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Title: Designation: Hostile 17
Author: Denyce
Artist: Dollarformyname
Fandom: Dark Angel/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Pairing: Alec/Spike
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It’s not until the moment 494 is thrown in the cell that he realizes what the anomaly already knows: it’s starved and he’s going to be its food. Somewhere things changed, now he has to work with Max to help himself and the anomaly, Spike, escape Manticore’s clutches.
Disclaimers: Not Mine! I don’t own nor will I make any monetary value! The characters are the copyright and intellectual property of with respect to TPTB -- DA: James Cameron, and Fox, & BTVS: Joss Whedon. I am only borrowing the characters strictly for fanfiction to share with other obsessive fans intended for harmless enjoyment.

Author’s notes: Written for the [profile] darkangel_bb. First, huge kudos to our wonderful Mod for creating and hosting our first DA bigbang. Thank you for your hard work and generous heart! Sending massive hugs and love out to my betas who gave their time, energy and collective input at various times: [profile] josshouse, [personal profile] alchemynerd, and [personal profile] skargasm. Special kudos to alchemynerd for all your support and encouragement, and for stepping in when J lost internet access; thank you! Also ♥ out to Emergency Beta Service, for the last minute help with em dashes, awesome services =)

This year I lucked out with my artist, [personal profile] dollarformyname, not just because she's talented—and she is—but because she is awesome! I’ve never had this kind rapport with an artist, and it’s been stupendous. Her excitement and zeal for the story ignited my muse and kept me focused. I believe what we’ve had is exactly what the initial concept of joining a bigbang was suppose to be: an artist/writer working together to inspire each other. We achieved that; I didn’t just get an artist, but actually gained someone I can call a friend. D~ I can’t tell you how much I loved your squee and your gorgeous art—it brightened up my day whenever I’d see your name in my inbox. The art demanded my attention and made me focus to delve deeper into the story. For that I can’t thank you enough, so much love, baby. <3

Art by Dollarformyname Go & check it out the rest and leave the love of FB =)
Fic, P1
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Title: Chance Meeting
Author: Denyce
Fandom: SPN/BtVS
Pairings: Dean/Devon, Devon/Oz, Sam/Dean, Xander/Spike
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Dean runs into someone who vaguely reminds him of Sam.
Warnings: WIP
Disclaimer: BtVS: The characters here are the copyright and intellectual property of Joss Whedon. SPN: Owed by TBTB Eric Kripke, & the CW. Not mine, zero profit, written for fun/entertainment purposes only!
Notes: First for the fast dirty beta by [profile] amara_m who truly loves me ;) thank you! Second, a wip, sadly yes. I'm not sure where I'm going, but I needed to get this out there. My goal: to write, complete & post before 2011 rolls around.

1/?  )
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Title: Vera
Author: Denyce
Fandom: BtVS/FF
Pairings: Jayne/Xander
Summary: Alternate reality/AU for both fandoms, no scfi/supernatural. Written for [ profile] inkillusion Prompt: The pairing you want: Jayne/Xander The setting/scenario you want: musicians. the two either are in a band together, or one admires the other. bar!talk?
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1,755
Warnings/Disclaimer: The characters here are the copyright and intellectual property of Joss Whedon.
Notes:Much love to For round 28 (AU) on [ profile] maleslashminis where I enlisted as a pitch hitter for [ profile] inkillusion… Maybe not exactly what you wanted, but I hope you like it anyways, your prompt completely inspired ;) & U can *smack* me for forgetting, but much love goes out to [ profile] amara_mfor the beta.

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