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Have to say I'm happy to say good-bye to 2016 =)

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas - mine was good. I’ve been working a lot on top of being sick, so it's nice having the weekend off.

On fandom, I tried my best to finish and meet my goal for [community profile] getyourwordsout sadly I didn't quite make it. My final word count was 71,210 for the year. Not bad, as I'm close, but still no cigar. Oh well I signed up for it again and hope to surpass my 75k pledge for 2017. Sign-ups are happening now, it’s a wonderful comm that I'd highly recommend you join. It's full of motivation to help keep you focused and inspired to write. Note there’s no penalty if you don’t make your pledge - just resign up and try again, like I'm doing. You do need to check in every month, but really it wasn’t bad and helped keep me on track.

Main thing is I did write so I'm calling it a WIN!

I do hope to keep up the momentum and actually finish/post all the fics that I've been working on this past year that haven’t been posted - Muse willing I will =)

Hope you all have a good, fun safe night - Personally I'm walking away from the computer now and going to go fix dinner then chill and watch a movie. For me it's low key night at home since I've been sick, I don't even know if I'll make it to midnight – either way it’ll be 2017 in my neck of the woods in less than 8 hours *\o/* <33333333


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