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part 1
part 2

Utter incoherent bliss swirled throughout John’s system as he lay there panting, barely aware of his surroundings, and tried to recall how he ended up on the bed. For the life of him, he couldn’t remember.

The unmistakable dip on the bed drew his attention at the same moment he felt the soft brush of wetness against his skin. Turning his head to investigate, predictably he noticed it was Carson’s soft touch that was cleaning him. Glancing to his left, he noticed Rodney with his head bowed, kneeling.

Without visibly looking up, Carson did a quick glance through his lashes, smiling as he spoke. “See, no reason to fret, Rodney, he’s awake.” With gentle strokes, Carson methodically cleaned John’s spent cock. Though his movements were gentle, John’s immediate reaction was involuntary, moaning as he jerked slightly, automatically opening his legs further the moment Carson wiped across his over-sensitized cock head.

Carson promptly bit the inside of his cheek to keep from laughing at John’s automatic response, and only held back as he distracted himself by gauging Rodney’s reactions.

It might have been misleading to anyone else, but Carson had invested a lot of time getting to know the various nuances of Rodney McKay, and to say Rodney was concerned he’d consider that an understatement. Not that Rodney appeared overtly worried about John, but his continued silence didn’t go unnoticed. Carson had to remind himself that for Rodney, the tables were usually reversed so that he was the one that was generally in a debauched state, and suspected witnessing John passing out from the power of his orgasm was something very new to Rodney. Not that he had that much more experience, though he couldn’t help but smile as he remembered the few times it had happened.

The funny thing was they hadn’t even really started, but the intensity of everything was more than he could have ever hoped for. Momentarily stilling his movements, smiling, Carson looked up at John as he spoke. “Might want to say something before you give Rodney the wrong idea.”

Several moments passed, as John tried to decipher what Carson had just said. The sharp pain of a pinch at his hip penetrated his euphoric bliss as he finally connected what Carson wanted of him. Immediately he turned toward Rodney and understood why Carson was getting slightly concerned. Out of habit, the tip of John’s tongue peeked out, sitting there in mid lick; unable to think of anything witty, John just smiled, and said “Hi.”

At Rodney’s silence, John jostled himself to sit up, only getting as far as leaning on his elbows before saying, “Rodney, I’m fine.” John didn’t try to hide the bubble of laughter that followed. “More than fine.” Grinning happily, he waited.

It took Rodney a moment to process what John said; when he did, he returned the smile full heartedly, almost beaming with happiness.

John laughed, matching Rodney’s giddiness. Slowly, still heavy-lidded with pleasure, his eyes spanned down, taking in Rodney’s entire body only to take notice of the interesting specks splattered across Rodney’s stomach. Knowing but needing to confirm, John’s eyes trailed down toward the spent cock nestled between Rodney’s legs. Automatically his hand moved forward until he was fingering the sticky mess. “Oops…” Then he eagerly wiped up several drops, drawing them back toward his mouth to lick clean.


Dazed with relief that John was all right, it took him a moment to figure out what John was doing. His eyes swept down toward his chest and widened in shock as he realized what they were talking about—that he’d come without Carson’s permission. Though at the same time he couldn’t help but be irritated over the thought of having to wait, then come on demand—what was he, a machine, a circus dog in a tutu? “What?”

At John’s bemused smirk, Rodney remembered and couldn’t stop the jolt of pleasure as he recalled that John had done just that, come at Carson’s command. But he wasn’t John, didn’t have that kind of control, was never trained like the soldier John was. “You can’t be serious?”

John feigned innocence; only his brows gave him away as they rose in question and waited for Carson’s reaction, one he didn’t have long to wait for.

“Aye, I can.” Carson firmly answered, and then thoughtfully paused for a moment as he watched Rodney panic stricken face. “Though I guess it’s somewhat understandable since you haven’t been trained—but you’ll still have to bear the punishment.”

Swallowing through the lump forming in his throat, Rodney mumbled, “Pp..punishment?”

Carson moved closer, his hand tightening as he locked onto and gripped Rodney’s collar pulling Rodney closer before his fingers eased and gently caressed his jaw. Seriously intent blue eyes met and bore into Rodney’s alarmed ones “Aye, and your training starts now.”

Swiftly and without diverting his attention away from Rodney, Carson dropped the cloth and gripped a finger in the collar’s lead ring to direct him closer to his side of the bed. “John, you ready?”

A breathy but hearty, “Oh yeah!” was replied.

“Good, let’s get started; John if you wouldn’t mind getting the paddle?” A moment later Carson added, “And John, grab the lead.”

Panicked, Rodney wanted to turn and look, but Carson held him in place and then leaned down to distract Rodney with a passionate kiss. Hesitantly Carson pulled back, licking his lips, his thumb brushing slowly across Rodney’s swollen lips. “Now under the circumstances, I’m going to rearrange my initial plans.” To emphasize his point, Carson glanced down to Rodney’s obviously flaccid cock.

Flinching at Carson’s words, Rodney suddenly realized of how he’d screwed up again and disappointed Carson.

Carson could see the wheels turning, the frailty of Rodney’s self-confidence, his self doubt. Forcefully Carson interjected, “No love.” Then he made Rodney look at him. “Rodney, I’m a doctor, I know exactly how the human body works—not to mention a normal male our age. As much as I’d like it, the fact is we’re no longer in our teens.”

Rodney’s self doubt was clear, “But John?”

“Only came once.” John flatly announced as he came back, climbing up on the bed and scooted closer to Rodney’s side. His tone was softer as he leaned in as if he sharing a well kept secret. “Though you almost killed me back there in the shower.” Casually John added, “Besides you already know I’m good for two, maybe three once in a great while—after a healthy span of time in-between. Definitely not like when I was seventeen.”

Clearly amused at the thought of being seventeen again, Carson added, “Though a bless when we try.”

Rodney smiled at the sentiment, hunching his shoulders and accepting the truth of their words.

The gentle caresses down his cheek drew Rodney’s attention back to Carson. “But us. this— was never just about sex, or even the role playing, otherwise we never would’ve had any problems. Instead we were idiots confusing things because we have deep friendships and love to contend with. It complicated things, but now in the long run. I think it’ll also cement a lot of things.”

Automatically Rodney nodded, then paused in serious thought. His mouth was parched when he asked, “Sooooo, you’re not really going to expect me to come on command then?”

This time John chuckled.

“What?” Rodney eyed John then looked over to Carson when John just kept grinning like one of the idiots that Carson claimed they were. “But you just said…”

“I believe I said that I’m fully aware of what the human body is capable of…of what your body is capable of, but that doesn’t mean you can’t or that you’re not capable of being trained to sustain or prolong your orgasm,” Carson calmly stated, a finger delicately trailing around the areole of Rodney’s nipple.

“Meaning to come on command,” John joyfully added.

“Aye,” Carson confirmed, his nail slightly biting into Rodney’s skin.

Ignoring how Rodney’s body arched up and his look of dismay, Carson’s fingers continued to leisurely play, raking over Rodney’s body. “Today is more about me getting to know you vs. a full course in basic sub training… we can start that tomorrow.”

Grinning mischievously, he added, “But no worries, I still plan on claiming that arse of yours today.”

“Luv, please freshen the water,” Carson asked John before hooking a finger into Rodney’s collar ring, tugging hard enough to get Rodney to move and maneuvering him closer to the center of the bed.

Settling Rodney’s body where he wanted him, Carson’s fingers went back to lightly skimming up and down Rodney’s body, moving quicker in one direction before turning and racking down another. Leisurely Carson played with his body, fingers avoiding the splattered spunk.

The sudden movement and dip of the bed reminded Rodney of John’s presence as he felt John lean over presenting the bowl and a clean washcloth that Carson requested.

Casually Carson took the bowl, placing it at his side and swishing the washcloth before wringing it dry and proceeded to clean off Rodney’s stomach. He didn’t linger in his actions; instead his motions were cool and efficient to the task at hand. A moment later, with a dry towel in hand, John briskly followed Carson’s path, who dipped and rinsed the cloth once again before proceeding lower to clean Rodney’s flaccid and still overly sensitive penis.

Carson was done almost before he started only to be replaced by John, who initially used vigorous strokes to dry him off before nudging Rodney’s legs further apart. There he quickly changed tactics and used the towel to sensuously fondle him everywhere. Unable to stop himself, Rodney groaned as his body tried to respond, widening his legs to give John better access, enjoying the sensually rough touch of his lover.

A soft chuckle resounded just above him as Carson’s voice broke in. “Now Rodney, in the foreseeable future, after you have a few training sessions under your belt, I do expect more from you than just your willing cooperation and winning personality.”

John snickered and snorted at that.

Intuitively Carson continued to watch Rodney’s every response. He was aware that intellectually Rodney had to know John was only teasing him, but Rodney was still emotionally raw, his initial subconscious reaction overriding any logical response.

As he suspected, Carson felt Rodney’s body tense under his fingers. It only confirmed how fragile and overly critical Rodney was with himself that even ‘John’s snort’ was enough for Rodney to start doubting himself again. Not that he was overly worried; he just knew there wouldn’t be an instant fix, that he’d have a lingering battle with Rodney’s battered self-esteem—even if it took him a lifetime, Rodney was worth it.

With one word of his name, Carson softly reprimanded, “John,” as he continued to soothingly pet Rodney’s neck and shoulders.

Recognizing the tone, John flushed with embarrassment and returned his concentration to drying Rodney’s already dried lower half.

Patiently Carson waited and continued his massaging strokes until he felt Rodney’s muscles start to relax under his touch.

With his eyes closed, Rodney finally released the last spark of tension. Allowing the reprieve for several minutes before trying to draw his attention, Carson gently cupped Rodney’s chin, nudging him to open his eyes and to focus on what he needed to say. “Now then luv, it’s not that this should be any surprise to you. Not like we haven’t thoroughly gone over this before. Granted, that was before there was an us and primarily pertained to you and John. With your own awakening desires and discoveries about this lifestyle…” Carson fingered the collar emphasizing his point, “learning about John’s needs… but the basic principles still apply now. Remember?”

At Rodney’s slow nod, Carson smiled. “Good. Now…” Rodney’s disgruntled moan distracted him enough that Carson looked from Rodney over to John only to witness John’s singled minded adoration toward Rodney’s limp cock and sac, playfully using the towel and alternating between sensuous stokes and to bold, harsh ones. Though it was lovely to witness John’s utter devotion, at the moment Carson had different ideas. Impatiently he leaned forward and snagged the towel away from John. “Lad, give me that. That’s not exactly what I had in mind for a punishment.”

John licked his lips and nodded, twisting slightly to the right before turning back presenting a paddle within his grip.

Carson nodded his approval. “Aye, that’s more like it.”

Respectfully, like he was handing over a pair of scissors or a knife, John extended the handle of the paddle to Carson.

Carson nodded, eyes widening as he realized he was being presented with a new paddle.

Once Carson accepted and gripped the handle, John leaned forward and kissed first Carson’s wrist then the paddle’s middle before settling back on his haunches.

Between the three of them they had several paddles and implements for spankings. The paddle Carson held was new. It was wooden, hand crafted, smaller and thinner in depth than the usual thicker, harder paddles he normally used on John. At first glance, it looked no more threatening than a ping-pong paddle. Similar in size, its round flat wooden head was slightly smaller in diameter than an average ping-pong paddle. The handle was longer, slightly thicker, with carved designs that decorated the entire handle. The grooves were heavily indented with the design, making it more comfortable and easier for Carson to grip as he turned it within his grasp, inspecting each design. The designs didn’t stop on the handle but covered the face of the paddle. Tracing a finger over the paddle’s flat surface, Carson discovered the depth of the design there was more an illusion. Each line of the design there was no more than a shaved etching. Amazed with the intricate detail, Carson raised a brow, waiting for an explanation on the unexpected but exquisite gift he held.

Shrugging his shoulders, John only smiled, pleased by Carson’s obvious pleasure.

With his head tilted, already reexamining the paddle, Carson nodded to accept the gift. Gripping the handle tighter and feeling the balance, Carson swished it in mid air, more than satisfied as he flicked his wrist, turning the handle within his grasp, unable to find an uncomfortable grip.

There was no doubt this paddle was special; likely it was hand crafted specifically for his hand; considerably light to maneuver, but highly effective. It would cover a nice area of Rodney’s ass, turning any white flesh a lovely even shade of pink. With that thought, Carson’s wrist flicked and tested the impact against his thigh—once, twice, immediately feeling the heat prickle under his pants. Satisfied, he smiled, continuing to assess their newest toy.

Swallowing, Rodney’s eyes widened judiciously, following Carson’s hand as he expertly maneuvered the instrument of his punishment. Dry mouthed, he questioned, “That’s new?”

Slightly overwhelmed by John’s gift, Carson nodded. “Tis beautiful.” Straightening up on his knees as his upper body extended over Rodney’s, an arm reached up behind John’s neck, tugging him closer as Carson pulled him in for a lingering kiss. Only once he was out of breath did Carson pull away, softly adding, “Thank you, luv.”

Huffing to catch his own breath, John silently nodded; his tongue hovered then purposely licked his bottom lip savoring Carson’s taste.

Grinning Carson added, “I’m thinking it’ll be more beautiful in action. I’m also thinking Rodney’s had a long enough reprieve. John, please hand me the lead.”

Deftly Carson clipped the lead end of the leash to Rodney’s collar then nudged Rodney to get him to roll himself over. “There you go.” Carson started stroking and guiding Rodney’s body as he turned over. “Up on your knees now.” Encouragingly Carson continued petting Rodney’s flank. “You’re a pure beauty.” John’s hands joined Carson’s, and together they explored Rodney’s body; hands soothingly petting down his back to the curve of his ass, where fingers lingered then swept back up.

Each caress was hypnotizing, sensuously heady and sharp, and that had Rodney anxiously craving for more.

A light tug on the lead jarred Rodney out of his bliss, but had Rodney obeying without hesitation as he looked up.

“That’s a good boy.” Carson’s fingers threaded through his hair down to the collar, caressing and tugging on the smooth leather before trailing down the lead, making sure it was comfortably secure. Suddenly John was there, removing pillows only to expose a knob that was hidden behind them.

“Rodney, scoot down a bit further.” Unsure of what Carson was really requesting, Rodney started to lower his torso.

Another tug stopped him. “No lad, crawl back a bit.”

Slightly irritated by the misdirection, unthinkingly Rodney bitterly spouted off as he moved, “You could have just said that in the first place.”

Rodney froze in mid crawl as he realized what he just said, to whom and where. The only response he got was Carson’s hearty laugh as he choked out, “Glad to have you back, Rodney.” Giddy, Carson encouragingly petted his side to ease Rodney’s slight apprehension then leaned forward. Using the lead, he tilted Rodney’s head toward him to thoroughly kiss him. Pulling back, splattering light kisses over Rodney’s face in-between each word, “If I wanted silence, I’d have Ronon here not you—You just be you, Rodney, I’ll take care of the rest.” Unsure blinking blue eyes met the steady seriousness of Carson’s baby blues. Comforted by what he saw there, a lopsided smile suddenly graced Rodney’s face as he nodded.

In answer, fingers softly rained over Rodney’s face before Carson pulled back. Refocused on his task, Carson held out the lead, measuring out the length from collar to wall. “Now if you could crawl back just a wee bit more.” Another set of hands, John’s, were suddenly there steadily resting on his back.

“Ah there, now you can lower your torso and stretch back a wee bit. Show John your arse.”

Snickering Rodney complied and purposely wigged his ass in the direction where he assumed John had a clear view.

Laughing at Rodney’s antics, Carson teasingly added, “No need to be shy, luv.”

Rodney sarcastically commented while wiggling and jiggling his ass once again, “Witty, Carson, witty.”

Distracted, Carson almost ignored it as he started to secure the lead; instead he said, “John, give him one resounding slap for me.”

John didn’t hesitate as his hand connected with Rodney’s bare ass. The loud smack was quickly followed by Rodney’s echoing “Ow… But you just said I could be my lovable retortable self— warts and all.”

Carson turned, smiling, though his eyes stayed focused on the lead as his fingers trailed along the leash from the wall where it was tethered back toward Rodney’s collar. Finally Carson was satisfied that it was taut enough without compromising Rodney’s health in any way. “Aye and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” His fingers playfully caressed around the collars edge then moved to trail over Rodney’s body, down to the clear imprint of John’s hand on Rodney’s ass, brushing John’s hand away. “Doesn’t mean that at times you won’t have to face consequences. Consequences that can garner you one colorful arse—And tis a lovely arse.” Carson palmed Rodney’s marked cheek, feeling the warmth radiating from the handprint. His focus was on the mark, pressing into the skin before off handedly asking, “Are you going to try and tell me you have a problem with that?”

Flustered that Carson’s hand was on Rodney’s ass—his naked ass –made way for a flood of images of Carson’s hand raining down on John’s ass, that suddenly intermingled with numerous fantasies he’d had over the last four months since he had accidentally walked on them. But right now, Carson was squeezing his flesh, reminding him this wasn’t one of his fantasies… this was real.

A sudden firm slap to his already warm cheek jarred Rodney out of his thoughts at the same time Carson spoke. “Stay with me Rodney—Now you were going to tell me if you had a problem with this?”

The silence stretched a moment too long; another firm slap quickly followed.

“Ow!” Rodney swallowed. “I. No, no problem… I…”

Carson continued to stroke and rub his palm over Rodney’s heated flesh. “You what, Rodney? Talk to me.”

Rodney sputtered incoherently, lowering his head in futile attempt to hide the blush he knew had to be sweeping over his face.


It wasn’t just his name but a stern order, a warning. Ignoring his accelerated heartbeat, Rodney swallowed and allowed the words to rush forward. “Ilikeitokay!”

Softly Carson asked, “What was that, luv?” With one hand he slowed and gentled his strokes, encouraging Rodney with each petted caress. Carson’s other hand moved over Rodney’s back, up past his neck until his hand was threading through Rodney’s hair. Resuming his own exploration, John lazily continued to pet Rodney’s flank down toward his thighs.

The effects were dizzying: hands were everywhere, touching, caressing. Then suddenly Carson’s hand palmed Rodney’s jaw, forcing him to look up. Unable and unwilling to hold anything back, Rodney pleaded, “Please?”

Fingers fondled the skin above Rodney’s collar, ultimately reminding Rodney of where and whom he willingly belonged to now. Carson leaned forward, his movements never swaying and quietly whispered above Rodney’s ear, “Please, what?”

Like water breaking from a dam, Rodney’s emotions gushed forward. “I like it, more than like, okay? I do. It’s…oh god, Carson, your hand, it feels so good…. All of this…” Lost for words, overwhelmed once again by the full extent of everything, Rodney tried to convey more of what he was feeling by demonstration— nuzzling his head into Carson’s hand. Kissing each of Carson’s fingers, muttering and begging for Carson to continue, “Please, pleaseplease…”

“Aww luv.” Carson tugged on the collar, until he was looking into Rodney’s blue orbs. His thumb brushed over Rodney’s lips, that silencing him by pushing his thumb inside Rodney’s mouth. Immediately Rodney took the cue and started to suck on Carson’s thumb, swirling his tongue around the length, then sucking deeply.

Smiling encouragingly, with his free hand Carson resumed his petting. “Aye. No worries, tonight you’ll receive your punishment, but that’s not the main focus of tonight—it’s also about pleasure: yours, John’s and mine.” Carson’s voice betrayed his feelings; each word was spoken huskier, his Scottish inflection heavier. “And I wanna give you pleasure. Have your arse glowing red for me, every stroke radiating heat before I take you.”

Rodney paused in his sucking, looking up; his mouth gaped open, that allowing a low pitched moan to escape. Unable to think, Rodney only nodded his consent, lips tightening around Carson’s thumb, now sucking with more purpose.
With a halted breath, Carson stated, “Aye, very talented.” Swallowing, he continued, “but I need my hand back. I cannae wait much longer.” Slowly Carson retracted his thumb, wiping the excess wetness over Rodney’s lips and down his chin then pulling him into a deep possessive kiss.

Reluctantly Carson pulled away, then changed his mind. He lowered his head and licked a broad path from Rodney’s swollen lips down to his chin, nibbling small bites in between. He worked his way along Rodney's jaw back up to his ear and whispered, “You make me greedy to take you right now, but I need ta warm your arse first. Ye gonna be a good boy for me?” He captured Rodney’s lobe between his lips and started sucking slightly.

A nod that was jerky at best followed by a jagged moan was Rodney’s only answer. “That's it. Though I wanna hear your words, Rodney.”

Rodney managed to clear his throat enough to speak. Desperate and slightly irritated he barked, “Yes, yes, please Carson, just get on with it!” He yelped as a loud smack quickly resonated against his ass.
Through lowered lashes, he realized that Carson's hands were busy elsewhere and that his punishment had to have come from John.

The familiar command voice confirmed it. “Be nice, Rodney.”

Rodney felt John’s fingers linger soothingly over the heated mark he had created. Then his brain began stumbling over the order he'd been given, ‘Be nice, Rodney? He wants me to be nice? How the hell can I do that when they keep touching me, teasing me—when I just want Carson to…

Rodney’s internal tirade was evident on his face and Carson interrupted it by lightly stroking his forehead. “Shhhh, don’t think so much.” Eventually Rodney stilled, then relaxed into Carson’s touch, enjoying the closeness, obediently waiting for more.

Abruptly, the bed shifted as Carson moved off. Rodney followed Carson’s movement; a moment later Rodney was treated to the sight of Carson removing his own shirt and tossing it on the floor. He suddenly realized that he had never seen Carson naked, or even half naked. Even when he had accidentally walked in on John and Carson six months ago, it was only John who had been naked. Since then, Rodney had often fantasized about what Carson looked like underneath his usual layer of clothes, and now he was getting his chance to find out just how wrong, and right, he was. Slowly, hungrily, Rodney’s eyes took in every detail of Carson’s naked flesh.

As his eyes roamed Carson’s sculptured chest, he noticed that of the three of them, Carson had the least body hair, just a few sprinklings of dark hair around his nipples with a short trail below his navel that led downward. Rodney's attempt to follow its path was suddenly obstructed by Carson’s fingers. Fingers that were busy unzipping and pushing material down to reveal Carson’s sex. The fact that Carson had been going commando barely registered as he took in the beauty that was Carson.

Rodney barely registered that Carson had moved closer, nor had he really heard the doctor when he groaned out, “Fuck,” at the sight of Rodney laid out before him. Instead, he was acutely aware when Carson’s hand wrapped around the base of the cock he wanted so badly. Unconsciously, Rodney licked his lips and focused solely on the drops of shiny moisture gathered at the head.

Carson’s breath was ragged when he next spoke, “Beautiful.”

Only in his peripheral vision did he notice Carson’s fingers clench harder then pull upward as one swept over the head, gathering those precious drops before he let go of himself entirely. Eagerly Rodney opened his mouth, hoping, waiting, and anticipating as that same finger approached.

Sloppily, Carson traced his finger over Rodney’s lips and the surrounding skin before he allowed Rodney a brief taste, then pulled it back with an audible slurpy pop.

Suddenly Carson was gone, Rodney couldn't see where, and behind him the bed dipped. Hands, John's or Carson’s, he couldn't tell, but as they caressed and rubbed his ass, his anticipation began to peak. A finger, then fingers, traced down through his ass crease, wedging ever closer to his opening, and his body responded to the silent command, relaxing as he stretched out, allowing even more access. Another hand encouragingly rubbed the small of his back, then suddenly, two hands firmly grasped each ass cheek to further pry him open, to put him on display. A fingernail raked over the opening. Rodney began to shake, quivering in want, open and ready, waiting to be taken. Fingers continued to prod, and a few words in Carson’s gentle lilt encouraged him. Rodney exhaled, then carefully stretched, further opening his body, consciously submitting to the intimate touch.


Briefly Carson closed his eyes, silently cursing his body to still. The quaking body beneath his fingers left him giddy and aroused and feeling slightly out of control. He had desired and wanted Rodney as his own for so long, he had started to believe it would never happen. That it would forever be an unfulfilled fantasy that even having John sharing his bed wouldn't change.

When he'd regained control, at least for the moment, Carson opened his eyes. He saw his John, still at Rodney’s side, his strong hands still holding Rodney open, even as his own body quivered. His erect cock was standing proud, and, Carson realized, mere inches from grinding into Rodney’s hips. But John knew better, was trained long before Carson came into the picture just as Carson had trained other soldiers before.

As if he felt Carson’s gaze, John looked up expectantly. Eyes glittering, and heady with lust, Carson nodded, then gathered his thoughts, knowing he had to get things started before they were prematurely over. Automatically, his nail retraced over Rodney’s hole and his thumb followed, almost accidentally pushing through the tight opening. Rodney bucked back, desperate for the contact. Carson allowed it and pushed in further, wiggling his thumb, pumping, riding Rodney’s ass. His other hand caressed lower down, fondling Rodney’s sac toward his still limp cock. Carson touched and fondled the sensitive organ, startling Rodney out of his silence and generating a stream of curse words as he crossed over into the realm of pleasurable pain.

Undeterred, Carson pulled his hand away and slapped Rodney’s flank to still him. His thumb still imbedded, Carson leaned down and John scooted back out of his way. His breath was hot and heavy over Rodney’s upturned up ass as he slowly removed his thumb with a loving stroke. Rodney’s whimpers at its loss were short lived as Carson quickly replaced it with his tongue. At first it was only a long wet stroke over the puckered hole. Shudders of pleasure rocked Rodney’s body, followed closely by incoherent mumbling babble.

Pleased, Carson glanced up to see John’s hands caressing the small of Rodney’s back, that encouraging Rodney to hold the stretched posture.

Carson’s hands replaced John’s in prying Rodney open as he leaned down again, angling for a better position as his tongue raked over then plunged into Rodney’s wrinkled opening.

Rodney jerked, and for his reaction, Carson spanked his thigh in warning, but seconds later, almost contradictorily, wiggled his tongue in further. Delving as deep as he could, Carson rocked forward, squishing his cheeks into Rodney’s, hands guiding and tilting Rodney’s hips. Carson curled and started to piston his tongue in and out, picking up a taste of Rodney’s essence, and was that cherry?

With one last swipe, Carson kissed the wrinkled skin and pulled away, teeth raking the flesh as he did. Slapping Rodney’s flank, Carson straightened up, smirking as he watched the goosebumped flesh quiver. He turned, as a guttural moan demanded his attention, and stared into John’s dilated eyes. Licking his lips, his brow raised in question, Carson softly inquired, “Cherry lube, John?”

Unable to form enough words to answer, John shrugged, a small smirk on his own lips as he licked them, silently begging as he stared intently at Carson’s swollen lips.

Leaning forward, Carson grabbed John’s collar, pulling him closer, and sloppily kissed him. John greedily latched onto Carson’s tongue, sucking, tasting, trying to find his own bit of Rodney’s flavor amongst the cherry.


A series of slaps against flesh reverberated within the room, but this time Rodney could only hear them. His excitement spiked as he realized it had to be Carson raining blows to John’s ass. Tethered and powerless to twist around to see, Rodney wiggled as much as he could to try and gain their attention. A sudden sharp slap against his own ass was the resounding reply. Frustrated, Rodney huffed and bemoaned his discontent.

“Aye, just a moment, Rodney. Wait your turn.” Carson's voice was comforting even when it was stern.

Still unable to see what was happening, Rodney's imagination filled visuals for in the slurping sounds that he knew had to be coming from John. The harsh breathlessness of both men filled the room for what seemed to him like hours, but eventually, it was Carson who spoke again.

“Go and get me your plug,” he heard Carson say matter-of-factly, and he felt the bed shift again as presumably John obeyed. A lone whimper escaped as Rodney replayed those words in his head and thought of his other lover with that particular toy. A low chuckle interrupted his thoughts.

“I think Rodney’s looking forward to seeing this side of you, John.”

Rodney felt Carson’s hand trail up over his back to his head, then affectionately pet him. But as quickly as it had come, it was gone, and he realized that John must have returned. He heard Carson ask, “ And did you prep yourself as well as ye did Rodney?”

The "Yes" Rodney expected came quickly, though he was startled to hear the heady, scratchy tremor in John’s voice.

“Well done. Now assume position, please."

Polite or not, the order was clear and Rodney swallowed hard as he imagined John presenting himself to Carson. Silence descended and Rodney strained to hear beyond the bed dipping and shifting as Carson moved. There was a sharp inhale mingled with breathy moans, rapidly followed by the sound of a jarring, hard slap.

“Good now.” Carson paused as John first grunted, then whimpered, leaving Rodney to speculate exactly what Carson was doing. “I expect you to continue showing Rodney exactly how well trained you are…” John whimpered again and Rodney strained to hear as Carson’s voice lowered. “That’s my boy. Now go show Rodney your plug.”

Another slap followed but already Rodney could tell it was only a playful tap. A moment later John entered his peripheral vision. Without conscious thought Rodney turned his head and began to lift his torso, but immediately stilled, closing his eyes and cursing as he belatedly realized he didn’t have permission to move.

A hand swept down his spine, caressing between his shoulder blades. “Shhh, you’re fine. Up you go then. I want you to see John—my John.”

Rodney swallowed convulsively at Carson's proclamation, and twinge of jealousy sparked—though he wasn’t sure if it was for John, or John’s place with Carson.

As if he was reading Rodney’s mind, Carson immediately reassured him, “My John, just as you’re my Rodney now.”

Rodney happily bowed his head, submitting to the truth of Carson’s words. Carson slid a hand under his chin and pulled it back up.

“Aye, mine. Now look, Rodney, look at John.”

Rodney obeyed and saw John standing to his right, waiting at ease, standing tall, hands clasped behind his back. His eyes swept over the familiar body, settling on the hazel eyes, and what he found startled him. Carson was right. This wasn’t the John he knew, this was someone he had never seen, but fully recognized. The pleasure, want, and need swimming within their depths were exactly what he was feeling. The self-confidence, maybe not so much, but it was clear from the lack of modesty in his submissiveness that John was proud to allow Rodney to see this other half of himself, the one that Carson dominated with, one word a glance, and a firm hand.

“Turn around…slowly. Allow Rodney his fill of you. Then I want you to grab a few extra pillows---I’m thinking Rodney’s going to need the support once I get started.”

Rodney blinked as he tried to process what Carson had just said, but it was difficult to focus as John slowly turned to show off the plug imbedded deep within his ass. Rodney couldn’t really tell its size, but he gathered from the way John moved carefully that it wasn’t just a symbolic decorative piece. But what had Rodney almost hyperventilating were the fine decorative strips of leather dangling from the center of the plug, like a horsetail.

Rodney gasped and knew his eyes had to be as wide as saucers. He couldn’t stop staring at John, whether it was at the base the plug pressed hard between his ass cheeks, the whipped tail sticking out of his ass and falling gracefully down, or the shower of red handprints all around it. He hadn’t even realized he had moved until Carson firmly grabbed his collar and pulled him back.

“No, lad. No touching…yet.”

Apparently he had whined or made some other embarrassingly incoherent noise, and he saw John turn around, but right then Carson began petting him and cooing to him and his body and brain melted into Carson’s touch.

“Do you know John was fretting you might object?” Carson whispered into his ear.

“What?” Rodney managed to whisper back. He looked up to John, trying to convey his thoughts even jumbled as they were. Yes, he was shocked, but pleasantly so. Seeing John like this…was hot, so hot that Rodney couldn’t think straight.

Somehow, Carson knew exactly what he was feeling because he leaned forward and kissed his shoulder as he whispered, “Aye, I agree.”

John must have figured out what they left unsaid because he just smiled before moving to pick up the pillows Carson had requested earlier. Rodney grinned back, thoroughly enjoying the swish and sway of the tail as John moved carefully about, gathering the ones that had ended up on the floor. A minute later he was jerked back to Carson’s presence as he felt Carson’s hand trailing over his stomach down to his cock.

He wasn’t hard, not exactly, but his body was trying to follow suit to where his mind was already. How could he not be turned on? John was so beautiful and submissive, and the plug and tail were Rodney’s undoing. Then to top it off, he had Carson here holding him, touching him, and at some point before the night was over, spanking his ass before fucking him—and he wanted it, all of it. If his body would comply he would have had several orgasms already. Or not. He smiled to himself as he remembered that now it was Carson’s right when he did or did not come and he was more than fine with that.

Carson’s celebratory chuckle had John turning back, curious. Carson just grinned devilishly, “Oh Rodney… I’m impressed... John, come here.”

As quickly as the plug allowed, John dumped the pillows on the bed and gingerly knelt on the bed, then crawled over to the couple. Carson took him by the hand and guided him down to Rodney’s cock. Feeling for himself the evidence of Rodney’s slowly reawakening cock, John whistled. “Damn Rodney.”

Rodney wanted to say something—to be smug, spout about his superior genes, anything, but they were right there, touching him and he needed, wanted so much. Instead he just trembled, waiting for more of their roving caresses.
Suddenly they both moved away, and he whimpered at the loss.

“Shhhh luv.” Carson’s hand was back though this time it was barely caressing the curve of his ass. “John, the pillows.” Rodney didn’t realize he had closed his eyes until he had to open them to see John kneeling at his side arranging and stuffing pillows under his chest.

Suddenly, the soft caress of Carson’s hand was gone again, this time replaced by the smoother, cooler surface of wood—the paddle John had presented Carson earlier.

Rodney’s need spiraled. “Please!”

“Shhhh, yes luv.” The paddle circled Rodney’s ass, rubbing softly, then the paddle lifted with Carson’s wrist and smacked first one ass cheek then the other.

Immediately Rodney responded, yelping in pain. He didn’t even try to restrain his boisterous cries as Carson didn’t waver and repeatedly spanked over the same two spots. There was no deviation, nor hesitation, just smack after smack raining down, one after another. What had begun as a low heat simmered to a burn that was quickly turning to a boil.


Alert to some inner voice, Carson stopped, dropping the paddle to his side. His hand hovered over the heated flesh, judging his handiwork. Gently, he used fingertips to touch the searing heat. Instantly, Rodney cried out, rocking away from Carson’s touch. Firmly but gently, Carson moved with Rodney, soothingly caressing the heated flesh, fingers tracing down between Rodney’s ass cheeks. His thumb dug down, teasing Rodney’s opening until it was breached, wiggling and pushing, easing it further inside. Instantly changing his mind, Rodney shoved back, moaning as the unexpected pleasure ricocheted throughout his body.

Delighted by Rodney’s reaction, Carson imbedded his thumb as far as it would go and pushed forward against Rodney’s thrust back. His other hand danced over Rodney’s fiery flesh. “Aye, your punishment is over…. now on to the pleasure.”

“John, help him relax, just don’t come; and Rodney, you may only use your mouth—no hands.”

Rodney felt Carson fumbling with something behind him while at the same time John was suddenly in front of him, holding his head, raining kisses all over his face, murmuring incoherently. ‘Damn... so beautiful... god.’

Before long, John was shoving his tongue down Rodney’s throat in a feral kiss. John was so good at demanding his attention that he didn’t even realize that Carson had removed his thumb until it was replaced by something else. Something slick and hard entered him, then stilled. It was the wrong size to be Carson's cock, too small though larger than a single finger or two. It didn't register right away, but as Carson pushed it in further Rodney figured out that was one of their toys, a small dildo or perhaps a slim plug. New or old, Rodney didn’t know, but simply accepted its intrusion as Carson used it to slowly fuck his ass.

Still tethered, with John now directly in front of him and Carson behind him thoroughly working his ass, Rodney had very little room to maneuver, but what little room he did have, he managed to make work, rocking hard between his two lovers, attempting to find a good rhythm as his sphincter muscles gripped tight on the toy. When a spasm of pleasure caused him to release his grip, Rodney snapped his hips and pushed back in order to fuck himself harder on the toy in the space he was given.


“Oh Rodney…” Carson was losing his own words from the lovely sight before him as Rodney’s ass clenched again around the silicone dildo and the scientist fucked himself harder as Carson only held the slender toy in place. The palm of Carson's other hand lightly rubbed the heated blush on Rodney's ass, then started to spank the outer skirts, determined to heat up the entire area.

This time the crack of each slap was random and even reached further down to Rodney’s upper thighs. With each slap, Carson proceeded lower, caressing the skin after each heated mark, eventually turning his attention to Rodney’s dangling sacs. Though still not fully erect, the fact that Rodney’s cock twitched and struggled to get there had Carson positively giddy.

His own cock was achingly hard and he was more than grateful to have had the foresight to actually use the cock ring John had brought when he had gathered all the other toys, and at the moment the snug fitting thin rubber tube was the only thing keeping him from coming. Though even with that assistance, Carson knew his patience was at an end; he had to have Rodney now.

With recharged purpose, Carson used both hands to cover Rodney’s ass in a brilliant red. The tempo and urgency of each slap encouraged Rodney’s jerky movements as he struggled to keep the dildo in place.

Once Carson achieved a satisfactory heat, he stopped. His hands fit and held Rodney’s hips, forcibly stilling him. His own breath hitched, his eyes admiring the varying shades of red he'd created on the firm cheeks. It was too tempting, and Carson gave into the urge, both hands covering the heated flesh; each caress molding and squeezing Rodney’s skin. The increased moaning was his feedback - each touch was only adding to the euphoria of Rodney’s pleasurable pain.

Deftly, Carson twisted one hand around, feeling the bed behind him for the lube. Biting his lip, Carson tried to ignore the painful throb of his cock as he uncapped and quickly coated it. Suddenly impatient, in one swift move Carson removed the dildo, then in his excitement nearly yelled for John’s attention. “John… John….”

It took several seconds for John to realize Carson was calling his name. With one last swipe of Rodney’s lips, he pulled away. A guttural moan filled the air as Rodney was suddenly left untouched by both men.

“Shhh, gonna make you mine now luv,…” Carson comforted. He took in the sight of John, whose lips were slick and wet and swollen, eyes darkened with lust after his attentions to Rodney, and Carson's cock pushed against its restraint.

In awe, John nodded and pointedly stared, watching as Carson’s hips inched forward. Though he couldn’t see it clearly, John could tell as Carson’s cock slowly prodded and breached its way into Rodney. A sharp inhale from Carson and his own gasp simultaneously matched in chorus with Rodney’s loud whimper. Carson suddenly stilled and waited, with only the head of his cock stretching Rodney open.

Enthralled, John licked his lips, then bit down hard, swallowing as he reflexively tightened his sphincter muscles around the dildo. His hips jerked spastically, propelled forward then quickly pulled back just out of Rodney’s reach. With a ragged breath, John tried to calm himself, his hand reaching out and palming Rodney’s jaw. “Relax, Rodney, open up for him. Remember, Carson’s right…”

Rodney nodded furiously. His only audible reply was a raspy, “Yes,” but he silently mouthed the words, Carson’s right…” as he concentrated to comply.

Carson made his own breathless reply, “Oh luv…” as he pushed forward, gliding his way into Rodney, then freezing.


Seconds passed as each seemed to hold their breath, but it was Rodney who finally spoke, a burst of babble followed, throaty noises mixed with words, most of it incoherent gibberish with the exception of, “FUCK!….. damn it…Carson, move, please, fuck me!

Rodney wasn’t sure who he heard laugh, but he was sure he didn’t care. All he did care about was Carson moving and to encourage, it he bore down on Carson’s cock and pushed himself back as hard as he could. He barely registered the resounding smack against his skin that followed Carson’s loud shout of, “Fuck!” The slap encouraged rather than discouraged him and again and again he snapped his hips back, now eagerly awaiting the next blow.

Carson set a slow counter rhythm, continuing to heat Rodney’s flesh with smacks alternating with Rodney's impaling thrusts.


Kneeling, thighs taut and spread wide in front, the leather fringe in back swiping across his feet with each quivering movement, John quietly followed the pace Carson set. Almost of its own accord, his cock was jerking in minute thrusts, just in front of Rodney’s open mouth, while John silently pleaded for Carson to allow Rodney to suck him off. He looked away for a moment, a meager attempt to ease the ache that the scene before him was inciting, but the sounds drew him back - the pounding of Carson’s hand over Rodney's burnt bottom, the slap of skin against skin when while Rodney pushed back on Carson’s cock, the grunts of effort and pleasure from them both as their rhythm increased and each was set off by the other.

Envious of the attention that Rodney's ass was receiving, John hungrily licked his dry lips and did his best to copy Carson's amazing example, holding off no matter what was happening in front of him. Nostrils flaring with the effort, John roughly clamped his teeth onto the inside of his cheek until he tasted blood, swallowing the whimper that threatened to escape. He wouldn't, wouldn't pathetically beg Carson for what he wanted. He would await Carson's orders.

Overexcited, Rodney’s desire shuddered through him. His eyes closed, then opened only to narrow as he took in the sight before him, of John’s leaking cock tantalizingly just out of his reach. Now frantic, Rodney almost couldn't think of how to get John's attention. “John….”

John looked down to see Rodney staring up at him, eyes wild, pupils blown wide and laden with lust. A shine of sweat covered his body, beads of it gathering at his hairline and creeping down his neck. John’s hands openly clenched at his side, forcibly holding himself still and out of Rodney’s reach. Too desperate in his own want, John shuddered and closed his eyes, willing Carson to give the order before he fell apart at the seams.

As if hearing his plea, Carson called out, “John… it’s okay, luv, give Rodney a taste…”

Whether it was Rodney or himself that groaned with such animalistic want, John didn’t know, and didn’t care as he clumsy inched himself closer toward Rodney’s already open mouth. As soon as he was within reach, Rodney didn’t hesitate, but swept his tongue over the glistening tip.

Carson nearly lost his breath. “Fuck his mouth, John, I have to see...” he trailed off, momentarily fading off into his own pleasure zone.

Rodney was just as good at following orders as he was at everything else he did. Before John knew what was happening, Rodney had quickly opened his throat and practically swallowed him down.

The screech that followed had Rodney mentally grinning. John’s hands gripped his head, weakly pushing him away, chanting, “Not yet, not yet!"

Slowly, with strong, firm strokes of his tongue, Rodney eased up and off, allowing John to calm for a second. He knew John was close; they both were, and for him it was a bit of a shock. A pleasant shock, though, and if he weren’t so fucking needy, he’d bask in the glow of just being able to get it up again. Though at the moment, it didn’t matter. Nothing did as he felt the tips of Carson’s fingers digging into his hip, silently demanding and instructing that he stop moving. The next moment he felt Carson pull out. He started to protest at the abrupt emptiness, but just then, Carson rapidly and roughly slammed back in, filling Rodney to the hilt.

Rodney wanted to scream, to plead again, but didn’t have the chance as the head of John’s cock swiped across his lips, his intent quite clear as he nudged forward into Rodney’s open mouth. Both John’s hands threaded through his soaked hair, this time directing the depth he’d allow Rodney to take him.

The ecstasy started to ride into whiteout bliss at the feeling of being filled, fucked, and loved at both ends.

Rodney continued working his magic on John, feeling every tremor, wrapping his tongue over each vein then sucking hard and down until John pulled him back, still attempting some measure of control. Suddenly, John leaned forward, guiding Rodney further back by the shoulders in order to reach Carson, who in turn had stilled, holding Rodney by the hips, both men still imbedded deeply in him.

It took Rodney a few moments to hear to hear the sounds of John and Carson kissing above him. He found himself unable to voice his protest—he wanted to see, to watch them. Everything that had happened before was too brief and the thought of John under Carson’s control brought shivers of pleasure down Rodney's spine. A hand, Carson’s, leisurely caressed his spine. Rodney tried to demand more, for the both of them to continue fucking him. The sound he achieved around John’s cock wasn’t something he couldn’t even put a name to, but he got their attention, as Carson laughed, then agreed. “Aye, luv. Don't think we've forgotten you.”

Then things speeded up. John pulled out of his mouth completely, physically pulling Rodney forward back into his original position just as Carson pulled nearly all the way out then slammed back, over and over, leaving Rodney no room to think.

John was still right there, his hard cock waving and smearing pre-come along his cheek. Rodney turned, his tongue lapping over and down John’s shaft, his mouth open, desperate to swallow and suck John down. Suddenly it was out of reach, and Rodney saw John’s fingers grabbing the base of his cock, squeezing tightly in order not too come. Rodney tried to lean forward once again to take John; a hard slap on his flank corrected him. “No Rodney, watch.” Carson gentled his thrusts, but kept up the rhythm. He wanted Rodney's attention on John now.

“You’re mine now, Rodney, like John… show him, John, fuck yourself for me. Show Rodney how you’re mine.”

Open-mouthed, Rodney ogled in wonder as John reached around to grab the base of the dildo with one hand while the other stayed clenched tight around the base of his cock. His body flexed and loosened before leaning forward. Hunched over his knees, his stomach quivered slightly, the stretch in John thighs increasing, muscle bunching tensing. Breathing heavily, John’s hand gripped the dildo and pulled it partway out.

If he hadn't seen it with his own eyes he wouldn’t have believed it. Rodney gulped as John manipulated the largest dildo he’d even seen in real life. The tail fringe danced a jig; hips moved, pushing in and out, creating a rhythm as John held the toy and worked it in and out and around. Rodney’s heart began to race a mile a minute, his breath heaving in excitement as he watched John literally fuck himself.

“That’s my boy, John, don’t hesitate,” Carson encouraged.

‘Hesitate,’ as if he could -- Rodney would have chuckled at that -- that just didn’t make sense in the context, and it wasn’t like he wanted to stop the show to have Carson explain. He got his explanation shortly, when John suddenly sped up his activities. One hand enthusiastically worked his cock, the other vigorously pistoned the dildo in and out quickly as his hips snapped up then slammed down. John’s flexibility alone astounded him, and Rodney could only think that John had to be Teyla’s star pupil in the gym.

In awe, Rodney just stared. Within minutes John’s body glistened, covered in a heavy sheen of sweat, soaking John’s soft and plentiful chest hair. Each generous hip roll and gyration John made was followed with disproportionate sounds. Indescribable throaty sounds came from his own throat, matching in volume even if they were not harmonious. If Carson was adding to their chorus, the two of them were surely drowning him out.

Moving his eyes down John’s body, Rodney couldn’t help but pull and stretch forward even as Carson held him back, in hopes of taking John’s leaking cock into his mouth.

Carson suddenly whispered in his ear, “Ready, Rodney?” Then louder, to John,
“Now lad, come for me.”

Rodney didn’t even have time to register what Carson meant until he felt and tasted the first spurt of John’s come. Greedily, he opened his mouth, catching what he could as John squeezed spurt after spurt from his body, leaving Rodney to only receive half. He felt the heated head of John’s cock nudge his lips, and immediately opened wide, swallowing the rest of John’s spunk down his throat. Pressing forward, he felt John’s still rigid cock pushing at the back of his throat, ‘til his nose went flush against John's body. Realizing that John’s softening cock had to be on the edge of painful over-stimulation, Rodney tried to relax his throat and steadily breathed into John's pubic hair.

With each deep relaxed breath, Rodney became more aware of sounds outside his own erratic heartbeat and harsh breathing. Again he heard the slurping sounds of kissing between what he guessed had to be John’s stifled whimpers. A moment later John pulled away his cock making a wet slow popping noise as he hastily exited Rodney’s mouth.

Carson’s voice was so ragged as to be nearly unrecognizable. “Need you now, Rodney!”

The rapid and hard pace Carson set said more than any words of instruction could, as he repeatedly slammed harder and deeper into Rodney’s body. Suddenly Carson was verbalizing - mostly indistinguishable mutterings, a few in Gaelic with even fewer in English… but those Rodney cherished the most: ‘Mine, luv.’

Shaking in need, barely aware of anything other than his need to come, Carson skillfully released the cock ring, his body moving on autopilot as he began to fuck Rodney through the mattress, heedless of anything less else. Fingers gripped Rodney’s hips tighter, bruising, cruelly holding him in place as he pistoned in and out, nearly screaming, “Mine!” as he came, Rodney squeezing him tighter as he spurted his release.

Breathless at first, Carson eventually came to his senses. Deftly, he unleashed the lead from Rodney’s collar and pulled him up so he was flush with Carson’s body. Arms wrapped around as he started to kiss and nuzzle Rodney’s neck above the collar, he whispered. “So good, luv … so pleased.”

Rodney felt hands travel his body, up and down his torso, hands that were quickly accompanied by John’s who had also joined Carson in kissing and nuzzling his neck.

A moment later, a hand gripped Rodney's cock, squeezing pleasure into the hard flesh. Carson’s tongue licked and trailed over the outer shell of his ear, his breath just above a whisper. “And this…” There was another firm squeeze of Carson's hand. “ ’M extremely impressed, luv. And you waited… for my permission? Wanna come on my command?”

Rodney shuddered and bit back a laugh as Carson’s hand started to slowly pump his cock, but it didn’t go unnoticed. “What, luv?”

Unable to stop himself, Rodney giggled, and corrected Carson. “…Would have already if …” Rodney didn’t finish as he continued laughing at the absurdity of him coming on command. Euphorically on edge, Rodney found it almost comical that Carson would assume he was waiting for permission, rather than more direct stimulation.

John snorted, but Carson ignored it, seeing the truth and turned Rodney toward him for a demanding, possessive kiss. When they were both breathless, Carson pulled away, his eyes twinkling, challenging. “We’ll be working on that.” He turned to his first sub. “John, help him out, would you, luv?”

John grinned. He didn’t need to be asked twice. He bent down and only waited a moment until Carson held Rodney out to his open mouth. Quickly, he engulfed Rodney down to the root with Carson’s hand as a firm base.
John worked his throat muscles and swallowed hard just as Carson bit down hard on Rodney’s neck above the collar. Rodney bucked once, twice, then screamed and came. It was only a small spurt, but his entire body spasmed before he collapsed back into Carson’s arms.

Leisurely, Carson caressed and kissed Rodney before latching onto John’s collar, pulling him toward them and depositing Rodney into his arms. After a long passionate kiss, tasting Rodney from John’s lips, Carson pulled away and directed John to caress and cradle their worn out lover.


Rodney no longer had any sense of time - he didn't know whether two minutes had passed or twenty. All he knew or cared about were the continued murmurings of love, the touch and feel of his lovers' bodies snuggled beside him, one on each side. He heard the soft whisper of Carson’s voice, “Sleep luv…” soon followed by a welcome promise of, “We’ll be working on more of your training tomorrow.”

Rodney had no answer, only a smile as he drifted off to sleep.



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