logan as he pushed people out of their way. With little to no concern of those around them, Max and Alec made a path toward their bikes. The sirens sounded like they were nearly on top of them. Stepping up their pace, they moved quickly through the crowd. Still dressed in only Logan’s jacket and boxers, Alec gripped Logan’s hand as he followed Max; surprisingly no one seemed to take notice of either Cindy or Alec’s disheveled semi-naked appearances as they weaved through the crowd.

Max didn’t waste any time and got on, pulling Cindy up and behind her. Alec did the same, manhandling Logan until he was comfortably settled.

Max started her engine. Barely turning in her seat, she stated, “Logan’s,” then took off. Ignoring the chaos around them, Alec stayed focused. It was only then that Logan realized Alec’s keys must have been left behind in his jacket or pants. Barely pausing Alec simply leaned down to hotwire his own bike before throttling the engine, then followed Max’s example and took off.



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