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Beware S6 teaser contains SPOILERS

Hmm, on one hand I am a bit sad because atm I'm writing in the fandom. However on the other hand, my interest and focus involves Peter and Derek Hale. Meaning I prefer to write/read earlier seasons, or AUs that continue to involve the Hales. I don't think this will affect my muse. (I have a muse for dozens of canceled shows )

In fact, my only muse bump regarding TW was recent when I was attacked over on AO3 from anon on tagging my fic: The fix-it plan, that I somehow soiled their Derek/Stiles tag by also tagging 3some, Derek/Scott, Scott/Stiles etc. IDEK…. It was the first time I’ve been attacked or flamed by anonymous. Sadly, because of other rl stuff going on at the same time they hit I wasn’t in a great place to just shake it off. I didn’t change tags, I just put up a note to why I put the tags in place and for those not interested just scroll on by: no harm, no foul, no worries! kind of thing then deleted the initial comments then proceeded to get 2 more. I haven’t deleted them, but thankfully I seem to have fallen off their radar. Since then I found other authors who were really hit way more than me (I got less than a dozen total, so in comparison not too bad). It’s just SO weird, this was on shipping entitlement not actual fic content, sex, violence, kinks etc… I mean the point of tags is to inform and if it’s not your thing to scroll on by o.O

Although it’s annoying as hell, I’ve finally let it go – in fact, my muse was sparked to continue the piece, but in a different direction then where I originally had planned to go – so I’m kind of excited about that. Outside of a loose note/outline on that, I need to put it on the back burner and get back to work on my bigbang. If that’s going to happen I really need to push and get the draft done. The draft due date is Aug 28th, but actually I only have until Aug 21st since I leave on vacation the 24th.

I’m going back east to be with family and finally going to bury my brother’s ashes on the 26th. So there is that….

Okay I have to run, waves, hope you’re all doing well,
<33333 & smooches to U ALL ^_^

Date: 2016-07-22 11:23 pm (UTC)
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sorry about the weird trolling, Sweetie. Reasons why I'm content to be on the fringes of fandom --especially rabid fandoms.


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