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Abruptly Logan collapsed, as the connection to Alec burst open and he heard, felt Alec’s empathic screams.

Immediately Sam rushed to Logan’s side, yelling for someone to get his bag as he bent down to Logan side. It was Joshua who squatted ready to help and moved to scoop Logan up into his arm. Logan waved his hands away, muttering he was fine and moved to get up.

“Logan you should…”

He didn’t let Sam finish. “I’m okay; it’s not me, its Alec.” Logan pushed up until he was standing even if he was a bit wobbly on his feet. “He is alive, I can feel him, he’s weak, scared… We have to get to him, now! Someone’s, he’s” Logan couldn’t finish as he suddenly realized what was happening to Alec, he was being raped. He couldn’t see it exactly, but he knew could feel the adrenaline, Alec’s fear and the intense hatred toward the man and himself as his body’s reacted to the man’s touch. Logan swayed, his body tilting backward, someone’s firm grip braced his fall.

Lydecker’s voice interrupted, “You can feel him through that connection of yours?”

Logan silently nodded his reply, trying to gain his composer.

Zack said, “We have to get the hell out of here, if he can feel him, it probably means White’s on his….”

“No, I… he’s not close – it’s White he’s there with Alec, has Alec…” Logan trembled at the distorted images flashed before him. He couldn’t completely make out what was happening, but he once he added in everything he could feel that Alec was feeling. Logan’s imagination filled in the blanks.

Zack ordered, “Doesn’t matter we need to move.”Turning Zack faced Max who hovered protectively over Cindy’s sleeping form. “Max…”

“Halt.” Lydecker moved closer, his weight leaning heavily on his cane as he made his way closer to Logan. Lydecker’s chin tilted up, his eyes narrowed as he stared Logan down and asked, “You can hear him?”

“Yes. No it’s more feelings then actual words.”

“Have you tried to reach him?”

Surprised Logan just stared at Lydecker. “There’s not much the rest of us can do unless we know where he is. If you can get a fix on him?”

Engel pushed forward offering. “Like a homing beacon. That could work. All of the series have certain codes internally engrained ‘em. With Alec it would be amplified, as his mate there’s a good chance you could get a fix.”

Logan glanced around the room then flushed under their intense stares, until he returned his gaze back to Lydecker, confirming what he didn’t want to hear – that everything, their survival depended on him. “It’s the only way. You want to save us, Alec and Max, then we need to find him. We get to him bring him back safe then at least we’re back on an equal playing field. It won’t end, but we’ll be no worst off then we were before.”

Logan felt himself wobble under the weight of responsibility. Max called out, her tone gentle full of concern, “Maybe you should sit down. Try to concentrate focus on Alec?”

Logan’s gaze shifted toward her knew she wouldn’t leave Cindy’s side. Max didn’t bother to hide behind her soldier persona; her worry for Cindy was palpable. Logan suddenly realized Max was a mated and as connected to Cindy as he was to Alec. Jerkily he nodded and moved to sit on the floor cross legged.

Joshua came forward, “Alec says it’s good to find chi.” And dropped a bag into Logan’s lap. Joshua smiled, “Good chi.”
Logan blinked as he stared at the bag of pork skins, and then laughed nodding his thanks.

Frustrated Zack question, “Wait a minute, what do we do while he’s…” Zack stumbled searching for a word, then responded, “chi’ing.”

Logan heard Lydecker’s response, “We wait.” then the scuffle of his body turning as Lydecker moved leaning heavily on the cane. Logan leaned back; his back supported by the wall behind him and closed his eyes, focusing as he shut out the voices around him until they were only white noise. A moment later, quicker than he thought, Logan opened his eyes to see a manifestation of himself across from where he was sitting. The manifestation stood, as it did Logan’s view point changed and he was standing looking down at himself - sitting now with his eyes closed.

Dismissing the weirdness he felt at seeing himself, Logan returned his focus on finding Alec. The urgency to find Alec increased as everyone faded until they disappeared as a mist appeared and filled the room. It was strange like fog without any of the cool wetness. A low hum grew louder and seemed to surround him; oddly it left him feeling secure and needy for Alec. He called out Alec’s name then waited for a reaction. He called out again, and heard nothing.

Logan closed and squeezed his eyes tighter as if that’d force him to focus harder. The worry he felt licked at his desperation and the hum grew louder around him. He tried to move, but something was preventing him – a barrier? At the thought Logan quickly realized his mistake and suddenly knew that Alec was shielding him, trying to block out what White was doing.

Mentally Logan reached out, pushing through until he could feel something tangible under his fingers like a taut rope. Hanging on he followed it out into blackness. The pulsating hum increased pushing him away, to go back. Logan understood what Alec was trying to do and refused to leave. Instead he pushed forward, reaching out to offer Alec his strength.

The more Logan zeroed in on Alec and pressed forward the weaker the shield became and Alec’s feelings and thoughts bleed through filling Logan’s head. Anger, shame, pain, and fear were the most predominate. Logan stumbled and fell to his knees as he suddenly felt hot burning pain, as if he was being split in two - Alec’s pain. His heart rate increased as Logan realized where exactly the pain was emanating from. His own anger spiked as he arched back screaming the agony he knew Alec was enduring at White’s hands.

Logan’s body shook and it seemed to take a long time before he could think and move beyond the pain he knew Alec was still feeling physically and emotionally. Once Logan was calm enough, with more determination he reached out to Alec again through the bond, his thoughts wrapping Alec in cocoon of warmth and love, everything he felt for his mate.

When Logan’s mind finally pushed through and touched Alec’s mind, he pushed Logan away. Copious amounts of shame from Alec filled Logan’s mind as he tried to turn away from Logan.

Logan shouted a fervent “No,” and desperately reached out pushing until he was holding Alec within a tight embrace, trying to create a cocooned haven. Doing the only thing he could to keep Alec’s mind safe from what White doing. Alec stopped his struggle instead he started to plead, begging for Logan leave, to go back to Max, to run before it was too late.

Logan held him tighter, one hand rubbed Alec’s back in soothing circles as he hushed Alec, “It’s already too late, you claimed me Alec, now I’m yours, only yours.”

“No, it’s not too late, you have to leave, run- they’ll kill you, Max … I can’t, I’m sorry but I have no control- it’s too late, what they did to me, my body needs…” A pitiful cry escaped Alec’s throat, as he choked, “Choose you, wanted you.”

Though it was painful to acknowledge, Logan said. “It’s okay Alec, I know. I know what White is doing, I…” Logan bit his tongue then inhaled and held his breath before he slowly exhaled forcibly loosening the tightness in his chest when he thought of what White was doing. He wanted to kill him, torturously flay White alive, but Alec needed his strength not his anger. “I need to rescue you, need to know where you are, do you know?”

Logan felt the wetness against his cheek as Alec rubbed his face into the crook of his neck. Alec shook his head, no, whimpering, “It was you I had claimed you, wanted you.” Following his words Alec’s lips opened his mouth running down Logan’s neck, small nips pulled at his skin. He felt Alec’s cock solid and hard pressing against his hip. A massive pulse of want flooded through Logan’s body. The desire to be taken was there, but what was stronger was the need to take Alec. To mount and take him… Shocked, Logan tried to dismiss the thought, horrified with himself for having such depraved thoughts when Alec was being raped.

“Alec we can’t, I don’t even know how we’re here, but this it’s not even real – I have to save you. Have to find out where…” He didn’t get a chance to finish as Alec pulled him into a kiss swallowing his words.

When Alec pulled back, he continued to lick Logan’s lips. “Real, it’s real, only you.”

Logan didn’t believe, it couldn’t be real, was it? Though what Logan felt under his hands, the feel of Alec’s body, his scent, his hard cock pressing against him was doing a damn good job of making it feel real. Alec continued grinding against him. Logan, swallowed tasting Alec’s need, it was as thick and heavy as Alec’s cock. His hands busily pushed Logan’s sweats down until Logan felt Alec’s hands on his skin pulling them together.

Though Alec was desperate, needy instinctively Logan knew Alec was holding back, was waiting for Logan – he wanted Logan to take him. Suddenly it hit Logan and he understood what Alec was doing- White might have Alec’s body, but he wasn’t going to have Alec’s mind. Alec was here with him they were still connected. Though it pained Logan to see what Alec wanted, but he also couldn’t deny him nor did he blame him. If it made it easier for Alec, Logan didn’t care. Although the knowledge of what Alec wanted while he endured White - a heavy streak of possessiveness pained his heart demanding White’s blood, that Alec was his. Simultaneously another part of him bombarded him with logic that staying here was doing nothing to rescue Alec- that this wasn’t working. He still had no idea where Alec was, how to save him, to stop White…

Alec’s hands swept over his body, and continued muttering in-between kisses, “You I chose, I chose you Logan…”

Helpless Logan wallowed in despair warring over what he should do: leave to find another way to rescue Alec, and refusing to go to leave Alec helpless and completely alone with White.

Logically Logan knew, realized he’s still sitting on the floor in the room with Max, Joshua, and the others hovering over him. Each with hopes that he’d reach Alec and somehow get information that would rescue Alec before Manticore found them.

But without a lead to find Alec, they were all vulnerable and running out of time. If he couldn’t find Alec soon… Logan remembered what Engel had said, if I had Alec, and knew he was mated I’d come for his mate and eliminate the problem, and do so before I couldn’t contain him- or be forced to put him down.”

His gut twisted because he couldn’t let that happen, but he was at a lost in finding the answers to fix it… The hollow ache of failing, of losing Alec wasn’t something he could face and he physically pulled Alec closer basking in Alec’s heat. He couldn’t go on without his mate. Logan knew he wasn’t being overly dramatic, but a reality that if Alec was put down, he’d follow Alec through the bond to his death.

Alec’s whimpered, “No!” broke through Logan’s thoughts.

Logan gulped, realizing Alec had picked up his thoughts of his pending death. “I’m sorry I failed, it’s too late- for both of us, and I couldn’t survive without you, Alec- I’ve changed.” His wistful awe was clear as Logan added; “Maybe not as dramatically as you” The tip of Logan’s finger gently outlined the soft small nub that started to peek out and continued to grow from the top of Alec’s head. Alec mewed in response to his caress, “Engel was right…” Saying Engel’s name Logan recalled something else Engel said about Renfro notes of what she was trying to achieve: Someone who could easily control any of the other series. Engel had explained it was one of the reasons why she created it so Alec could only mate once – her intention was to control Alec and in affect control all of Manticore creations. The connection they shared right now confirmed that he was bonded to Alec. Alec’s claim worked- no matter what White was doing he couldn’t claim or mate with Alec not while Logan was alive. Engel had said they would eliminate the problem, and do so before they couldn’t contain him.

Logan couldn’t deny Alec’s strength both physically and mentally. Logan had no doubt that it was Alec that had created this place within their minds. That they were connected by the bond, and the moment their minds touched and embraced the bond strengthened and solidified. Once they touched the mist had evaporated in its wake left them more physically present, solid- their touch heated in need.

Logan knew Alec had started to physically shift; his finger was still stroking over the delicate cat hairs surrounding the small growing nub of what was to be a new ear. He could feel the delicate whiskers swept over his face, but it was Alec’s tail that brushed up and over his ass in soft caresses that Logan finally understood that if Alec completed his physical changes here, there was a high probability that he had in the real world. If he had then he’s at or near the point where they won’t be able to stop or control him.

Dismissing the threatening thoughts that White would realize what happened, or that someone else would find out, realize the truth and put Alec down. No he had to hang on to the fact that they had a slim chance. Pulling away Logan tried to force Alec to listen. “Alec you need to listen to me, we might have a chance, but I need you to focus.”

Dazed in heat, Alec finally opened his eyes, and Logan was mesmerized by the sight. Large elliptical orbs stared imploringly. The color vivid and sharp, the clarity of moss green as Alec continued to stare unblinkingly back at him. Stunned by Alec’s beauty; Logan could feel the intense pull of need and want clouding his mind. Quickly he closed his eyes against the distraction. Refocusing he opened his eyes again trying and failing to look away, Logan licked his lips, almost stuttering in desire, “Your changes- it’s not just here in this place is it?”

It was Alec who looked away. Logan swallowed, “I know you don’t want to think about what’s going on there… but it’s important Alec. Can you tell without going back? Does White realize?”

Solemnly Alec nodded no, “He, he hasn’t noticed, he’s too involved… I”

Logan didn’t need to be told he can feel the weight of Alec’s shame. Alec’s emotions and physical need to shift were too strong and intense to fight against. The changes initiated Alec’s heat cycle. Ensuring Alec’s body to physically react, enthralled to his baser needs - leaving Alec vulnerable and weak, but he wasn’t the only one.

Logan realized whatever White’s cruel intentions were initially by raping Alec, White was as infected, and was responding to Alec’s scent and heat. Logan cupped Alec’s face forcing him to look at him. “This is good, it is, means you can control him, stop White.”

Alec closed his eyes, “Tried, it didn’t work. He stopped…” he paused; his gaze on Logan’s mouth refusing to let on what he almost slipped of what White had done to him earlier. Logan didn’t force the issue. It wasn’t the right time or the right place. He wasn’t sure he wanted to know not until after he slowly squeezes the last breath of life out of White. And he wasn’t about to let Alec know he had felt most of it through their bond, and up until Alec’s complete transformation had allowed Alec to shield Logan from the rest.

Out loud Logan reiterated, “You tried? I think Engel’s a slimy asshole, but he seemed sure…”

“It was that bitch Katherine. She told me, went on about how she had Renfro’s files, said they were lovers. Why she knew about Renfro’s project. Heard her say they only had a small window of opportunity. Her plan was to have White claim me… Said I wasn’t quite ready- think she meant I needed to shift. It was White who decided not to wait.”

“Okay, I still think that can work to our advantage, but somehow we’re missing something.”

“It doesn’t matter, Logan I need you now – don’t want him, not again.” Alec’s whiskers brushed over Logan’s face when he moved attacking Logan neck. The nips sharp until Alec took a bigger bite gnawing at the skin, suckling until Logan was weak kneed.

With difficulty Logan held his ground even as Alec’s naked body pressed fully against his. Though he had an idea of what Alec wanted, Logan still asked, “Alec, Alec what is it?” His mind racing trying to figure out how to stop White, but each thought was chased away by Alec’s bite followed by the sucking pressure that all he wanted to do was submit to Alec’s wants.

Distracted by the onsought of Alec’s attention, it didn’t hit him until Logan started to descend falling to his knees, submitting to Alec. Submitting, that was it. Forcibly he pulled back and demanded Alec’s attention, “Alec, submitting, that’s it.”

Alec smiled, agreeing “Sounds good.”

“No White, you need to make him submit.”

A frown graced Alec’s lips, “Tried that.”

“Biting, did you bite him?”

Alec didn’t respond, panicked Logan’s nails dug harshly into Alec’s skin as he demanded. “Alec, stay with me!”

Wounded that Logan would doubt him, “Always with you.”

Refusing to relinquish his hold, Logan pushed. “Then answer me, did you bite White?”

“No,” shaking his head, “can’t, she shoved a god-damn bit into my mouth.”

“That’s it then, you have to bite White, it’s the only thing I can think of that makes sense. He can’t mate or claim you until I’m dead. You shifted so you should be able to control him, but you have to make him submit by biting him.”

“You don’t know that for sure.”

“You’re right baby I don’t, but what alternative do we have? They haven’t found us, and once they realized you shifted – I can’t lose you.” Defeated Logan pressed his forehead again Alec’s.

“I know I’m asking a lot baby, but you have to try.” Alec pulled back; his eyes narrowed in what Logan assumed was assessing what he had just begged him to do. “You just called me baby, twice.”

Logan nervously stammered, “Oh I, I…I didn’t mean, well okay I did, but if you don’t want me…” Alec leaned in and captured Logan’s lips to shut him up. This time when he pulled back Alec flashed his trademark smirk as he demanded, “Just don’t ever do that around Max.”

Logan grinned back, “I see your point. You’re feeling stronger aren’t you?”

He nodded. “I am, here with you.”

Logan hand cup around Alec’s neck pulling him in closer as Logan tilted his chin up, “I know baby.” His eyes met Alec’s, saw the glittered of pleasure at the endearment. The corner of his lips lifted before he slowly leaned up licking Alec’s lips open. Felt the soft tickle of Alec’s whiskers. He met Alec’s tongue when it peeked out in greeting, until they brushed together in a slow slick dance each stroke lingered unhurried. A dance both knew if they stayed they wouldn’t be able to finish.

“You have to go. Do whatever it takes to bite him- I need you to do that for me, for us.”

Slowly Alec pulled out of Logan’s embrace, stepping back as he nodded his agreement. “I will.” Standing apart, Logan’s eyes roamed down and over Alec’s body taking in his physical changes: the darker hue of skin and fur. The strips running up the sides of his body, the longer mane of hair that was no longer hid his new ears. Moments ago they were folded in now they were prominent as they visibly stuck out. Whiskers, Logan had felt them though he could barely see ‘em. He wasn’t positive, but Logan would guess the feather light softness he felt and would be invisible to a human’s naked eye. His eyes traveled down Alec’s body in appreciation, took in his larger mass, the taut muscles that appeared even more defined than Alec’s soldier physique. Alec skin gleamed with a heavy sheen of sweat. Logan just had his hands there; there was no awkwardness he felt no different touching Alec’s skin only the barest hint of soft patches of baby fine hair. Alec’s long tail waved and twitched before it brushed against Alec’s stomach before it took a dive and twirled around his calf. Logan remembered what Alec’s tail felt like, the soft brush of hair against his skin as soft as any cats. He felt the strength of it when it had moved against his body; thinking of it now sent shivers of pleasure throughout his body.

Through his inspection Logan saw Alec’s nervousness worry, his wide eyed stare steadily watching. It was obvious to Logan when Alec stood there and started to fidget uncertain and wary of what Logan would think. Suddenly Logan realized Alec was waiting for Logan’s rejection.

Logan knew no words would carry the same weight; instead he opened his mind allowing Alec to pick up his thoughts. Though their connection and ability to communicate was gathering strength they still hadn’t really communicated with actual words saved for when Alec ordered him to take Cindy to safety. Since then everything between them was more empathic of what they were feeling. Logan didn’t have to concentrate very hard as he wrapped his want and appreciation around Alec. His eyes devoured Alec’s body mentally relaying what he wanted to do. As Alec silently received and felt Logan’s desires the steadier Alec’s stance became his tail twitching about excitedly.

Logan wanted to take Alec in his arms, to taste him and fuck him hard, but they didn’t have time. Alec had to go back, to somehow bite White. He didn’t want to send Alec back, but he had no choice. Alec knew when Logan’s thoughts shifted as his smile faltered, his body tensing, muscles flexing visibly showing his reluctance. Though it pained Logan he voiced what had to be done. “Baby you have to go back.”

Logan watched as Alec’s head hitched, he could see the soldier in Alec accepting the duty of his mission. Then Logan felt Alec’s commitment and resolution to save Logan even if he had to consciously endure White’s touch.

Alec’s fierce gaze bore into Logan’s, the immense intensity of Alec’s emotions: a possessive need, want, and love he felt and had for Logan knocked him for a loop leaving Logan speechless.

With a graceful prowess of a four-legged large cat Alec turned around and disappeared back into the mist that slowly rose and swirled around him.

For a moment Logan stood there while the mist gathered and started to engulf him, he felt Alec’s mental push for him to return to his own body. Logan didn’t move, afraid to leave Alec to suffer White’s abuse alone. He felt Alec reach out and immediately sooth his fears letting Logan know that he wasn’t alone. With his changes complete he was stronger and could hold maintain his connection to Logan. But that Logan needed to go, be in his own body, to let the others know and be ready. Still Logan was reluctant to leave until he felt Alec’s promise that he wouldn’t block Logan. With that promise Logan felt himself moving against his will toward his body even as he held a tight grip on Alec’s essence hating himself that he was leaving Alec to White.


Though Alec felt Logan’s hesitation, he pushed Logan toward his body even as Alec continued to move forward toward the conscious world where White was busily engaged with his body. He maintained his connection to Logan to ease Logan’s fear though he worked to create a sort of filter to keep Logan from feeling everything. It was illogical because Logan already said he knew still Alec wanted to somehow hide what White was doing. In truth, keeping their connection open wasn’t just for Logan’s benefit, but his own as Alec realized he needed and wanted Logan’s strength.

The last steps by into his conscious body were more like an abrupt push as Alec was suddenly back in his body while White was mindlessly rutting over him.

The rush of physical sensations nearly knocked Alec out. He was in heat and his body responding to White - open willingly accepting and wanting the continuing pounding thrusts of White’s cock. Physically Alec’s want and need was there heightened because he was in heat, but after a moment he realized that’s all it was, mentally he had no desire for White. Thankfully he had already bonded physically and mentally with Logan. What White was trying to do barely scratched the surface of an itch; one Alec knew only Logan would be able to satisfy.

It took Alec a moment to adjust mentally disregarding his physical reaction and to focus on White. Another moment to realize White was already enthralled to his body. It occurred to Alec, that regardless of White’s cult origin ultimately he was just another anomaly of Manticore’s. Where White was just as vulnerable and reacted just as easily to his pheromones, even if White continued to try to forcibly dominate Alec to submit. Something that was impossible unless they killed his mate. Even as the thought crossed his mind, Alec growled the sound damped by the bit in his mouth. He had to stop and control White now.

Alec’s tail moved and twitched about in front of White’s face, then brushed against his cheek. White didn’t respond. The pupils of White’s eyes were blown only showing massive dark orbs. Alec didn’t hesitate as his tail moved toward his mouth where he used the appendage to brush aggressively against the bit prying it free enough that Alec was able to push and spit the rest of it out with his tongue.

Straining against the straps forcibly holding him down, Alec pushed forward. His jaw hitting just below the ball socket of White’s shoulder – the next moment Alec tasted White’s skin. His jaw clamped down over the ball of White’s shoulder in a vicious bite. Teeth sinking through layers of White’s skin only pausing as Alec’s mouth filled with blood.

White screamed in pain, and for a moment he tried to push back and fight Alec off, to no avail. In a reprimand, Alec’s teeth sank further into White’s skin, purposely digging into his flesh until he hit bone. Excess blood dripped from his mouth; silently demanding White submit.

It didn’t take long before White obeyed and his body stilled.

White angled his head so he could meet Alec’s gaze head on. Alec saw White’s confusion. Watched as White’s haze of lust cleared enough for him to understand what had happened, to the blatant recognition that he’d fucked up. Wide-eyed, White’s held Alec’s stare. Whether Alec was reading it through White’s face, through his eyes, or somehow he had the ability - unwanted emotions filtered through. White’s emotional pain, his loneness, an aching desire to belong, his longing to be Alec’s mate to be a part of someone – emotions that were soon over shadowed by White’s need to submit to Alec, it was all there. Behind that need was also White’s jealousy and anger toward Logan, White’s only acknowledgment that Alec was already mated. Though it was White’s loathing that really caught Alec’s interest- it wasn’t just a hatred for Logan or even Alec instead what Alec felt was White’s a self loathing.

Alec didn’t have time to consider what any of it meant; he needed to get out of there before that Manticore bitch came back. Instead he reacted and pushed his teeth further rubbing against the bone and clamped his jaw then waited. White understood and broke the eye contact, lowering his eyes in submission.

Slowly Alec eased his grip, not sure why White would understand still instinctively Alec silently communicated the words off and free.

White responded with whimpers whether it’s from the pain Alec created as he moved, or in fear, Alec didn’t know nor did he care. It’s only when White complied that Alec had an understanding why he was whimpering that’s it’s not out of pain but because he’s been rejected and ordered off of Alec’s body.

Alec could feel White’s emotional struggle to comply, his movements sluggish as he moved to follow Alec’s order, and was thoroughly amazed when White was tender as he carefully and gently lifted up and pulled out of Alec’s body.

Once White was off of him and had unstrapped Alec, he stood back awaiting Alec’s orders.

It’s odd, but Alec didn’t want this from White, he wanted the man who hated him with a passion who’d rather have him dead. Belatedly Alec saw White flinch as if he heard him.

Though White just demonstrated he heard Alec, Alec needed to confirm that White really did understand and mentally commanded him to knee. Without hesitation White did.

Alec snickered; his only thought was if he had the time. Logan’s voice filtered through the bond, You don’t.

Relieved and strengthened to hear Logan, Alec conceded the point. Addressing White, Alec demanded. “Where are we, and how can I get out of here unseen, without setting off alarms?”

White didn’t waver as he quickly gave Alec their address, and then rambled off codes and the safest route for him to avoid guards. Alec didn’t have to stop and tell Logan to tell the others. He didn’t even have to think in complete thoughts to know Logan understood and he’d be there to pick Alec up.

Alec started to leave, when he turned back. White hadn’t said a word though his body trembled, and Alec felt White’s sadness and the pulsing thought of yours. Reluctantly Alec squatted down to face White. White silently pleaded with him. Alec smirked, his voice low and even. His tail waving the only physical indication White had on how agitated Alec was that all he felt for White was hatred. “You wanted me dead, raped me. But worse than that, you ordered my mate’s death. Even now you want my mate dead.” Alec’s pain and hatred for that act alone bled through as he stated, “I should have you present me your beating heart.”

Logan’s plea came through, Alec, you don’t have time. Grudgingly Alec conceded he still needed White. “You will have my back, and die if necessary. Once I’m free, if you’re alive you will come back here and wait for that bitch. Offer her your services in my place.”

Alec licked his lips, taking in White’s eagerness to follow his orders. “If for some reason you’re somehow spared, you are to never to harm my mate, or anyone - anything that is mine ever. My mate, Ames you’re to protect him to your dying breath, is that understood?”

Alec watched as White’s eyes widened at the use of his first name, felt the sliver of hope as Ames nodded reverently. Alec easily heard the whispered acceptance, saw the glistening of tears that Ames tried to blink away, and felt the weighted vow behind his, “Yes.”

“Good.” Alec stood, and harshly ordered. “Now stand.” Within two steps he reached for White’s pants and threw them his way. “Put those on I want to get the hell out of here.”

White obeyed and moved quickly intercepting the pants mid air.


There was no fanfare leaving the room as the corridors were empty. White had already ordered guards to be scarce prior to his attempt to claim Alec. At the last door, once White entered the code and the door swung open. He stood back and watched Alec move ahead of him breathing in the night air.

Alec felt the conflict, the acute pain that was emulating from White that he was no longer needed, that he’d be alone. He almost felt pity, but after what White did to Logan – that Alec almost lost Logan, it wasn’t something he could ever forgive. “Go, and don’t forget to strip and have yourself properly presented for that bitch – let her know you’re mine even after I rejected you.” Alec felt more than saw White cringe at his words before he glanced to see White nod his acceptance then turn around to flee, obeying the order.

Alec hesitated as he watched White disappear around the corner. It was only Logan’s voice breaking through the bond, Go, you have to go now! that forced Alec into moving.

Alec crept within the shadows, moving as quickly as he dared for two blocks to keep hidden from the prying eyes of the sector police before he made his made down covered manhole. Logan argued telling him that they would meet him, but Alec abruptly stopped and refused. Insisted he’d meet Logan where it was safe at Terminal City, and he wouldn’t go any further until Logan and the others started to make their way to Terminal City. Alec ignored Logan’s cursing, and only started to move himself once he knew Logan and the others were on the move.

Inside the sewer Alec didn’t bother to hide any of his enhanced abilities as he ran full out. Though his mate was slightly bitter for losing the argument, Logan continued to urge him on. Each of them feeling greater strength as distance continued to decrease between them.

By the tenth block Alec had passed from one sector into another, and the last sector separating him and Logan. Once he was a few streets away Alec climbed up to the surface, and made the rest of the way to Terminal City, where he knew Logan was anxiously waiting for him.

Alec no longer cared if the sector police saw him; here, he was just another anomaly they often spotted on the outskirts surrounding Terminal City. Alec walked pass the sector barriers. Could barely Logan’s silhouette in the shadows standing behind two men. The larger Alec knew was Joshua, but only as he stepped closer did he realized the other was Zack.

Logan’s annoyance and frustration came through the bond. “They’ve refused to let me go any further.”

Alec chuckled, “Good. Need you safe.”

Irritated Logan responded, “Damn it Alec, I am safe, I just need you.” Alec watched as Logan elbowed his way to stand between them. Zack’s hand clamped down on Logan’s shoulder preventing him from going any further.

A spike of possessiveness hit Alec at seeing Zack’s hand on Logan, conflicted even as he understood and wanted Zack to protect Logan. It wasn’t until Logan’s reprimand “Alec.” That Alec even realized he was growling.

With renewed purpose Alec picked up his pace, he wanted Logan in his embrace now. Passing the bonfire, Alec stumbled to a stop less than a hundred feet away when he could clearly see Logan. Emotions hit, to know Logan was real, that he was alive, breathing not a figment of his imagination. Standing there truly safe and whole suddenly made it easier to push away the aching memory of White’s order to terminate him. Overwhelmed, Alec had no words to express his feelings.

Logan didn’t have a problem as he forcibly pushed passed Zack with a little help from Joshua. Through the bond Logan muttered, “Oh baby I’m fine, and very real.” The words were suddenly accompanied by Logan’s body as he press up against Alec.

Alec pulled Logan back just enough to attack him with a kiss. He wanted to go slow to savor Logan’s taste, but the adrenaline and need pumping through his system continued to escalate pitched too high to think rationally as he started to devour the essence of his mate.

It barely registered when Joshua excitedly stated the obvious, “Alec and Logan gettin busy?”

“Fuck, get the hell in here!” Alec heard the exasperated order, and felt someone pass him until he stood at Alec’s six. He was grateful, but he didn’t immediately recognize the voice. Not until Logan mentally supplied with what he should have known since he saw him standing next to Joshua Zack’s name, along with the memories of when Logan first woke. Alec lifted Logan’s body making it easier for Logan to hitch his legs around the waist of Alec’s larger frame. Logan’s arms wrapped around Alec’s body, one hand slid down, caressing just above Alec’s tail. Excited by his mate’s touch Alec’s tail jerked about. While Logan’s other hand settled into Alec’s mane, his fingers threading through the silky strands.

With Zack’s terse, “Move it!” Alec was attempted to tell him to go fuck off, but it was Logan’s desperate want filling Alec’s mind, “Yes let’s go. I need to fuck you baby, Need you now.” That had Alec moving, mewing his consent as he made his way to his living quarters within TC.

It didn’t diminish his desire for Logan, but as they made their way through TC Alec was getting annoyed listening to their chatter as they continued following Alec. Zack’s irritation gave into anger. “Thought the pheromones were bad enough with Max and Cindy. Since Cindy woke up they’ve been going at it non-stop.” His tone harsher, “Now because of them, fuck! I’m a walking erection.”

Joshua softly barked in assent then questioned. “Maybe Zack needs to get busy?”

Zack immediately snapped back, “No kidding.”

“Joshua too, maybe Zack and Joshua get busy?”

He heard Zack’s step falter. Alec almost wanted to turn around to see Zack’s reaction at Joshua’s proposal. Instead he was just pleased that maybe now they’d be distracted with each other that they’d stop following them and he could concentrate on Logan. “They have orders from Lydecker to protect you - us. But even if they didn’t they’d still be here - they care Alec.”

He had just reached his quarters, and was dismayed that Zack and Joshua kept his six. Alec was more than annoyed with Lydecker’s orders as if he was one of Lydecker’s kids; he wasn’t part of their unit. He never had a unit. It was Logan who replied with the answer. “Not a unit Alec, but family they’re family, our family.”

The thought startled Alec, then he felt warmness spread to the pit of his stomach that maybe he finally belonged. He heard Logan’s answer. “You do belong to me, always mine.”

With that Alec growled his assent, and kicked the door open barely pausing in the entry as he addressed his new brothers. “This is as far as you go orders or no orders.” Alec didn’t bother waiting for an answer as his foot slammed the door behind him.


Teeth raked across Alec’s neck before Logan clamped down to pull roughly, sucking hard on the skin. At that moment Alec let go of everything his need spiking into overdrive and in three steps was at the bed. Logan unhitched his legs to kneel at the foot of the bed then he aggressively pulled Alec’s hand. Maneuvering his body until Alec laid spread out under Logan’s gaze.

Logan didn’t waste time, stripping off his shirt then busily pulled his sweats down. Logan’s mind furnishing Alec with Logan’s immediate need broken down to short spurts of: take, want, and claim now.

Excited Alec replied by spreading and pulling his knees up to his chest, his cock ridged and hard against his stomach. Logan partially stepped off the bed to kick off the sweats; only to hastily return to the bed and to his position, scooting in closer between Alec’s legs. His hands moved soothing petting Alec’s inner thighs spreading him wider, pushing Alec to pull his knees tighter into his chest displaying himself to Logan. Logan’s hands caressed up and down Alec’s inner thighs. His fingers gently petted and danced over the stripes decorating Alec’s sides briefly before turned aggressively and pushed Alec’s thighs further as he leaned down between the junction of Alec legs.

Alec watched, through a haze of heat, his desire to have Logan take him pulsed throughout his body. Like his cock, Alec’s tail jerked rhythmically to the pulse of his desire. Alec zeroed in on Logan’s mouth as he moved closer to his cock head.

Alec threw his head back when he felt the heat of Logan’s breath, and anticipated the swipe of Logan’s tongue.

He was so involved in the heady need to have Logan take him; Alec didn’t realize when Logan started to pull back. Not until he heard the abrupt wail of anguish rent through the air.

Seconds later Zack and Joshua burst through the door breaking its hinge.

His desire was effectively doused by the extreme murderous thoughts running through Logan’s mind. All Alec cared about was Logan. Alec tried to sort through why his mate suddenly had such vicious thoughts then he understood - Ames.

Alec bodily pulled Logan up and over his body, his legs wrapping around Logan, cradling him as Logan continued to thrash about in distress.

Alec was about to take his own anger out on Zack and Joshua as he looked over Logan’s shoulder. But seeing them standing ready to defend and attack whatever threat had sneaked by them. Alec was humbled by the gesture as he remembered Logan stating they were family.

Glancing between them, Alec suddenly noticed Zack’s shirt was tucked up to his armpits; his chest revealing trails of redlines mapped over his pale skin- claw marks. Alec almost smirked, wanting to congratulate them; pleased Joshua didn’t wait to make a move.

Still he needed to be alone with his mate. “We’re fine. Now get out.”

For a moment neither moved. Zack was the first to move as he stepped further into the room. His mechanical eye scanning the room making sure it was secure. Once he was satisfied he nodded to Joshua and stepped out of the room. Joshua glanced toward Alec, “Logan safe…” It took Alec a second before he realized Joshua was asking a question not making a statement.

“Yeah Logan’s safe, big fellow.” Joshua smiled, then stood there for a moment longer staring at the door and the empty frame. Leaving the room, Joshua refitted the door into place. Alec listened for a moment as Zack and Joshua discussed how they were going to fix the door without disturbing them again, before Alec tuned them out and turned his attention back to Logan.

Logan sniffled, too choked up to talk. Instead he focused enough to make it easier for Alec to understand the train of his thoughts. “I’m sorry baby. I told you to do what you had to… I knew what he did; I encouraged you, but his scent…”

Alec couldn’t stop the flood of shame. Everything with Ames was rape, but he couldn’t deny physically there was a point he didn’t care that Alec wanted.... He should have stopped it sooner. Figured out he had to bite Ames in order to control him. Should have killed him…

Logan’s hands cupped Alec’s face forcing him to look at him. “Shhhhsh… No, no baby, don’t! It’s not you… I just hated that they captured you, took you from me that he did that, hurt you, shhhhh, never again, you’re mine…”

Alec moaned, Logan’s followed the words with kisses covering his face and neck, his mind, reciting mine over and over. Alec whimpered, his need as it increased with each kiss, each sensation Logan created his hands wandered and stroked over his body.

Logan pulled back and looked into Alec’s face, and held his gaze. Alec watched as Logan stared to read what was in his heart what he couldn’t voice out loud. Logan focused to make sure he understood exactly what Alec wanted.

Logan nodded, his lips and tongue devoured Alec’s mouth, his hands gripped with purpose. They massaged and stroked recreating the crescendo of heat. Logan lifted Alec’s legs directing Alec to grab under his knees to hold himself open. Fingers swiped over his hole then he felt Logan insert one then two fingers gently stretching. Though he barely created a pace before Logan removed his fingers and Alec felt the tip of Logan’s cock. Logan hovered there a moment feeling the stretch before he slowly moved until Logan’s cock bottomed out.

Logan moved lifting then sinking down, to repeat again. Logan’s movements swiftly became rapid even - his mind matched the same pace, stating over again mine. The closer Logan came to coming the more erratic his movements were, the more frantic and needy Logan got as he choked out MINE filling Alec with his come.

Alec reciprocated vocally yelling out, YOURS! His own body shook as his release splattered over his stomach. Alec barely had time to think before Logan started to move again, his cock still hard easily sliding through the come leaking from his ass. Breathless Logan’s nipped his jaw drawing his attention. His mind supplying the words, “I’m gonna do what you need Alec, and cover you in my scent…” Logan followed each word, each thought with a driving force before he started to piston his body in and out of Alec, “you’re mine, only mine!”



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