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Title: Frigid
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Once A Thief
Pairing: LiAnn/Jackie, Victor/Mac implied
Rating: R
Summary: Can LiAnn and Jackie learn to deal with each other while trapped on a deserted island for several hours before the boys, or the Director can pick them up? No explanation of why, or how they got on the island will be given.
Feedback: YES, PLEASE!!! This is a new pairing for me, so any & ALL fb is greatly appreciated.
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Alliance. This was written for fun, not profit.
Notes: A lovely nod to Peja for her challenges---This started out as the 15 minute challenge 'Frigid' ok really only up to the batteries part was done in 15 minutes, but it left me with a nice place to continue on. Huge THANKS & Applause to Shadowscast for the beta, though I tinkered, so any mistakes are mine & mine alone. Originally written back in 2003, my first fem-slash piece & YES it needs to be revamped, one day soonish ;-)

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Ficlet/Ode: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas (A Xmas Ode seasoned with OaT ^_^)
Fandom: OaT
Rating: Pg-13
Summary: A Xmas ode, Oat style.
Warnings: This is pure crack people, you've been warned ;)
Disclaimer: Original poem by C.Moore no infringement taken. OaT characters belong to Alliance. This was written for fun, not profit.
Note: I started this a few years ago then it seemed to sit forever. This year I dusted it off and tried to be tenacious either in finding someone to help with the rhythm, or to just post as is…thankfully that’s not the case ;) Big thanks to everyone who took a hand in shaping this, but the big thanks goes out to [personal profile] snarkgoddess who took and molded, beta’d, and co-wrote what it is today.

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Title: What's good for the Goose is good for a Mac Gander
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Once A Thief
Pairing: Mac/Victor, LiAnn/Jackie
Rating/Category: R slash/femslash
Prompt: Mac/Victor, mistletoe mishap
Summary/warnings: Mac pushes Victor one step too far. Mac/Victor first-time. The majority is set in LiAnn's pov with LiAnn/Jackie in an established relationship. Slight kink with mentions(hints) of spankings, bondage & momma kink (IMO very low key)
Word Count: 3,706
Notes: Mega thank you goes out to [profile] calliopepurple for the beta. Any last mistakes are mine, as I tinkered. Find anything glaring just lmk, thanks!

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Title: Second Chances
Genre: gen, crossover XF, ficlet
Pairings: Mac/Victor, Alex
Rating: Pg-13
Prompt: X-Files/Once a Thief, Alex Krycek/Victor Mansfield, Gemini written for [community profile] comment_fic
WC: 550

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Title: Warning- Don’t Feed the Blue Pandas
Fandom: Once a Thief
Pairing: Mac/Victor
Rating: PG-13
Summary: During a mission, Mac is drugged, and Victor needs to get them to safety.
Word Count: 2564
Disclaimer: Characters belong to Alliance. This was written for fun, not profit.
Notes: A prompt that grew from [community profile] comment_fic : "Hey, can you also see the cute little pink bunnies? Nooo, the blue panda just ate one!!" Also a mega thank you to the wonderful [ profile] snarkgoddess for the beta :)

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Title: Thinking Outside the Box
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Once a Thief
Pairing/Characters: LiAnn/Mac/Victor
Rating/Category: R, 3some, slash
Prompt: working things out
Spoilers: na
Word count: 7607
Summary: The Director forces LiAnn to make a choice, and what she decides surprises even her.
Notes: [ profile] jenab's prompt claimed from [ profile] smallfandomfest: Once a Thief, Mac/Vic/Li Ann, working things out
With a Huge thank you to [ profile] rivestra & to [ profile] varkelton for the beta.

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