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Logan inhaled breathing in the heavy scent of Alec. He was everywhere his scent surrounded Logan offering him the secure comfort that his mate was safe. Rousing to wake Logan slowly opened his eyes, squinting against the morning sun. A moment later he realized the blanketed warm covering him was Alec’s body draped over him.

He should have realized it sooner by the solid weight of Alec’s mass - still in cat form his body was larger than Logan’s. Previous to Alec’s change whenever they stood it was eye to eye possibly separated by only an inch or two. Now in cat form Alec towered over Logan. Though Logan suspected Alec was still shorter than Joshua. Instead of feeling crushed under Alec’s weight Logan felt safe and protected. Alec sprawl was uneven as Alec’ head overshot his shoulder to lie beside his own on the pillow. Logan turned, brushing Alec’s hair out of the way, only to see a trail of drool that had escaped his lips to form a string down to dark puddle just under Alec’s chin.

Logan’s lips twitched breaking out into a smile at the normalcy of it. His fingers threaded through Alec’s mane to comb out the morning tangles of Alec’s new mane. Alec moaned softly, his lips moving that snapped the string of drool. Logan’s hand stilled not wanting to wake his mate. A second later, still asleep Alec moved his head under Logan’s hand, rubbing it under his palm, Alec wanted more.

Logan’s complied, his fingers danced in a circular motion scratching Alec’s head. Then maneuvered behind Alec’s ears and gently rubbed. Alec let out a breathy moan. Delighted by what he heard Logan only paused a brief moment in order to switched hands. One hand went back rubbing between Alec’s ears, alternating between each ear only to pause in the middle where he’d start again. While his other hand moved petting down over Alec’s back in slow soothing strokes over and over. The more Logan petted and caressed the more responsive Alec became until he was literally purring his pleasure.

The sound of Alec’s purr vibrated throughout Logan’s body, giving Logan just as much pleasure as his touch apparently did for Alec.

How long they stayed like that Logan couldn’t say. The feelings of contentment and leisure drove Logan on as their pleasure re-cycled feeding off of each other and then circling back again in a loop.

Though Alec was awake now, he kept his eyes closed his tail twitching as it brushed and teased over Logan’s flesh. Effectively returning each stroke he received with his own petted caress over Logan’s body. Logan frowned when he unintentionally broke the spell after Alec’s tail moved over his stomach, and surprised them both when it grumbled to life.

Alec giggled then burst out laughing as his stomach continued to growling. Too delighted to see and hear Alec’s laughter, Logan sheepishly returned Alec’s grin. When another rumbled resounded, only it was Alec’s stomach echoing Logan’s sentiment - they were hungry. This time they both broke out laughing. Still laughing Logan mentally voiced the obvious. Guess we both need a break to refuel?

Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Alec responded as if it was a threat, tensing as he stood bracing to fight in order to protect Logan.

It pained Logan to see. Not because Alec responded so quickly, but because his response was dictated by his trauma rather than the actual facts. Logan knew Alec’s senses were sharper than his. That Alec had to of known it was only Joshua and Max behind the door with a tray of food - because he knew.

Alec turned and looked at him then his eyes darted away hissing in anger and shame by his overreaction. Logan wanted to go to him, but knew right now the soldier in Alec wouldn’t allow Logan’s soft comforting. Instead he offered the truth, “Don’t! It’s going to take time for both of us to adjust.” Then if on cue his stomach grumbled again.

Logan watched Alec eyed his stomach then rolled his shoulders to shake off his defensive stance. Alec’s nose wiggled before he shook his head and stifled his laughter listening to Logan’s stomach continued growl for food. Alec moved toward the door, his hand was on the doorknob about to turn and open the door when he suddenly turned to Logan. His chin inclined as he silently told Logan to cover himself.

Logan could only smirk, his eyebrow arching questioningly at the absurdity since Alec stood there in all his glory. It didn’t seem to matter as Alec’s possessiveness cranked up a notch. Finally when Logan didn’t move Alec quietly added, “please.”

With reluctance, his stomach winning over Alec’s possessive act Logan complied by grabbing the sheet, and covering his lower body. Though he silently warned Alec they were going to be talking about it afterwards.

Alec only nodded and opened the door allowing Max and Joshua to enter. Both were carrying trays of food piled high, but they stood there and winced, their noses twitching, obviously overwhelmed by the bombardment from the heavy musk of their sex. It might have been insulting if Logan cared, he didn’t. In fact not only was already accustomed to the familiar scent that he no longer noticed. After a moment they adjusted and awkwardly walked in pass Alec. It was Joshua who recovered first lifting his tray as he greeted them, “Morning Alec, Logan.”

Alec and Logan both returned the greeting “Morning.”

Joshua strode over to the bed settling the tray down next to Logan. Logan eyed the tray, salivating. “Damn that smells so good, I’m staved.” At first Logan didn’t hear anything then a low rumble reached his ears. Joshua did too, and stood up before he moved back to stand closer to Alec.

Logan wanted to say something, to let Joshua know that it was okay, but he knew it’d be a lie. Everything between them was too new, and Alec wasn’t the only one feeling possessive as Logan’s eyes narrowed on Max who couldn’t seem to take her eyes off of Alec.

Max didn’t see or react to the exchange, but offhanded clearly distracted by Alec’s new body she answered, “I bet, after you’ve been going at it for days. Engel thinks you’ll continue at least until Alec can shift back.”

Logan’s jaw dropped as he looked up to Alec, “What? Days?”

Max turned to answer, but her head quickly swiveled back to Alec as if she couldn’t stop herself and continued to gawk at Alec. “Yeah ask Joshua, since you guys got back you haven’t left here, haven’t eaten that we know of unless you had a stash of food in here. We figured you drank tap water from the bathroom. It was Lydecker who order provisions. Would have come earlier, but you guys weren’t the only ones occupied.” She crinkled her nose, “Have to say, you guys should consider sex in the shower you know while it’s running, or just a shower cause it’s pretty rank in here.” Her eyes never wavered from Alec’s body.

He hadn’t even known he was growling until both Alec and Max turned surprised looks at him. Alec’s eyes twinkled clearly amused by Logan’s reaction, but Max flushed with embarrassment at having been caught.

Abruptly Joshua stepped in and took the tray from Max and placed it by the other one on the bed before he was standing beside her again, this time he was pulling her toward the door. Suddenly Max realized what Joshua was doing and waved his hand away as she turned toward Logan. Still flustered, her voice slightly loud, “Sorry about that, I didn’t mean anything it’s just a shock to see him like that....”

Logan’s eyes narrowed as he openly glared at her, daring her to finish that thought.

“I mean… shit; I’m not, really Logan I’m not interested, okay?” Max’s eyes shifted toward the floor, “Not like that.” Then she hesitantly looked up, almost shyly. “I have Cindy now. We…” Her flush deepened.

Logan’s eyes shifted over to Alec and saw the twinkle of laughter reflected in his eyes. It was what Logan needed to let go of the anger, jealousy, and possessiveness that he felt himself choking on. Focusing on what Max had said Logan started thinking about Cindy. It immediately brought him back to the attack: of Cindy’s injuries, of how she had remained unconscious, how Max hovered over her mate was lost without her. Looking at Alec, he felt the shared empathy as they both understood. Concerned Logan gently asked, “She’s okay then?”

Smiling more to herself Max nodded. Max bit her lip, it was obvious she was thinking of how she left Cindy, and Logan didn’t have a hard time imagining not after what he saw at Crash. Max answered, “Yeah. It took her a little longer to heal. She had no civertone build up in her system, but we’re together – like you and Alec.” Shrugging she added, “Engel seems to think because I was there when Alec was initially triggered and then drank some of the cocktail it not only revved up my heat, but also triggered me to permanently mate – to mark Cindy as mine.”

From Max’s demeanor it didn’t seem as if she had any problems with their new arrangements, or with Cindy as her mate.

Max’s grin tilted as if she had a secret then started to rock on her toes, “Yup, it seems Alec’s pheromones triggered a lot of us.” There was humor behind those words, but it wasn’t until Max’s gaze flew upward landing on Joshua did Logan understand the implication.

Logan watched their exchange as Joshua glared at Max then stated, “Joshua doesn’t kiss and tell.”

No one said anything.

Logan was sure Joshua had heard Alec say the same thing on a dozen different occasions – even though they all knew it was a lie because Alec was always willing to share. Even though Joshua mimicked it perfectly, and hit the right note making the insinuations. It fell flat, something was lost in the execution, where it was suppose to come off as a joke, like it did whenever Alec had said it, but with Joshua instead it was just a simple truth.

Logan waited; Max seemed to expect that Alec would be the one to tease Joshua and Zack, one or both. Instead Alec offered Joshua a heartfelt smile, “I’m really happy for big fellow, for you both.”

Joshua grinned, “Thank you Alec.”

“That’s it?” Max asked her disappointment clear.

Alec ordered as he held the door open, “No, now get the hell out.”

Max whirled on him, “What?”

Alec licked his lips, and leered as he suggestively asked, “Unless you want to invite Cindy over? Do a little graphic show and tell?”

Logan watched as Max’s eyes narrowed menacingly, without taking her eyes off of Alec she addressed him. “Logan, take care of yourself.” She paused her lips thinned, then gasped in frustration giving up as Alec just continued his leer. “Alec you haven’t changed a bit you’re still a pig.” Angrily Max stalked out of the room her hair flailing behind her. Alec leaned outside and baited her, “Aw come on Maxie, just talk to Cindy first maybe we can do a double?”

Joshua moved toward the door shaking his head. Abruptly he stopped and slowly looked Alec up and down then shook his head again. “Alec cat not a pig.” Joshua leaned down into Alec’s face. Joshua tapped his nose. “Nose knows.”

Joshua barked in laughter as he left closing the door behind him, leaving Alec and Logan to stare at each other before they burst out laughing. Alec stumbled over to the bed jumbling the trays as he fell back against the headboard still cracking up. Logan was at his side laughing just as hard.

By the time they calmed enough, their stomachs growled in chorus. Together they sat up and started to attack the trays, devouring everything in sight not stopping until both trays were emptied. Once they were done, Alec moved and set the trays on the floor before he settled in next to Logan. Both sprawled out stuffed and content.

Curiously Logan turned his head and asked, “So days? You remember?”

“I remember most of it in the beginning, after that everything kind of gets a little hazy. By the way we did shower at least twice.” Alec shrugged, “Or we tried to, even ripped the shower curtain.”

“Huh.” Logan tried to remember, but he only had broken fragments of pleasurable lust: tasting, feeling and fucking Alec. Being inside his mate amazed by how tight he was, and if he wasn’t thoroughly exhausted he’d take Alec now.

Alec turned toward him as they lay side by side facing each other and coyly asked, “You would?”

Logan didn’t have to answer he knew Alec read his thoughts, and then absently wondered when they started picking up more than just reading each other’s feelings.

Alec’s tail traveled over Logan’s hips. “Don’t know sometime after I changed. The closer we got, and then I touched you, it was like you were inside my head.”

Logan’s thumb swiped over Alec’s lower lip. “Me too.”

“Guess it’s a happy ending?” Logan knew Alec was trying to be light happy, but he felt Alec’s confusion how his world suddenly flipped especially his body - everything was different.

“It’ll take time, but you’re not alone. Won’t go through it alone, we’re in this together.”

Alec lips slid into a small smile. “Like Max and Cindy, or Joshua and Zack?”

Logan cupped Alec’s face making him look at him. “No, like Alec and Logan.” He leaned in and softly kissed Alec, and whispered his thoughts to Alec’s mind as he continued kissing refusing to let Alec go. “We’re together, you’re mine Alec. I love you, and even if I could I don’t want to live without you. Alec you’ll always belong to me, just as I’ll always be yours Alec, only yours.”

Logan felt Alec’s body relax further as he scooted closer returning Logan’s kiss, “Yours, only yours!”



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