Jun. 1st, 2016

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So I've been meaning to do this for a long time - ever since the griefsupportgrp fell apart last year. I had joined because the last four years my life has has been nothing but grieving loved ones. Last year, losing my younger brother and only sibling after losing both parents, hit a new high. My want for a new group slipped out of my grasp as my growing depression and the difficulty to just keep going through the holidays became my daily priority.

This past weekend was the hardest as it was the 1st anniversary of my brother’s death and the last time I saw him alive.

These days if I stop and think about something then it just doesn't happen. So going on the spur of the moment I finally did it and created the group, [profile] yna_kof Of course this is self-serving but I know so many of you are also going through your own private hell. Point blank, we're not ALONE. We can ALL use support!

So please go and join and spread the word. I will be tweaking the profile - if you have any thoughts/concerns/wishes you'd like me to add/address please PM.

I hope to see you there where we can create a safe haven to support each other, have a safe platform to discuss and unleash those negative voices in our heads, to KEEP ON FIGHTING!

[profile] yna_kof


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