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Title: Yearnings Bound in Friendship
Author: Denyce
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: McShep/Beckett
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Rodney discovers what John needs, but in turns discovers that John isn't the only one who wants and needs what Carson has to offer.
Written for the: Atlantis kink challenge (2 years ago! Yea I know.) The original request was as follows: I'd like to see something involving bondage (collars/leashes in particular) with some light d/s, possessiveness, and some biting is a definite plus. If Sheppard is in it, dog tags are a welcome addition. With a happy ending, & no non-con. I pretty much like McKay with Beckett and/or Sheppard and/or Zelenka.
Warnings: Kink & anything/everything that applies under that umbrella: Bdsm, toys, spankings, rimming, Top! Carson, 3some…
Spoilers: Somewhere in early S2 before Runner
Disclaimer: Not mine; no infringement on any rights is intended. This is not for profit & is intended only for enjoyment.
Notes: First off {{huge}} thanks goes to every beta out there who tried to help! seriously it was appreciated! Now to the beta's that held my hand and pushed me along, P & A, you guys are goddess' I honestly don't have the words to fully express... please know that it goes way beyond this simple thank you ♥!!!!

part 1

The door immediately opened for Carson. The swish of it closing and locking behind him barely registered as he stared at the sight before him. John stood tall in an exaggerated military parade rest, wearing only a pair of favored tight black lycra bike shorts that he had surprised John with two months ago. They were the perfect touch that displayed and accented every curve of John’s painfully hard cock. Arms were firmly clasped behind his back; dog tags glistened, nestled in John’s dark chest hair; legs spread wide enough to accommodate Rodney’s frame where he sat between John’s legs.

Carson’s gaze was riveted on the man he had secretly desired for years. His pulse increased with anticipation and need as he took in the lovely sight of Rodney, naked between John’s spread legs. Rodney sat there posed, his thighs slightly spread and taut, with his knees tucked under him. Hands rested palms up on his thighs, his body leaning against John with his head burrowed against John’s thigh. Rodney’s head, turned either for comfort or to hide his face, did nothing to conceal the collar or the leash that was attached to it. The leash was just long enough to run upright toward John—with the handle held firmly between his teeth.

Stunned by their beauty, Carson just stood marveling at their magnificence. Because of his preoccupation with the picture they presented, it took him several moments to notice the wet tracks streaking Rodney’s face. At first, he thought it was a trick of the light, but slowly moving forward, he squatted down in front of Rodney to investigate.

Carson’s finger gently wiped at a dewy track. Bewildered, Carson studied Rodney’s face; this reaction wasn’t exactly what he had been expecting. His own stomach clenched; maybe this was too much. Had he pushed too far? Maybe he was too focused on his own desires. Automatically his eyes followed his fingers as they ghosted down to examine John’s bite marks—all just below Rodney’s collar. He couldn’t even smile at John’s overture of his position. He couldn’t think, too devastated that Rodney had cried. He knew that as emotional as Rodney could be… crying wasn’t something he did; but the evidence was there. Lashes still wet, his gaze unfocused, the glistening momentarily held in check.

As much as Carson wanted Rodney—both of them, this—him being here wasn’t about intentionally hurting either one of them. Not this way. But this appeared to be hurting Rodney. Was that what he was doing, hurting Rodney? Swallowing hard, Carson tried to think. ‘Why, would I?’ his mind painfully whispered. ‘None of this matters… what I want...desire. Not if Rodney…. And if Rodney is doing all of this just to please John...”

The revelation that he could be so blinded by desire only stunned and shamed him. If that was the case, and Rodney was only consenting to be here to please John, he couldn’t help but feel overwhelmingly pleased by Rodney’s love and devotion toward John. It was a devotion that was shared since he knew John loved and felt just as strongly for their head scientist. Even through his own sorrow, the acknowledgment didn’t stop the smile that tugged at his lip. But this, no, it wasn’t right; he’d just have to nip Rodney’s ridiculous notions in the bud.

Moving into a more comfortable position to kneel in front of him, Carson gently cupped Rodney’s head. His thumbs swiped away the tear tracks and soothingly caressed Rodney’s cheek, and he could only ask, “What’s this now?”

Rodney stared, unfocused, his emotions running too rampant.

“Rodney?” Carson waited and when Rodney stayed unfocused, his hand moved automatically and gently started to remove the collar. Unexpectedly Rodney’s hand jerked up and grabbed the collar, trying to hold it in place and anxiously stated, “No.” Wild blue eyes were suddenly focused on him beseeching their intent.

Sighing, Carson let go of the collar and instead unhooked the leash from the collar. “Rodney….” It was followed by silence.

Carson felt sucker punched; ironically it was by his own hand. The harsh reality was that all of this was his fault. No doubt about it, he was guilty; from day one, his feelings and fantasies about Rodney had clouded his judgment. From the time he first met the loud, obnoxious, and arrogant scientist, he had wanted Rodney. At the time, if he hadn’t been involved with someone else when he met Rodney, he would have actively courted the man. Instead they became friends, very good friends. It was one thing that never changed from one galaxy to the next, and he still cared deeply. Just as he told John when Rodney had walked in on them—he wasn’t about to lose either man’s friendship. Not then and not now.

But he had made a horrible mistake. He could see that now: swapping and confusing his own desires for those of Rodney’s. But it was a mistake he intended to correct.

From under hooded lids Carson glanced up at John, who’d been silently looking on. The raw pain he saw etched on John’s face reflected what he was feeling. Steeling himself for what he had to do, Carson once again faced Rodney.

Taking a steady breath Carson spoke, “It’s alright Rodney.” He paused, trying to find the right words. “Bloody hell, I won’t, not like this. I made a mistake…you hear me, lad, I screwed up.”

Carson watched, waiting for a sign that Rodney understood. On impulse Carson’s fingers automatically checked Rodney’s vitals. Finding nothing wrong (only a slight elevation of his heartbeat, which under the circumstances was perfectly normal), Carson found himself at a loss. He tried to avoid deferring to John, but couldn’t stop himself from looking up, afraid of what he’d find when he sought out John’s eyes. What he found confused him. Poised John continued to hold his position exuding his confidence in Carson—confidence that at the moment he just didn’t feel.

John’s lack of concern and refusal to change positions or to comfort Rodney only told Carson that John believed he was either overreacting or that he’d somehow fix it, and for the first time in a long time, he was annoyed with John’s presumptuous attitude—it was something that reminded him more of Rodney rather than John. And looking back at Rodney, Carson shook his head, amazed that while Rodney appeared to be in full panic mode, he had also stayed fully aroused. Though it was a lovely sight to behold especially at this close proximity, sadly the panic in Rodney’s eyes was effectively diminishing his own arousal.

Feeling powerless and unsuccessful about not getting a coherent reaction out of Rodney, Carson decided that under the current conditions, the best thing for Rodney would be for he himself to leave. At the thought, Carson’s stomach knotted and an emptiness spread, one he instinctively knew he’d be living with for a very long time.

Steadily he eyed John, trying to convey that he couldn’t fix this, not the way John wanted him to. Long moments passed before John started to waver with each second.

He closed his eyes, unable to bare John’s disillusionment and the hurt that he had put there. Whether Carson wanted to admit it or not, he had not only manipulated Rodney, but positioned John as his bait—someone he already knew Rodney couldn’t resist. The bottom line was he was responsible; accepting the truth, guilt and shame sheared into him.

Blinking away his own selfish tears, Carson concentrated and tried to focus to offer whatever strength he could to let them know it was okay—that everything would be okay. He would just somehow fix it—just not in the way John had expected. That they, John and Rodney would be okay, and together; he’d make sure of it. With renewed determination to heal his friends, Carson disregarded his own feelings.

Forcibly Carson shifted to stand, getting ready to leave.


Rodney watched frozen through a panicked haze. The moment John had said, 'Carson’s right,’ the enormity of that statement struck—of how much he actually wanted Carson; for himself, not just for John. The full implosion of his emotions hit forcefully. What he felt wasn’t just a casual friendship, or even just a pleasurable sacrifice to satisfy John’s submissive needs. Under John’s hand he understood the physical and emotional need to be dominated—he just never examined those feelings of jealousy he had. Now he could see he was just as jealous over Carson as he was over John.

His subconscious caught the movement and mentally screamed as he realized Carson was going to leave. ‘Stop him!’ Frantic that he was fucking everything up, he finally forcibly choked out, “NO! Please…”

Carson halted; his shoulders slumped as he heard the desperation in Rodney’s voice and knew it was for John. As Carson turned, he allowed himself to slip into the comfort of Doctor mode.

“Rodney… you alright? You’ve been giving me a wee scare.” Squatting down in front of his patient, Carson’s hand was already reaching and taking Rodney’s pulse and once again checking his vitals.

Rodney stared, then blinked several times, confused over the switch in Carson’s demeanor. This Carson he knew extremely well not only as a friend, but as his doctor—not his soon to be dominant lover.

Fragments of panic started to return, but the nudge from John’s knee distracted him from being pulled into another full-blown attack of nerves. Taking John’s encouragement, he quickly sidestepped his fears and started to talk. If he stopped to think, to analyze what he was feeling, Carson would be gone, and he didn’t think he could face John, never mind himself, if that happened. “Carson don’t. Please don’t go—stay?”

Since Rodney still didn’t move, Carson moved from his crouch position onto his knees studying, trying to read his friend. Finally coming to a decision he nodded. “Fine, but you have to talk to me, let me know what’s going inside that head of yours—Agreed?”

At the silence and Rodney’s fluttered look he impatiently asked, this time more firmly, “Rodney, agreed?”

“Yes, yes, fine.”

Satisfied Carson nodded. “Alright then. Maybe we can take this off?” His hand gestured toward the collar, “Then you and John could go take a quick shower and get dressed. I’ll fix some of Mum’s tea and…”

Rodney interrupted, flippantly stating, “What, are you nuts? Any more time in the shower, and all our good parts could shrivel up. Look…” Automatically he held his hand out and wiggled his digits in front of Carson’s face. “Still wrinkled.”

With as much patience as he could muster, Carson examined the fingers then pushed them away before flatly asking, “So what would you like to do then? Get dressed?”

Genuinely confused, Rodney answered, “What? No!”

Carson stared in disbelief, opened and closed his mouth while he silently ranted, ‘Right, don’t make things any easier for me—So now he’s an exhibitionist? And why the fuck is he still hard? I got the picture, Rodney, you’re not ready… you don’t want me. Instead you just wanna to drive me mad. Lord, help me….’ Slowly Carson calmed himself down enough to speak, “Alright then, maybe John would like to… and I’ll go fix us a cuppa?”

Rodney sputtered, “What? What…. No!” and to emphasize his point he clung himself to John’s leg anchoring both of them in place and snapped, “Christ Carson, can’t a person have momentary panic attack? And what’s up with the tea?” Rodney automatically barked, “No one in their right mind could drink that stuff. It’s worse than drinking mud—and don’t ask.” He eyed Carson meaningfully, before he continued, “and I certainly wouldn’t know, not with the Daedalus’ regular delivery of coffee.”

Conflicted, Carson’s back straightened under Rodney’s sharp turnabout; one half of himself was delighted to see a hint of Rodney’s bravado, while the other half was irritated by what Rodney just let slip. Without thought, still in his Doctor persona, he responded to Rodney’s slip about the coffee. “And how many times do I have to tell ye to cut back on the coffee? You going to wait and force me to completely restrict you?”

Rodney’s eyes widened, “You wouldn’t?”

“Would and will if you don’t start listening to me.” With an inpatient sigh, Carson continued with a lecture he had too often repeated to Rodney. “I’m your Doctor, Rodney, and it’s my job to keep you as healthy as I can—so when I tell you, you have to severely cut back on caffeine, it’s your job to listen and take what I say seriously. In regards to coffee, and the fact we don’t have decaffeinated leaves you with tea—herbal tea.”

Eyes narrowed as Rodney judged the seriousness of Carson’s words. Rodney stated, “BUT the tea’s wretched, especially that herbal stuff Teyla and her people drink, it’s like drinking mud water.”

Carson shook his head when Rodney stubbornly sidestepped the issue. To others, his negative comment on the tea might have been seen as acceptance, but Carson knew it for what it was -a diversionary tactic- and knew he would have to place a restriction order with the mess to forcibly limit Rodney’s intake.

Irritated with himself and Rodney, he turned away unable stop the torrent of emotions. Up front he was aggravated that Rodney would blatantly disregard his advice. He chastened himself that this wasn’t the time to play Doctor then quickly snickered at the thought as he recalled a few of John’s fantasies and even some of Rodney’s innuendos when they were back at McMurdo. It didn’t help matters now as he was painfully aware of John and Rodney’s naked and aroused presence less than a foot in front of him.

Instead Carson tried to focus on Rodney, and what he’d have to do to make sure Rodney followed his orders—sadly without corporal punishment. Initially Rodney’s persona had fascinated and perplexed Carson when they had originally met. Over time he had become used to and treasured the varied multifaceted-ness of Rodney and the indefinable ‘McKay Factor’ was one that he had come to love. The truth was, as aggravating as Rodney could be, it also was that aggravating uniqueness that Carson had fallen in love with. Now because he had pushed and projected his own hopes and fantasies, he’d somehow have to find an emotional distance from both John and Rodney.

A flash of movement caught his eyes, jarring him out of his thoughts. Carson watched as John’s hand broke formation and started to pet Rodney. With a quick look up, Carson saw John’s slanted smile disfigured by the leash handle still in his mouth, but it was the pride sparkling in John’s eyes that really made him take notice. John caught his eye and only smiled wider; this time his eyes were challenging.

Frowning, Carson looked down, his own doubts lingering; John hadn’t seen the look of devastation in Rodney’s eyes. Glancing back at Rodney, he caught Rodney staring back at him. The emotions were clearly written within those clear blue eyes - and this time without the fear or hesitation. Maybe he did need to reevaluate the situation.

Hesitant to leap to conclusions, Carson huffed, and quietly added, “Well, Mum’s blend is really quite good. Not something I share with just anyone.”

At that last bit, Rodney smiled proudly, suddenly happy to be included among Carson’s select few.

Nervously, Carson bit the inside of his cheek, working to rein in his wayward thoughts as Rodney just sat there grinning like a big galoot. It didn’t help that they had remained in the same position. What he needed was to create some distance—physical distance. Instead of just sitting here distractedly staring at them a mere foot away with Rodney still naked as the day he was born with a stiffy. Swallowing back a moan, Carson mentally slapped himself. ‘It doesn’t matter, not when Rodney’s only here for John—I cannae for my own sanity.’

Suddenly Carson became aware how quiet it was; his owns nerves were stretched. He didn’t know exactly what to do or say especially with the two of them on display. “Ah so…”


Rodney fell into a pleasant calmness as John continued to pet and caress him. Closing his eyes, Rodney leaned into the touch, smiling as he recalled Carson’s offer of his Mom’s tea. It was nothing but a small gesture, one that shouldn’t have meant anything, but somehow meant everything.

They’ve been friends, good friends for over two years, and in that time not once had Carson ever offered him his Mom’s tea, or invited Rodney to his quarters. ‘Unlike John,’ his inner voice whispered sarcastically. It hadn’t interfered with their friendship, it was good, but what Carson and John had had was definitely more. Even he could see that. Suddenly it was evident that the underlying jealously he had felt toward Carson had started to gnaw at him only once John had entered the picture and the two of them became friends. It had only increased when they arrived in Atlantis and their friendship became more intimate. Only now in hindsight could he see and understand his jealousy. It all came back to the small differences—like the tea.

The gesture about the tea was something Carson hadn’t done before and Rodney knew it had nothing to do with John, or because he was distressed. Carson had had the privilege of seeing him and everyone else go through various stages of emotional combat. Something you just couldn’t escape if you lived in Atlantis. Even as his Doctor and more so as his friend, Carson, always seemed to be acutely aware of when Rodney needed his support, comfort or friendship. Whether it was word or two, a shoulder to lean on, or just having lunch in the mess, Carson was there. Though it was the incidences after the Iratus bug that Rodney had really appreciated and treasured their friendship.

The first time was when that thing was trying to kill John, and he was supposed to ignore his true feelings for John—pretend they were nothing more than casual friends when they were anything but casual. Afterwards, Carson caught him watching John sleep and had put everything together. At the time he had never questioned how Carson knew when no one else had guessed, but it ended up being only one of many numerous examples of how in-tune Carson was to both of them. Through all of that, there still had been a distance between them; still Carson never invited him back to his place for a game of chess, or for a cuppa as he called it.

It was something that had quietly gnawed at him until eventually he assumed it was all about John. That Carson had deeper feelings for John. Not that he could blame him, John was special. It was shortly after that when he found out the uniqueness of John and Carson’s relationship, followed by their fall out, and their ability to rebuild— Rodney’s real fear and confusion came right after things had settled. When the new dynamics of their relationships fell into place. John took care of his needs, as Carson had taken care of John’s, and they started to discuss having more of an open three-way relationship.

In retrospect, after everything was out in the open, it was stupid of them that they hadn’t sat down together and discussed everything—instead they were overly respectful of each other’s feelings. They communicated as they did before, where John and Carson would talk, and he and John would talk, then he and Carson would talk, or more than likely Carson would corner him to ask him intimate details about the things John did to him.

It didn’t take Rodney long to realize the things that John did to him were directly dictated by Carson. Not that he was able to fully digest that interesting tidbit. As it was, he had a difficult time concentrating on anything outside of work and those nights under John’s dexterous hands.

Work was slightly easier, since he was able to throw himself into any given problem—almost enough to distract him. Though the distraction only worked until he sat the wrong way, bumped a bruise, or needed to stretch a sore muscle; then his mind would replay every moment of how he had received that bruise until he was forced to excuse himself for a much needed cold shower. Together, John and Carson not only encouraged him, but both seemed to be amused by his reactions.

Each day, his frustration grew. He wanted more. He was tired of just imagining Carson was there doing with his hands everything John did. Though as frustrating as that was, he was also in turmoil, an emotional Mexican standoff—to either eventually lose John by not giving him who and what he needed (Carson) or to go ahead and get involved with Carson as well, only to have both of them finally see that they didn’t actually need or want him—then he’d lose them both. And as bad as those scenarios were, what was worse was the thought of never having a chance with Carson in the first place.


A finger flick thumped against his head, and Rodney exclaimed, “Ow… Hey,” blinking rapidly and trying to look up as he was thrown out of his private thoughts. John’s hand forcibly held him still by the collar and returned to pet him as he faced Carson, suddenly aware of where he was. “Oh, hi.”

Carson chuckled, “Hi… you appear to be quite calm now; ready to talk.”

“Talk?” Rodney repeated.

“Aye, Rodney, talk,” Carson confirmed.

“I thought we were… you know…” Rodney stumbled over his words blushing lightly as he abruptly became aware of his naked and aroused state.

Carson sighed, “Rodney not more than ten minutes ago you were having a bloody panic attack. And I’ll have you know I would never force anyone…” Taking a deep breath he continued, “What John and I had, it’d been consensual… I cannot, would not push him or you into something you weren’t ready for.”

At the same moment that he caught what Carson had inferred, he felt the muscles of John’s leg tense; instantly Rodney’s hand that was still wrapped around John’s thigh squeezed, offering comfort. “Had? Why had? Have, you haven’t chan… it’s going to continue, you can’t take that away, Carson, even if you don’t want me, you can’t punish John for that.”

“What the hell…”

“No, no, trust me, he needs you and even if you don’t want me. If I’m not here, a part of this… it still benefits me. What John and I have now is because of everything you do… it’s great. You were right about that and I don’t want to lose that. Unless you mean you want John exclusively—though you never said or even suggested that which I can only say at this point would be a bit self-centered and…and mean.” Running out of steam, Rodney’s fear seized on the thought of Carson wanting only John.

Carson tried to blink away his confusion; his mind swirled, finally cluing in on what was happening—Rodney believed he only wanted John. Silently he cursed as Rodney’s fear became palpable, falling like a curtain, only seconds away from another panic attack. Needing to act fast, with both hands Carson grabbed Rodney’s face and kissed him with all the pent up passion he could muster.

Initially the kiss was wild, demanding, and possessive as Carson smashed his mouth over Rodney’s. He didn’t want there to be a single doubt, no lingering questions in Rodney’s mind that Carson wanted him.

Only when he needed air did Carson reluctantly pull away, his breath heavy. Slowly he opened his eyes only to be greeted by Rodney’s puzzled expression. The openness and vulnerability spoke volumes. Carson’s jumbled emotions threatened to erupt. His mind whirled at all the confusion and drama. Immediately he bit his lip to keep from laughing out loud, but it didn’t stop his body from shaking and leaned his head forward against Rodney’s, his hands holding him in place. Inhaling a shaky breath, he said, “Idiots! Me more than you.” With a calmer deeper breath, Carson pulled back looking directly into Rodney’s eyes. “Rodney, I, you have to hear me… Aye, I want John, but it doesn’t change the fact that I want you. Not for John’s sake, or whatever other reason you’d think of… just one, Rodney, you.”

Carson paused, allowing the full intent of his want, desire and even his love to show. His thumbs caressed Rodney’s face as his genius processed what Carson had said, a rampant flood of emotions ran crossed Rodney’s face yet Carson could clearly see his doubt still lingered.

“Rodney, don’t…don’t doubt me. I’ve never lied to you and I’m not about to start now. I cannae be any more blunt than that…I want you! To hold, kiss, caress, and fuck…You Rodney!” ‘God, please see the truth—I love you!’

At Rodney’s small tentative nod, Carson smiled. “OK, now the only question is: do you want me here with you and John?”

Rodney nodded.

“No, lad, I need your words. No hiding behind silence. We told you before that you get to decide this and if you cannae…with me, no harm done. Not now, not ever.” Carson’s voice softened to a husky whisper and his fingers tightened as he spoke. “I cannae have you hurting. Now tell me, in words, what YOU want… not John’s wants or mine. Only your wants, Rodney.”

Rodney’s mind raced; Carson wanted him…him. The thought left him dumbstruck. Carson wasn’t doing this just to please John, and he had thought that was what he was doing—pleasing John. Well it was, but it wasn’t…hadn’t been for a long time, not if he was honest about all those fantasies where Carson was the star attraction.

Though Carson patiently waited, the intensity of his stare stirred him. Then the familiarity of it hit him, Carson was afraid, afraid he’d reject him.

Although his mind screamed, ‘No,’ that he could never reject Carson, he just didn’t know if he could admit the true intensity of his want, but it was too late because John was here and he’d know. He wasn’t a liar and even if he tried, John always seemed to know and he was positive John wouldn’t let this go.

Rodney refocused, blinking several times, “No.”

Confused, Carson kept staring, but slowly eased his hands away.

Rodney shook his head, “No, no… I’m not rejecting, the complete opposite.” Swallowing through his own nervousness, Rodney pushed ahead. “I do. I mean I do want. You know, you and John. This…” With a mind of its own his hand started to move, motioning between them, “Us, you and John, John and I….and you know, us, the three of us…I want that, Carson. Thought of it, been thinking of it for a long time. I just never thought you’d… Even with John, it took me a long time to realize that he actually really wanted me—well for anything more than a friend or a quick fuck like everyone else did.” A comforting soft caress through his hair reminded him of John’s presence. Each sweeping stroke encouraged him to continue. Momentarily Rodney took comfort then nodded. “I know now. Me and relationships haven’t been...” Rodney firmly closed his mouth, looked away then back as he spoke again, “I want. Desire and want you, Carson. Everything, all of this.” Automatically his fingers latched onto and tenderly caressed his unbuckled collar, before he clearly stated, “Don’t doubt that. Just please give me time to, you know, overcome my own social insecurities communicating those desires.”

Overly relieved Carson unconsciously nodded, and almost to himself he answered, “Aye, we’re both idiots!” then leaned forward to claim Rodney’s mouth again. This time his kiss was methodically slow as he savored the feel and taste of his soon to be lover. At Rodney’s moan, Carson’s hands reached up to remove the collar.

Panicky, Rodney pulled back, and tried to stop him.

Firmly Carson grabbed the collar in hand, as he addressed Rodney, “Shhhh… not letting you go anywhere.”

At Carson words Rodney tried to relax, but he was confused as Carson briefly fumbled with something outside of his vision before he saw that Carson was reattaching the leash to the collar before leaning forward to refasten the collar in place.

For a few moments, Rodney held his breath in anticipation. Every nerve ending in and around his neck was suddenly hyper sensitive, as Carson’s own hot breath ghosted over his skin.

The heavy warmth of the leather and Carson’s breath against his skin soothed the last of Rodney’s nerves. Carson bent closer, his tongue lingering over and lavishing over the marks John had created, mumbling through a thick brogue where Rodney could only make out the whispered word, “Lovely.”

This time as the collar tightened around his neck, he couldn’t suppress the whimpered moan of pleasure that escaped as John’s words replayed in his mind, ‘Carson’s right.’

Carson’s only reaction was to quietly hush him, as he stayed focused on his task. The tightness of the collar increased, and then steadily loosened; Carson placed his finger underneath and retightened the collar. Once his finger was solidly wedged he fastened the buckle before wiggling his finger out. Leaving the collar snug enough not to cause chaffing.

Satisfied, Carson leaned back as his fingers danced over the collar. His other hand caressed and petted down Rodney’s side enjoying the involuntary quivers he felt under his touch. Blindly he continued stroking Rodney’s side while his other hand automatically latched onto John’s leg, his fingers spread firmly, squeezing the taut muscles he found.

His touch brought a spastic movement followed by a deafening groan that dragged his attention away from Rodney as Carson locked eyes with John.

Dark devilish eyes greeted him head on. Unbashful in his submissiveness, John bit down a bit harder grinding his teeth into the leash, the muffled moans further expressing his need. Stunned by John’s raw want, Carson greedily wallowed in the sight of John’s body unconsciously swaying in desire as if he was intoxicated.

Deftly Carson’s hand moved, his fingers flexing tenderly, caressing John’s calf with each upward stroke toward his inner thigh. John trembled in desire and loudly expressed his need even through the leather bit in his mouth.

Utterly enchanted, Carson fleetingly forgot Rodney until he heard a soft whimper echo John’s sentiment. Turning askew he glanced to see Rodney looking utterly entranced. Carson kept up his steady strokes, inching higher as he continued to stare at Rodney. Rodney’s eyes never wavered from John. It was then Carson realized Rodney wasn’t following his fingers or even staring up at John, but rather at John. Following his gaze, Carson saw the reason for Rodney’s complete captivation.

John was rock hard; enough that the lycra material was pulled away from John’s stomach creating a gap. The black shorts were one of several that Carson had previously bought especially for John. One of the reasons he had loved them so much was the way one could easily see any shiny wet spots, and if the matted trail of John’s pubic hair was any indication, he wasn’t going to last long.

Closing his eyes, Carson realized for the first time things weren’t going to go as he originally envisioned, then bit his lip to keep from laughing. Like Rodney was precise science. Biting harder, Carson focused. The fact was Rodney was just as excited if not more so than he was, and at the moment didn’t have the training to hold off like John or himself. Though just thinking about that, Carson had to silently commend Rodney’s effort. Decision made, Carson quickly readjusted his original plan.

Without waiting, Carson moved, quickly scooting back, his hand immediately switching legs without losing his rhythm of petting while his other hand simultaneously pulled Rodney into a better position so that where he now sat next to him while they both faced John.

His long strokes stilled as Carson played with the outer edge of the shorts, dipping his fingers under the material—pulling and digging under the tight material around John’s thigh. John instantly rocked forward as a finger casually grazed his ball sac. Using both hands now, Carson returned to soothingly pet John, cooing reassurances. Once John was sufficiently calm enough, Carson started to squeeze and caress John’s ass with his left hand, fingers wiggling and prodding through the forced clench of John’s ass cheeks until they reached his desired destination.

Even though Carson continued trying to calm and distract him, the trembling vibrations of John’s taut legs told him John was quickly reaching the point of no return.

Pulling back enough to look up and see John’s expression, he heard the high pitched whimper when Carson’s fingertip wedged in, breaching John’s already lubed entrance. Pleased by the discovery, Carson paused with a look of awe as he took in John’s crumbling control. His eyes were blazing unseeing, teeth gritted hard onto the bit, nostrils flaring—even bits of drool escaping as John desperately tried to concentrate on using all of his strength not to come.

Delighted was an understatement as Carson incoherently mumbled, “lovely,” and pushed his finger in further. Even after clearing his throat, Carson’s voice was still raspy. Turning he asked, “Rodney, luv, need you to help John … I want you to make him come. Using only your mouth, but not on his skin…not yet.” With his free hand, Carson’s thumb slid roughly over Rodney’s bottom lip. “And no hands. Can ya do that, luv?”

Large hungry blue eyes snapped back at him as Rodney’s tongue slithered around and engulfed Carson’s thumb while he nodded his consent then sucked hard on his thumb silently demonstrating what he could do.

Shakily, Carson closed his mouth and for a moment held his breath before gaining control and returned to breathing steadily through his nose. “Aye, but you cannae come.”

A low painful whine was muffled from his thumb. “Shh, luv— soon, but when I say. We’ll just take care of John first.” Carson pulled his thumb away with an audible pop. Sweeping the excess wetness across Rodney’s lips and chin before moving his palm to cup Rodney’s neck and guide him toward John.

Mere inches away, Rodney could only stare at John’s trapped hardness, licking his lips for one last taste of Carson before he moved forward singlemindedly to devour John.

Mesmerized, Rodney leaned in until his head was resting on John’s hip and pressed ahead until he buried his nose up against John’s hard cock, inhaling deeply as he did. Ignoring the guttural sounds coming from above, Rodney started enthusiastically to lick, kiss, and suck on the material that encased John’s cock.

One word, Gorgeous, stuck in his mind as Carson looked from John to Rodney. With increased urgency, Carson added another finger pressing through John’s tightness. Erratic in his moves, Carson’s fingers pistoned in and out, creating as much friction as he could while he continued to finger fuck John. Admittedly Carson didn’t have the right angle, but it didn’t seem to matter to John as his body frantically rocked between Rodney’s mouth where Rodney—even through the material—was basically inhaling the column of John’s cock, and Carson’s hand with its fingers held tightly between John’s ass cheeks.

Ignoring his own cock pressed uncomfortably tight against his zipper, Carson leaned forward to lick at the wet hairs that trailed down John’s chest. Up close, Carson couldn’t help his awe as witnessing Rodney’s single mindedness following his order, pleasuring John, was beyond his expectations. Inhaling, the musky scent of sweat and sex filled his nostrils, thankfully grounding his own overwhelming desires to take—to in turn properly take care of both John and Rodney.

Teeth roughly nipped then grazed across John’s hip before Carson leaned back looking up at John, devouring the sight before him. Eyes wild, John vigorously fucked himself on Carson’s fingers. Catching his own breath, his voice raw and scratchy, Carson demanded, “Now John…”

The guttural grunts were quickly followed by a hollow whine. Body tremors ceased only to be replaced as John clumsily tried to arch forward, his body taut as he came hard. Each spurt almost a gusher splashing up and creating a decorative display on his stomach.



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