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Eyes closed, Logan slowly woke from a fog of unconsciousness. The first thing he sensed was that Alec wasn’t there. Terror set in as he realized Alec was gone, abducted. Logan began to slowly count each breath – inhaling then exhaling – trying to still his panic, knowing that he couldn’t give up. His mind zeroed in on one fact: he had to find Alec, somehow gain enough strength in order to make a rescue – if he didn’t... At the fleeting thought of possibly losing Alec, his body shuddering in pain.

A hand reached out, offering comfort. Logan immediately tensed at the touch belatedly realizing the person was close and had already been touching his body. For a moment he struggled to open his eyes, tried to speak. When his body didn’t co-operate, Logan focused on gathering what information he could. With each calming breath Logan took, instinct took over as his senses reached out and sharpened. Supplying him with enough information to realize it was Sam, Dr. Carr’s touch. Suddenly Logan knew he was lying down on a soft bed while Sam hovered over him cleaning his wound. He was bare-chested but could feel the weight of material on his legs - sweats. Instinct told him they were alone in a room with the door shut. Though Logan could hear the shuffle of movement, and then heard Zack’s voice as if he was standing right there. “You’re sure it’s not Max - she’s marked with those damn tattoos all over her body?

Logan tried to open his eyes but his lids wouldn’t budge. Yet he knew Zack wasn’t there in the room, but behind the closed door. He was alone with Sam who worked solemnly as he attended Logan’s wounds.

Logan felt the warm cloth in Sam’s hand and the shift of Sam’s body as he moved to swish the cloth in a bowl of water then wring it out. Felt the warm wetness of the cloth hit his skin when Sam continued to gingerly swipe over Logan’s stomach. Sam rinsed again then his angle shifted. Hands carefully pulled down the sweats just below his thighs. Felt Sam’s hand with the cloth moved downward toward Logan’s thigh. Logan felt the soft nudge then warm water wiping over the mark Alec had created. Logan moaned at the touch and the sudden desire for Alec that swept through his body and pooled into his groin.

Seemingly unaware of Logan’s reaction, Sam stayed focused busily on caring for his patient, and continuing to clean the area then dropping the cloth into a bowl. Sam stood as he took the bowl, mumbling under his breath about fresh water and moved toward where Logan suspected was a bathroom. Free of his touch Logan shifted his focus and concentrated on the rise of voices in the other room.

“Yeah, I told you I’m sure. Not that I’m saying they wouldn’t want to get their hands on her if they knew about that, but what they were trying to do… triggering an specific individual with a particular DNA sequence – yeah, it wasn’t 452.”

Logan heard Joshua’s threatening warning.

“Sorry, right- Max. Listen they got who they wanted, …49” Logan heard the snap of fingers before the guy switched and supplied Alec’s name. Logan recognized the guy talking to Zack, knew his voice but couldn’t place a face, name or where he knew it from.

The guy nervously cleared his throat but his tone of voice remained arrogant and slightly defensive. “Listen I can only tell you what I know. I read the files, did the exams, and tested the blood you gave me. What I know is Alec was the one who went into heat first and triggered your female into heat. He was the target. That cocktail they used was specially targeted to only one person and he isn’t here.”

Sam returned, sitting on the edge of the bed, rambling on that he was going to be okay. Logan purposely tuned Sam out his mind focused on the words, …heat first, targeted… as he tried to make sense of what was being said in the other room.

“Once he ingested the agent, it activated and started a chain reaction altering his DNA. Within seconds – minutes, he changed enough to produce pheromones to attract a mate. My guess his body went into overdrive when it started secreting oxytocin and tapped into his civertone. Something he had an abundance of.”

“Don’t all X5’s have civertone?” Lydecker questioned.

“Yeah they do. The civertone is a stable base that is already part of their feline DNA. But with your boy, his levels were already off the charts compared to other X5s.”

Though he wasn’t in the room Logan could hear slight shifts of movement. He could almost feel the palpable tension, the passing looks between Zack and Joshua to Lydecker then back to the man who spoke.

“Listen, this level of civertone it’s only something you see in big cats. It only spikes and emits when triggered during heat otherwise normally it’d remain low. With X5’s it’s the same but their base level is much lower than in a big cat. These - from what Renfro recorded - the number of injections she gave him, Alec’s base level civertone was on par to a big cat in heat. Add in the trigger of actually going into heat. It acts similar to pheromones in other animals, which is why it triggered her into heat. Although his was programmed with an agenda - to seek a mate.”

Logan heard the heavy disbelief as Zack questioned, “He mated with Max?”

Logan bit his lip to keep from smiling as he already knew the answer.

Joshua snarled at the guy’s sardonic laugh. “Yeah no. Maybe not you, but anyone else not deaf or blind could tell she mated with the…” Logan wasn’t surprised when he heard Joshua step into the guy’s face, heard the low threatening growl and in his mind’s eyes pictured Joshua glaring down at the guy.

The guy panicked and tried to back away, stuttering. “Human. I was gonna say human. The girl - it’s obvious the two ladies mated and your Alec had to have mated with him.”

Logan closed his eyes: the memories of being with Alec were sharp and lucid, flooding his system tipping toward an abyss of want that collided with sheer panic. Internally Logan fought his way back, instinctively knowing he had to find Alec to save him. Emerging back into the present, he forced himself to focus on the guy’s tone, the arrogant superiority as he went on. “And no, I don’t fully understand why the guy in there has civertone in his system - he shouldn’t, he’s human. Or was: right now, I’d say he’s more like any other anomaly. To figure it out I’d need a full lab with both subjects and do a full battery of tests.”

…he’s human…or was… It was true. The thought turned around in Logan’s mind, the answer was there waiting for him to accept it. Although Sam had finished cleaning and bandaging his wound, Logan instinctively knew it wouldn’t have mattered, his body was already in the process of healing. Internally he was already healed and only the surface skin was slower as it knitted together under the bandage. Then there was his hearing. How clearly he could hear their conversation behind a closed door, but it was also the small nuances he could hear, their subtle movements; he could hear their breathing, could distinguish each one- knew Cindy and Max were together, and that Cindy was asleep while Max looked on.

To know that seemed impossible… unless he was dreaming, delusional.

Gently he grabbed Sam’s wrist to get him to stop his doctoring as he sat up on the bed. Slowly Logan opened his eyes and pulled up the sweats just before he swung his legs to the side. He easily brushed Sam’s hands aside, when Sam tried to stop him. Logan wasn’t having it: he needed to know the truth. Automatically he grabbed his glasses from the night table when he stood, unperturbed by the blurriness until he opened the door and the flood of bright light hit him. Reaching up, Logan pulled his glasses off and rubbed his eyes figuring he needed to clean them. Reopening his eyes, Logan blinked as his vision of the floor was crystal sharp. Looking back up, he was dumbfounded by his sudden perfect vision. Logan looked up in time to see the heated glares the guy received from both Zack and Joshua.

Logan stayed in the door-frame and scanned the room. He noticed the protective stance Zack took in front of Max, who was curled up on the couch doing her best to shield the sleeping Cindy from everyone else’s eyes. Lydecker was just behind them, nervously pacing back and forth. His eyes shifted back to Joshua as he stood, even more menacing than Logan had envisioned. Joshua was looming over a disheveled man. His presence alone was frightening, but add the rumbled growl he was emitting (probably only meant for Engel’s ears) was what sounded truly threatening and sent shivers down Logan’s spine. Engel - the name suddenly popped into Logan’s mind and he remembered and placed the face with a name. It was Engel, one of Manticore’s scientists who had created the virus that kept him and Max apart.

“Engel, I’d suggest you stick with just the pertinent information. Not to mention remembering which side you’re on, and who’s protecting your ass…” Lydecker paused, adding, “something that can change at any given moment.”

Engel got the message, flushed and bobbed his head in consent, losing a bit of that insolence. “I didn’t mean… It was definitely Alec they were after. They might not have realized it at the time, but I’m sure that they know by now. What they probably don’t know is who he actually mated with. I’d bet they’re going to make the assumption that we did, that Alec mated with someone closer to his own kind - another X5, her. If I’m right, once they figure it out they’ll be coming after her, probably to kill her.”

Confused Zack interjected, “Why kill her?”

“They purposely changed him. Renfro was crazy: according to those files the subject was designed to only have one mate. She wasn’t trying to just recreate…” he swallowed and nervously looked away from Joshua, his tone softer more cautious. “another one of Sandeman’s creations. She was tweaking DNA, trying to create something slightly different and succeed where Sandeman failed. A being that could consciously and physically shift between two physical entities at will. Its core base would still have attributes of other anomalies. Only with increased physical strength, intelligence, and mental aptitudes of psych-ops, psychic strength beyond anything Manticore had manufactured- including those from Manticore’s bottom-basement anomaly factory.”

At Joshua’s hostile stare, Engel swallowed and sighed. “Just highlighting what I read- alright?” Absently Logan watched as Engel started to fidget, his hands moving, waving about as he kept talking. Looking away, his mind racing as he listened to Engel, although he kept stumbling over the hideous thought that Alec was their lab rat once again.

“That wasn’t the main thing. She mainly wanted a siren. Someone who could easily control any of the other series. Someone she could completely control. Although packaged within the body of an X5, someone who could walk undetected by humans, but then could change morph to physically and mentally dominate other anomalies.” Engel paused, glanced up at Joshua, and paled as he nervously continued. “Hey a lot of Sandeman’s work was like that. He was the one who set the groundwork, but none of the transformation shifts worked. The subjects died or were terminated.” In a knee jerk reaction, Logan was across the room up in Engel’s face, his fists grabbing Engel. One fist gripped his shirt and lab coat, the other clamped over Engel’s throat shoving him back against the wall, his mind screaming, NO!

No one moved save Engel who twisted, his eyes popping in terror as his hands clawed at Logan’s hand around his throat, trying to get him to let him go.

It wasn’t until Lydecker ordered one of them to stop him that Joshua and Zack moved forward, pulling Logan away from Engel.

Sputtering, Engel rubbed his throat, “It wasn’t me! It was Renfro and Sandeman. I didn’t touch your mate.”

What Engel said got their attention as Logan felt everyone’s stare on him. Logan didn’t care: it was true, Alec was his mate and through that bond he had changed. Even now, he could actually feel it as his body tissue continued to knit back together. Whatever Renfro did to Alec, in turn she had done to him when Alec marked him as his. It all made sense, the driving need he had to find Alec, to be with him, the epic loss he felt, the connection they had. What he felt for Alec, being with him, when Alec took him—the strength, the sense of being connected. From their bond, that he heard Alec ordering to take Cindy to run, hide… that wasn’t his imagination or an assumption on his part, it was real. Just as real as the compulsive need he had to be with Alec right now, the ache he felt. The abrupt lost of connection, and even though he couldn’t feel Alec through that connection, all of his instincts and logic told him Alec was alive, that White wouldn’t dispose of Alec, not now.

Though Joshua had pulled him away from Engel he still maintained a grip on Logan, restraining him from going after Engel again. Shaking barely controlling his anger, the venom dripping in every word when he said, “Explain to me, what she did.”

Coughing Engel glanced at his audience, his hand rubbing at his throat, then conceded and nodded. “Like Sandeman she ran into similar problems, too many variables that were problematic. Most of the defects were human based, everything from their emotional defiance and independence, to physical genetic ailments and abnormalities- some that weren’t discovered until it was too late - usually they were quickly terminated and used for parts. Renfro’s goal was to start with a clean specimen. Only Manticore refused to let her have any newborns. With X5’s, her problems were two-fold. The first was maintaining the bestial chemical compound that’d allow an individual to morph. Her previous subjects died during the first phase, their body’s torn apart when their organs tried to shift internally. That’s when they decided to tap into civertone levels. It worked. Though it was that same chemical cocktail that fixed one area also presented new problems. Then Alec survived through the first phase. Afterwards, they continued with slow increments upgrading each sequence change.

Compared to any standard X5, company excluded, Alec was abnormal. That’s where Renfro lucked out—why I suspect he survived through the first phase—he was a clean specimen. Manticore had already ordered him to be isolated from other X5s when you escaped, and it continued after discovering reports of 493’s psychotic behavior, and he was assigned for experimentation. Once Renfro had him and he made it through the first phase, they continued to increase his civertone levels. Though his civertone levels were high they kept them dormant by surgically embedding and controlling any sexual activity.

What they did helped stifle his ability to mature while they continued searching for a solution on the second problem- to survive a complete physical shift. They were racing against time, once the subject obtained maturity, with a certain level of civertone, they’d have no control it’d drive him to mate - to bond and chemically attach to a mate. They wanted that, but they wanted to dictate who the subject mated with. They were grooming him for the final stages.

They’d have to mate him with someone who’d matched the high civertone levels in order to dominate him. It explains a few of the rumors that were going around… not that it matters now, but looking at all the evidence Renfro was prepping herself by self-ministering shots of civertone.”

Engel turned, meeting Logan’s heated gaze then flushing turned away. “You shouldn’t, but I know for a fact you have civertone. I saw it in the tests I did. At the time I dismissed it – I was too scared with Manticore hunting us down. But you had civertone in your system when you had me working on a antidote for the virus. And the tests I did showed that your levels were high, especially for someone who wasn’t genetically engineered. Let me repeat, humans normally don’t have a pumping supply of civertone. Still they were nowhere near the levels that’d entice Alec away from Max…” Engel shrugged, “yet somehow he did.”

Across the room, almost distractedly Sam spoke, “Would a blood transfusion from Alec do it?” Logan blinked in confusion and turned, at Sam’s question, belatedly connecting what he and Engel just said.

Logan caught Sam’s eye, silently asking. In his mind, he added the last puzzle piece together of how and why him, when Sam nodded confirming his suspicion, Logan answered, “Last month.” He had no idea that Alec had given him blood.

Engel shrugged. “Alec gave him a blood transfusion? Yeah then that would do it. Alec’s levels are high. You already had civertone- why I don’t know, but Alec’s civertone would attach to its new host. It’d override anything any of the other X5s had naturally.”

Sam nodded in acceptance then added. “The other civertone was probably from Max. When you had surgery to remove that fragment, remember, Max donated a few pints of her blood. It saved your life.”
Shaking his head in agreement, Logan slowly turned toward Max. Her eyes were open and she had been listening. Logan answered Sam while he continued staring at Max, remembering, still grateful for what she did. “It was more than a few. Right after you found pluripotents circulating in my bloodstream…”
Max interjected as she sat up, joining in the conversation even though she held her guard over Cindy, who hadn’t moved. “I donated, plump a surplus of stem cells to rev you up, least Manticore could do.”
Suddenly his curiosity over rode his fear as Engel interjected and looked from Logan to Max. “How much?”
Shrugging she answered, “I don’t know, a few times a week, going into three weeks, until he was standing on his own.”
“Huh, that’d definitely do it. Give you strong enough base that when Alec added his to the mix it really attached. When he went into heat, this one,” Engel’s head bent and inclined Logan, “was spiked with his own civertone, an aphrodisiac mix headier then catnip.
The problem is they have him now. Though she was cryptic on who her test subject was they’d have all of the same data. Her intention was to mate the subject once he fully matured, completing the final stages and physically altered. Her theory was the subject would be easier to contain and dominate immediately following their manifestation. Right now they probably have him tied down as they slowly pump more civertone into his system, prepping him for those last changes.”

Zack prompted, “And?”

“And if they realized he mated and make the same mistake about who – they’ll probably have a team ready to track down and eliminate his mate- her.” Engel pointed to Max. “According to Renfro’s files she designed the subject to mate only once. Knowing now her subject is male it makes more sense. Any X5s series is genetically a feline based, and with males their natural inclination is more like a typical tomcat. For all intents purposes she had fixed him—that once mated, he’d only be with that one person. Which was supposed to be Renfro, though Elizabeth was also pragmatic.”

Lydecker asked, “Meaning?” Logan couldn’t tear his eyes away from Engel. His stomach dropped as he replayed what Engel had just said, recalling his reactions to Alec, and the possessive way Alec took him.

Startled Engel answered, “Meaning if Renfro stayed true to her nature and was practical… X5s have a longer shelf life, they were designed that way. Renfro knew that and I’d suspect she wouldn’t want her prize to be wasted by being put down. She’d manipulate the DNA it so that once she died, he’d be eligible to mate again. They have the same notes I do, and I knew Renfro well enough to make those jumps and come to the same conclusions – meaning, if I were them and had Alec my possession, and knew he had mated I’d eliminate the problem, and do so before I couldn’t contain him- or be forced to put him down.”

Put down, no! Logan’s mind and body screamed in protest. Ignoring the phantom pain the thought created, Logan stated. “No, that’s not going to happen. We can find him, rescue him.”

It was Sam who interceded. “You’re not going anywhere. Logan you’ve been shot, I’m not even sure how you’re alive.”

“Alec, I’m alive because of Alec. What they did to change him, changed me. We have to find him, now!”

Sam tried to block him, his concern and bewilderment evident.

“Don’t!” Logan demanded then stared at Sam, beseechingly, “I won’t just wait around and let them go after Max, or allow them to put….” He couldn’t finish the sentence, but stared Sam down. “I won’t.”

Dumbfounded by Logan’s vigor, his stance, the strength, and the fact he was even standing on his own. Sam muttered, “You shouldn’t be able to…. how?”

It was Max who understood and answered for him. “Alec. It takes a lot to bring down us down, we heal faster. Logan is too, right? Because of Alec he’s healing faster, more enhanced, right?”

Logan didn’t look to see how Engel would respond as he demonstrated and ripped off the bandage to reveal the nearly healed wound –bright pink skin that was closed over where the bullet wound once was. Ignoring Sam’s fingers as he tentatively touched the closed wound and gasped. Logan pulled away listening to an internal hum, one that only he could hear. Once he stopped to listen, he felt it. Jerkily Logan nodded. “It’s not completely healed, but I feel the difference, the changes… and Alec’s alive.


Alec was strapped down on a lab table. Eyes closed, he couldn’t see who entered, only hear and recognized White’s voice as he demanded angrily, “Where the hell were you? We lost her because you pulled out and left.”

Katherine stood as Alec’s side – she was the reason he kept his eyes close because he didn’t want to see the bitch as she continued to pet him like an animal. She responded to White, “Hmm, I’d say you lost her, not me - I got what I came for.”

“What the hell are you talking about? They got 452…”


“What? So we can go back in, use 494 to get her back, but..”

“But nothing, we have the right one, it’s not 452 - they can have her for the moment.” Alec felt her shift, her hand still in motion as her fingers trailed down his chest.

Small seizures continued to shift and make his body tremble.

Alec heard White step closer; felt the vibes of White’s anger, that he was barely holding himself in check.

Seething he stated. “I want answers, now.”

“You heard me correctly. She’s not the one, he is. Feel…” Alec was sure White was just as startled by Katherine’s reaction when he felt her hand covering White’s hand over his chest. “What you’re feeling is his body’s internal shifts in preparation for his external shifts for his final stages.”

White mumbled his shock, as he pulled away. “What?”

“I realize you were really looking forward to - taking 452, but get over it. 494 is our prize, he was Elizabeth’s project. You’ll have to make do and have your fun with him.”


At White’s obtuse reaction, Alec didn’t need to see that Katherine was disgruntled as she dramatically sighed her disappointment. “Oh please, don’t tell me you’re homophobic - that you’d have a problem taking him?” Not waiting for a response, her irritation clear, she added. “I have a very small window and no time to prep anyone else. In a few hours, I expect you to get over your issues. You’re already primed with enough civertone to dominate him. I have a team searching for 452 with orders to exterminate her. We can’t leave anyone alive to challenge your dominance over him. Soon he’ll be at his cycle peak, once that window closes, restraining him might prove to be too difficult to wait for another heat cycle to hit- I don’t have the patience nor inclination to wait.”

“But 452, she was the one Sandeman…”

“Sandeman’s pet project was never our intention, only a side bonus. Regardless of the fact we mistakenly thought 452 was both… Rest assured, for wasting my time I have issued orders to bring her carcass back for research and parts. Then we’ll have them both, but it was Elizabeth’s project that was always our main objective.”

White was silent, and Alec didn’t think it was his imagination that he could feel White’s heated stare.

The impatient lilt of Katherine’s voice rose snidely as she remarked, “If you need assistance in order to adequately perform, it can be arranged.”

Abruptly Alec felt her fingernail bite hard into his skin, waiting for his reaction.
“No need to feign sleep 494, I know you’re awake.”

Slowly Alec followed the silent order and opened his eyes, looking up at her smug expression when she nodded in approval. “That’s better.” She patted his jaw. “Now don’t be too disappointed, I’m pretty sure he’ll give you plenty of attention when he takes all of his frustration out on you. Fact is, your pleasure isn’t a requirement.” She paused, waiting as she stared into his eyes. Her eyes averted then came back to him as teeth pulled on her bottom lip. She leaned in closer, her voice softened as if she was going to share a secret, “Though we both know your body will respond, don’t we? I have to admit the idea of your body actively responding, willing to submit is exciting.” Her lips spread further into a leer, “And it will. The stages you’ve been going through triggered your heat cycle; your body” she laughed, “it’s better than coffee when it’s percolating – the aroma that it’s almost ready.” To make her point Alec felt her hand encircle his cock- he was erect. Shame, anger, denial and need pulsed through Alec’s body as his hips unconsciously arched up. “Yes, I believe the end process will be quite entertaining.”

Abruptly she let go of him and turned to White. “His heat will fully mature and be ready within three hours. Be in my office in two. You will take an enhancement” Alec heard a low growl emitting from White. “That was not a suggestion, but an order. I will not take any chances.”

From the corner of his eye Alec watched their interaction. It was obvious White was brimming with anger however he submitted by lowering his eyes. Although she stood straight, it was a casual stance, yet even as White stood his ground his body gave him away as he physically leaned away from her. Not only was she in charge but he was afraid of her.

After a moment, seemingly satisfied by his reaction, she moved away from him, and flatly announced. “Do not disappoint me White.” As she reached the door she added, “or you will not live out the day.” Without another word she walked out, leaving Alec with White.

A thick silence descended. Just marginally White regained his composure as he moved closer to Alec. White’s anger and frustration was palpable as he glared down at Alec, a sneer in place as he threateningly declared. “You can wipe off that smirk 494.”

Alec hadn’t realized he was, but didn’t miss a beat when he met White’s gaze, eyes flashing his full disdain.

White grunted, “This shit making your head turn to mush, is that it? Just a hard cock waiting to be taken, menial little beast to be controlled” he moved closer leaning down until Alec could almost taste the spearmint of White’s breath. “You understand that I’m going to be the one doing the controlling, and you’re just going to roll over - begging to be taken.”

The bit shoved in his mouth made it impossible to speak; instead Alec growled his revulsion at the picture White created.

White stared and crocked his head curiously. “But you’re not exactly there yet, are you? And that’s what has me interested.” Slowly the gleam of White’s teeth showed as his lips spread out into a grin. His eyes roamed Alec’s body as if he was seeing it for the first time. Tilting his head White said, “Katherine was right about one thing: I wanted 452, to break and tame her myself. You, you’re a disappointment. Though she was wrong I’m not going to need any enhancements to get it up in order to claim your ass. However I’m not going to wait and let that bitch play voyeur. I’m going to take you now…” White pulled back enough that it was easy for Alec to see the downward drift of White’s eyes as they settled on Alec’s cock. His brow arched, the tone clear as he said, “Your body might be ready, begging – but not all of you” White’s gaze shifted back up to Alec’s face before they bored into his eyes. “But I can see it in your face, your eyes. I take you now - you’re going to know it, feel it.” White leaned over into Alec’s face, his darkening eyes displaying the apparent disgust he felt when he added, “Not just a mindless whore spreading his legs in heat.” More of White’s teeth flashed as he leered. “And understand 494, I want you to feel every painful inch as I tear into you, ripping you in half.”

In anticipation, White’s tongue slicked across his lips, before he glanced around the room then made a hasty exit walking out of the room. Only to return a few minutes later locking the door behind him. Grabbing a chair White moved closer as he took off his jacket, and draped it over the chair. His hand lifted to remove his tie, fingers pulled and loosened the knot until he could pull it free, dropping it to the floor. Fingers swiftly unbuttoned the shirt even as his other hand undid his pants. Moments later his shirt followed the tie, his pants, and boxers that were pooled at his feet on the floor. White stood there naked, his hand wrapped around his cock and tugged on the flesh that stood out erect. Suddenly White stepped out of the pile of clothes. Alec’s gaze was reverted back to White’s face, an arrogant smirk in place as he stalked forward.

Alec’s anger flared higher, panic flooding his thoughts as he mentally screamed out, no. It was Logan that Alec chose. Logan was his, and Alec only wanted Logan.

White’s hands worked on unbuckling the strap holding his ankle down. Just as the buckle was free Alec expected to move, his foot smashing into White’s face – it didn’t happen. He stared wide eyed down his body.

White laughed, “You’re too new and weak as a baby fawn.” his eyes falling on Alec’s cock. “Don’t deny it a larger part of you wants it, to be taken.”

Alec arched, his body straining against the straps holding him down. This time his foot connected with its target. The only problem was he was too weak against White’s strength. White ignored his struggles and unbuckled his other leg. White’s hands moved, bruising his skin as he climbed onto the table, pushing his legs further open. Alec’s twisted and bucked against White’s hold, his mind and body screaming for Logan.



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