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Neither said a word as they arrived at the building. They had to be only minutes behind Max, but she and Cindy were already gone. Presumably they'd headed up to Logan’s apartment. Parking the bike next to Max’s, Alec gracefully got off in one smooth motion and stood close to where he stayed seated. Eliminating the space between them until Alec was swallowing Logan’s heated breath.

Initially shell-shocked, Logan froze until an attack of nerves hit. Overreacting, Logan flinched and jerkily pulled back as far as he could in his seat, almost falling in the process. At the last minute, with Alec’s grip as his anchor, Logan corrected himself: embarrassed, he mumbled his thanks.

Unfazed, Alec tilted his head, clearly amused. Intense green eyes glittered mischievously as he grinned. Lazily, his tongue peeked out, running over his bottom lip. Logan stared; Alec’s lips pursed into an obscene pout before his front teeth raked and bit across his bottom lip, gnawing and sucking on the tender flesh—suddenly pausing almost in consideration.

The moment stretched as Logan’s chest rose and fell in anticipation, overly conscious. Alec inched forward, his breath ghosting over Logan’s lips. Logan would have liked to say his passiveness was unconscious, but that would have been a lie. Instead he was acutely cognizant of Alec’s every movement and of his own reaction.

His awareness zeroed in on Alec’s lips; unable to resist, his own tongue peeked out, mirroring Alec’s earlier action. His vision blurred as Alec crossed the almost nonexistent distance between them. It didn’t take any further coaxing on his part; as Alec’s tongue followed the slick path he had created. Logan shuddered, exhaling the breath he didn’t realize he was holding and eagerly opened his mouth.

Alec didn’t hesitate but immediately dove in, foregoing any teasing as his tongue diligently caressed Logan’s. At some point the dynamics changed from sensual to possessive—when, Logan couldn’t say, he only knew when Alec twined and anchored one hand in his hair to maneuver, steady, and hold him in place while silently demanding that Logan comply as he proceeded to ravage Logan’s mouth.

Dazed and breathless under the pleasurable assault, Logan didn’t resist... only leaned forward into Alec, pressing himself closer, until their tongues dueled for the position of dominance. Not that it was much of a fight as Alec effortlessly took control, biting and sucking on his lips before diving back in and forcing Logan to open wider.

Moaning in response, Logan willingly gave and submitted the lead to Alec.

Admittedly Logan wasn't shocked when he felt the scorch of Alec’s fingers against his skin under his shirt, not after what had happened earlier. Now they were nose to nose in a heated lip lock. Logan shivered in heightened anticipation as Alec’s fingers started that dance again as his deft fingers traveled branding a heated path along his skin. Fingernails mapped and scraped up and across his chest then down around his waist to the hem of his shirt. Effortlessly, Alec’s thumbs hooked and pulled his shirt up and off.

Each touch was systematic yet erratic, designed to tease and sharpen Logan’s arousal. Alec’s skillful hands balanced between rough scrapes, twisting one and then the other nipple before alternating it all with soft, delicate brushes against each nipple until Logan whined. It didn’t stop Alec. Instead he took each stiff nub between a thumb and forefinger to roll, tug and pull on each nub, leaving Logan a quivering mess.

He gasped when Alec stopped only to whimper in eagerness as Alec’s fingers slowly descended. Fingernails dug in and scratched downward over his trembling stomach as he begged for more.

Chuckling Alec reached around, dipping his fingers under Logan’s waistband teasingly.

Shaking, Logan panted. In his seat, he twisted and slid closer until his upper body was pressed fully flush against Alec. He couldn’t say exactly when it happened, only that he had suddenly become conscious of his need to take action, and of the placement of his hands — resting at the small of Alec’s back.

Pleased, Logan smiled as both hands slid inside Alec’s boxers. Roughly he grabbed and cupped Alec’s ass cheeks, bodily pulling him forward, his mouth claiming Alec’s.

Alec didn’t resist instead he moved as Logan directed, enjoying his demands.

The rational world didn’t exist, each of them moving to devour the other. Tongues dueled, spit swallowed each holding, taking, giving in the magnetic pull of a dance older than time.

Logan had no thought of where they were, or why they were there—only of a pulsating drive that consumed him, a need to have Alec inside him now.

Abruptly, Alec pulled away. A throaty whine of need escaped before Logan could stop himself.

Alec shushed him, his hands suddenly there to calm and soothe as they busily petted and stroked him but maintained a space between them. His need and want spiraling, Logan pushed forward, desperate to feel skin against skin, to taste Alec.

Easily Alec held their distance. Though he stayed close enough that Alec continued to run his hands over Logan’s body, but kept Logan from achieving full body contact.

Feverish in his need, Logan pulled back and sat further up to swing his leg over in order to stand. With both feet grounded, he moved to step into Alec’s space.

Alec ground out a “No!” and took a step back.

Baffled that Alec was denying him, even more confusing was that his body was obeying Alec’s command, and refusing to move. The oddity of feeling a disconnection between his mind and his body was strange if not downright scary... or would have been if his need had dissipated. Instead, the pulsating want was escalating; he needed to touch—to be touched.

Logan bit his lip, his teeth pulling harshly on his lip in frustration as he struggled to ignore the blatant desire of want. Where it ached in need one that hummed throughout his body. He licked his lips, savoring Alec’s taste; he needed, wanted more.

Alec silently stood there watching him resist, fighting to regain some control. Logan flushed when he realized it wasn’t control of his senses that he was fighting for, but control over his body’s immediate wants, to follow Alec’s order.

Alec must have appreciated the difficulty that he was having because he softly reissued his order, “Stay!” and lifted his hands directing Logan’s attention to them. Alec repeatedly caressed down his own chest, not stopping until he had Logan’s full focus. On a downward stroke his thumbs hooked under the band of his abused boxers and stretched them out as he pushed them down enough to let them fall, freeing Alec's swollen cock.

Logan stared, fixated, his body trembling with the urge to fall to his knees. He watched avidly as Alec’s hand wrapped around the base of his cock. His fist twisted then slowly stroked up, only to pause just below the head. His thumb and forefinger squeezed and locked around the head, the small slit glistening with wetness. Alec squeezed a pinch tighter forcing a healthy drop to slip from the slit. Unable to do anything more than watch, Logan licked his lips.

Alec’s thumb met with the drop then swept it over the head of his cock gathering more dewy moisture until his thumb was wet. Logan didn’t even notice that Alec was staring at him until Alec moved his thumb up toward his own mouth.

Logan locked eyes with Alec and stared longingly. His tongue peeked out eager as if given permission to follow the movements of Alec’s thumb—the wide sweep across his bottom lip until it disappeared into Alec’s mouth where he leisurely sucked it clean.

In response Logan moaned. Though he stayed rooted to where Alec wanted him, Logan struggled to move and leaned in as far forward as he could to close the distance between them.

Sucking his thumb clean Alec popped it free: his voice was low, even and firm as he seriously stated, “No, not yet.” Then softer, slightly less demanding, “only what I offer.” To demonstrate, he planted his palm in the center of Logan’s chest and pushed him back, reestablishing their distance. With his other hand, he gripped his own cock again only to swipe more come. Once he finished, the back of his fingers lingered and stroked Logan’s neck before moving upwards where he held his thump up. It was still slick and wet with Alec’s come.

Logan opened his mouth and eagerly ran the tip of his tongue along his bottom lip, impatiently waiting to have a taste of Alec’s essence. He heard Alec chuckle but didn’t care. His need demanded a hell of a lot more than what he was getting—he wanted everything now but his body refused to obey, overriding his own wishes with Alec’s.

It didn’t make sense, but he didn’t care. At least Alec didn’t tease him as his thumb slid over Logan’s lip.

Logan needed no prompting as his tongue wrapped around the digit, his senses exploding with the taste of Alec. By the second swipe of his tongue Logan had sucked Alec’s thumb clean of his come. Although the lingering taste of Alec continued to drive him. He moaned and sucked harder until Alec forcibly pulled away.

A pathetic whimper escaped Logan’s throat as his body continued to pulse in desperate need.

Staying just within arms length, Alec immediately started to pet him in soothing strokes up and down Logan’s chest. Platitudes of, Shh, its all right baby, I’ll take care of you… barely registering.

The driving pulse hummed to life within Logan’s body and he started to zone out, his complete awareness disabled – an effect similar to white noise - to a point where he was scarcely aware of anything other than his body’s need and Alec’s presence. Even Alec started to fray at the edges, everything other than his hands, the sense of Alec’s hands still on his body, his caresses soothing to the touch.

The harsh echo of a car door slamming, the engine igniting to life, its’ closeness resounding in the garage, barely registered with Logan. Until suddenly Alec stepped back, pushing and shoving Logan behind him. Simultaneously yanking on his arm and forcibly pulling Logan down to duck down behind a car that had been parked beside them. It wasn’t until then that Logan started to understand and make the connection. Remembering how, and why, they were there in the first place. He cursed himself under his breath: how could he have forgotten Manticore? The danger they were in? Logan firmly gripped his head with both hands, shaking it and trying to force himself to focus, as if he could jar his brain enough to function properly. He didn’t know how long he stayed like that, kneeling at Alec’s side, gripping his hair ready to pull out every strand, desperate to think, coherently to make his head function.

He only stopped gripping as tightly when he felt Alec’s hand cover his, then felt it slide down to his face and jaw, his fingers petting and caressing Logan’s face. Silently coaxing him to stop. The hum of need within his body had not stopped but its volume had lowered significantly. Although now with Alec’s touch it beat louder. His mind and senses closing down, going back to focusing on Alec only.

With his eyes tightly shut Logan weakly shook his head, a pathetic attempt to make Alec stop. Frantic to hang on to the fact that they were in danger, that Manticore could come at any moment. Alec was drugged, he needed him, and Logan had to there to help him.

Alec shushed him, his hand going under Logan’s chin and forcing it up, encouraging Logan to look at him. Logan refused and kept his eyes shut, desperate in his need to not lose himself, that he had to protect Alec and in order to do that he had to think. He felt Alec’s thumb sweep up in feather-light caress over his cheek. Could feel and taste Alec’s breath as he spoke, “Don’t.” Then Alec’s other hand anchored under Logan’s armpit, and in one sweeping motion Alec stood, taking Logan with him. Logan swayed at the abrupt movement. Standing, their bodies touching as Alec held him steady, wrapping an arm around his waist and ushering him forward.

Within Alec’s embrace that humming pulse of need washed over Logan’s body like an electrical surge, a jerk making him weak in the knees as he slumped further. Alec barely noticed as he kept moving easily, compensating and taking the bulk Logan’s weight. Once inside the elevator Logan tried to pull away, only his body didn’t respond. Surprised he was no longer panicking, too comforted within Alec’s arms. With curious wonder he tried again, demanding that he pull away from Alec. It went unheeded, the hum of his body continuing. The demand became an order to just take one step. Opening his eyes Logan glared down at his leg, watching, waiting, pleading that his foot would move—it did. It shuffled closer toward Alec.

Amazed Logan just stared, his feelings conflicted. Logan had sensation down to his toes, could feel his foot actually moving. For that he felt relieved however it didn’t stop his growing feelings of disconnection. The desperation he felt at trying to tell his body to do the simplest thing only to be ignored. Logan remembered only too clearly after the accident how he would spend hours focusing on the smallest movement, to have a single muscle twitch a toe wiggle, to move but a half a centimeter and then not have his body obey. This was similar in reverse - his body was moving and Logan could feel its movement, but it was the complete opposite of what he was trying to achieve.

But it wasn’t just his body Logan was upset about, it was his feelings. Feelings he didn’t have - like actually being upset when he should be. What he felt was calm. The driving pulse to have Alec take him, fuck him hard was still there, had never waned but was now subdued, bubbling just under the surface, a steady simmer. The need and want to drop to his knees to taste, suck and swallow Alec’s come down was stronger than ever, but this time Alec’s touch wasn’t driving him to distraction - instead it was channeling a different response. Being wrapped in Alec’s embrace he felt calm, secure, and though it was strange to think, treasured. When in fact, after everything that happened - the drug in Alec and Max’s system, of his physical reaction to Alec; his physical reaction to Max - he couldn’t deny that she touched him, that he should have reacted to the virus and he hadn’t. What that meant for him and Max: he should be in the hospital, or dead. The reality was he should be freaking out.

Abruptly Logan felt Alec’s fingers curiously tracing over his hip, then Alec shifted as he squatted down. Looking down, Logan realized Alec was tracing over Max’s scratches. Alec cocked his head up, his eyes boring into Logan. They glistened, emotions flashing between hurt and defiance before Alec turned toward his hip. Alec’s tongue took the place of his finger, tracing the short scratches almost reverently. Mesmerized Logan couldn’t stop watching. It was like Alec was almost worshipping him. He felt the slick velvet wetness of Alec’s tongue slowly, patiently lap over first one scratch, then the other.

Logan shivered in pleasure and something else he couldn’t define. He straightened and looked down questioningly at Alec. As if he heard Logan’s silent question Alec returned Logan’s stare. This time his eyes sparked with possession. He felt more than saw when Alec’s finger brushed over the mark of his inner thigh. Even through his jeans it was a jolt, a burst of fire that spread throughout Logan’s body, setting that humming pulse free. It broke through the surface leaving him breathless in need. Instantly Logan knew without a doubt he would have slithered to the floor attacking Alec, striping as he went. Shredding what he had left of clothes, spreading his legs, literally mounting Alec there on the elevator floor. It was only Alec’s stare that held him in place with his impish grin, his fingers rubbing then molding, the span of his hand over the mark squeezing hard, painfully. The assault ricocheted through his body, sending him into convulsions that tempered as Alec’s mouth covered Max’s scratches. The intensity of pain heightened as Logan bodily slammed back, suddenly needing the wall for additional support.

Alec didn’t stop but rather lapped and continued suckling on the skin, concentrating on those scratches. The broad brush of his tongue pushed over the ragged length of the scratch but it wasn’t pleasure, but pain. Marking, branding him, and that brought its own pleasure, as Logan’s cock filled and lengthened at the thought.

With the abrupt jolt of teeth, Logan hissed. The harsh rake of teeth scraped over first one scratch then the other in quick succession. Logan’s hand reached out to stop Alec, to push him away, but once his fingers touched Alec’s head, the current spreading through his body changed. Alec never wavered and continued to suck and chew on his hip, effectively drawing out the pain. Though like a tidal wave rushing behind the pain was pleasure, exquisite pleasure, wave after wave crashing down on him. Blindly Logan’s hand threaded through Alec’s hair stroking, caressing, and encouraging Alec to continue.

The elevator seemed to disappear into the background, sounds, sight, and all of Logan’s thoughts focused and zeroed in on the pulsing pleasure-pain Alec was creating. Willingly he submitted to Alec, spreading his legs wider: wanting, needing more—anything and everything Alec was willing to give.

Logan’s spirit soared hearing the soft mewing cry that was coming from Alec. A warmth of serenity rolled through flooding Logan’s system, encouraged by the sounds Alec was creating. The pain, even the pleasure no longer mattered, suddenly realizing that as long as he had Alec’s approval, was with Alec… Logan no longer cared about anything else. In his mind, Logan heard a reassuring, resounding ‘Yes!’ Overly pleased, Logan clenched his fingers in Alec’s hair as the world started closing in, fading around him.


The sound of the elevator bell dinged and the doors started to open on Logan’s floor. Reluctantly and with haste Alec licked a broad stroke across the now nearly invisible lines Max had initially created. Pulling back Alec viewed his handiwork. Pleased to see the very clear indented teeth marks decorating Logan’s hip—Alec’s mark encircling what had been Max’s nail marks. Scratches that should have endangered Logan, should have killed him.

Anger and possessive need drove Alec. He couldn’t say why beyond a basic instinctive need that was driving him, but his feelings were clear- Logan was his. Something he’d make sure of by finishing what he had started: taking Logan and fucking him hard - finishing staking his claim that Logan as his. Something he could do right now and Alec was more than ready. Already naked, his cock hard, weaving freely, but they weren’t safe, not yet.

The doors were closing. With a last lick leaving a trail of heavy saliva over his mark, Alec stood up from his crouch.

Reaching out, Alec hit the doors open button as he manhandled Logan off the elevator. Alec automatically reached into Logan’s jacket pocket which he was still wearing and pulled out Logan’s keys. The keys jingled as Alec inserted them and turned the doorknob. Opening the door he heard a whimper just as his senses were assaulted.

There was no mistaking the scent, Max was deep in the throes of heat: oddly he felt no pull or attraction, no impulse to take Max, to sink his throbbing cock into her moist heat.

Instead Alec ushered Logan inside, his body protectively pulling and holding Logan just behind him, his hand encircling Logan’s wrist, holding it to his side. Once inside, with his other hand Alec swung the door closed, ready to fight.

He quickly scanned the room. Using all of his enhanced senses, Alec reached out to the rest of the apartment to garner if they were safe. It only took him a few moments to realize they were alone, safe and secure.

Bitterly Alec tried to ignore the absence of recognition that they were even there, or that Max didn’t show any feral protection toward Cindy, reflecting the level of danger. Max’s lack of response more than annoyed him. Maybe Max knew it was them, had already checked and secured the place before they arrived. Although right now from where he stood, he felt nothing but resentment. Understanding his feelings, his anger probably had more to do with her scent and scratches he found on Logan more than anything else. That she had endangered his mate.

The sentiment and word mate suddenly vibrated sending ripples throughout Alec’s mind… Logan wasn’t his mate.

That had to change, now!

Shaking his head, Alec tried to focus and ignore Max’s scent. It didn’t entice him sexually, to draw him to her, but it did tempt Alec’s anger to throttle her for the nail marks she created. Instead Alec turned his focus on Logan. His thumb slid over Logan’s skin.

The smell of sex was like a heavy shroud around them. Alec wanted more, wanted his and Logan’s scent to drown out Max’s. A desperate desire to cover Logan with his scent, spill his come in Logan, to fill Logan to the brim. Alec shifted in place, his hormones raging, demanding that he take, make Logan his.

Closing his eyes, Alec turned. Instinctively shuffling closer, closing the last gap between them as Alec started to nuzzle Logan’s neck. Breathing in Logan’s scent, his want until Alec heard Logan’s throaty gasp. Leaning back, Alec opened his eyes, staring into Logan’s eyes.

Normally Alec would have wanted to linger, to take his time, but he had passed that point. Animal instinct was at the fore driving him, demanding, but that wasn’t the only voice he heard—Alec could hear Logan’s body calling out to him. An internal a rhythmic beat that accelerated and encircled their need beckoning a promise of ecstasy. Behind it’s pulsing source in his head Alec could hear Logan’s unspoken cries, begging for Alec to finish and take him.

Dropping his hands, Alec shifted in order for his jacket to fall, crumpling at his feet. His hands reached out, caressing Logan’s torso, sliding down toward his jeans. Blindly Alec finished unzipping, pushing the material down. Logan’s legs shook in a jig, his bare feet stepped on the pants tugging on them as he pulled his legs out. Free of the material Logan almost bounced in giddy excitement. Propelling himself forward, open-mouthed, Alec kissed and thoroughly attacked Logan’s mouth. His body pressed into Logan’s. Their naked lengths pressed against each together, pushing, rolling, and banging against the wall.

Their need already tipped toward an abyss of pleasure.

Unable to slow down, Alec broke free and spun Logan around until Logan faced the wall. Logan braced his hands, arching his body back, eagerly opening his legs ready to be mounted.

Alec needed no further prompting. Quickly he sucked on his fingers, coating them generously with saliva. Enough where drool slithered down his hand, a string of spit lengthened and snapped as he moved his fingers down. Quickly Alec’s thumb parted and pushed Logan’s cheeks apart. The wet digits of his hands brushed and coated Logan’s hole. Then his thumbnail pushed through, wiggling and pulling on the muscle ring. Removing his thumbnail Alec’s easily slid two fingers in, driving hard. Slipping out, Alec grabbed his cock, rubbing the slick head over Logan’s entrance once, twice, then slowly pushed. Alec didn’t falter or slow down but continued moving until he was fully inserted within Logan’s tight ass. Alec shook from tremors within his own body: fighting the impulsive need to take and drive his cock in and out over and over.

At Logan’s practiced ease, Alec suspected Logan wasn’t virginal even if the unyielding tightness would have made Alec a believer: Alec’s hand moved around, his hand stayed covering and holding the wall of Logan’s stomach. Where Logan’s erect cock, ridged and hard, waved bouncing against the back of his hand. Alec wanted to take it in hand, to grip and pump Logan’s cock, to milk him of come, spreading the essence over Logan’s stomach. Instead he held his hand there: instinctively Alec leaned in, biting the back of Logan’s neck. Each bite and nip was played off the other and in-between larger bites as his teeth sank in, then suckled on the skin. Logan’s body twitched in excitement, his anal muscles squeezing tighter on Alec’s cock as he started to piston in and out of Logan’s ass. There was no tempo, no rhythm only primal instinct to take.

Driving hard, a minute later Alec was shaking as he ejaculated. His teeth bit down harder-imprinting his mark, his mind screaming out to Logan Now! Without hesitation as if he heard Alec, Logan’s own body started to quake within Alec’s hold. The first burst of come landed high on Logan’s chest. Alec’s hand moved, grasping Logan’s cock pumping encouraging more spurts of come, directing it over Logan’s chest and stomach—then did as he thought of only moments ago, spreading Logan’s come over his chest and stomach, rubbing it into his skin.

As Logan’s body calmed to smaller tremors, Alec leisurely licked at the dribbles of blood from the bite he had created. Still hard he was ready to go again, his hips slowly starting to move, sliding out only to drive back in. Angling each thrust deep then pulling out fast, only to pause and reenter slowly enjoying the rumbling mews that were coming from Logan.

Logan’s moans, his panting for breath. Alec noticed even with his cock spent and only semi-hard, it did nothing to stop Logan’s enthusiasm, his need to be taken again as Logan pushed back encouraging Alec’s thrusts. Their tempo building, enthusiastically meeting each other, thrust for thrust, deeper with each plunge.

Without question Alec knew everything was different, that his instinct to take Logan, to mark went beyond anything transgenic for an X5. That and his gut told him they were just getting started.

There was something else almost tangible that was skirting close to the edges of his mind. The mutterings of whispered thoughts, moans, directives that were rapidly becoming louder more clear—not his own, but Logan’s voice begging for more. At Logan’s expletive, Alec started to piston into Logan’s pliant body, to take and claim him. The connection sparked between them, building, pushing against invisible boundaries. Where Logan’s thoughts started to bleed through to Alec, threading a connection strong enough that Alec started to hear Logan’s whispered urgings for more.

Repetitive pleas followed and kept pace with Alec’s movements. Irregular, rapid movements as Alec’s hips snapped. Tilting his angle Alec dug deeper, Logan responded, his muscular walls clutched tighter, squeezing in a vice grip to hold Alec in place. Alec’s teeth tore into Logan’s neck, teeth hard— gnawing the skin on the tight muscle. Suckling only to let go then bite down again pulling the skin, marking Logan. On impulse mentally reaching through their connection, blindingly constructing something Alec knew he needed- had to make stronger.

Pushing through, stretching until he connected feeling Logan. Spontaneously Alec came, filling Logan again. The edges of his mind lightened, and he could hear Logan more clearly. Pleased Alec shook, riding the climax, pride swelling within him as he filled Logan. His hands wandered and took hold of Logan’s engorged cock, caressing, his thumb swiping across the head …

Suddenly Alec heard or felt something. A pinging sense of danger filtered into his consciousness. Halting his movements, Alec forcibly held Logan still. Beyond Max and Cindy’s coupling Alec couldn’t hear anything, but his feelings of dread heightened.

Anxiously Alec glanced at the door, swallowing though his throat was dry he uttered Max’s name. There was no response, sighing with frustration and regret, Alec slowly pulled out of Logan, painfully aware their connection wasn’t complete. Unbalanced and disoriented, only the urgency of a perceived threat coloring his behavior, Alec manhandled and partially carried Logan across the room, shuffling them closer to Max. He extended his foot, kicking out at Max not to hurt her, but to get her attention.

Internal pings of danger increased, pushing him to hurry, telling him that he needed to protect Logan, to get away whilst another part of him, the soldier told him it was already too late.

Alec just called out Max’s name, the feeling of danger heightened. Max looked up growling, at the same time men came through the window and door simultaneously. Alec pushed Logan to the floor behind him, his mind screaming orders: Stay down! Hide-take OC and hide!

Alec didn’t look behind him to see if Logan did as he ordered, if he understood - Alec already knew he did. Beside him Max was on her feet. Back to back, they faced their enemies.

Between the two of them they brought down the first rush of men. It was the second charge; they were more forceful, less distracted by their nakedness. And it didn’t help that White walked in barking orders.

Alec stumbled when he felt a sting, then another. He looked down and saw two, three tranquilizers had been shot in his thigh. Alec jumped toward the shooter, bringing him down. The man got up, Alec spun, his left leg kicking up and out, knocking the weapon out of the guy’s hands. As Alec turned back, his elbow came up and jabbed the point of his elbow into his opponent’s windpipe. Another half step toward him and Alec’s palm ascended crushing his nose. The man fell at his feet.

Alec wavered, still swinging as he turned toward a new opponent. There were only a few now- they could do it. Steadying himself, Alec grinned, bouncing on his toes, loosening his hands before he raised them clenched. Then he signaled the man in front of him to go ahead and give it his best shot. Alec blocked the first two hits but his opponent landed a lucky punch. Shaking it off, Alec danced back: he had to focus to save and protect Logan. A piercing cry beckoned Alec. Shocked he turned, in his gut already knowing that they had Logan. His mind screamed when he saw Logan and Cindy struggling and fighting fruitlessly against them. The ferocity of his anger hit just as another dart hit him square in the chest.

Jerking, Alec stumbled back and started to fail- fear and adrenaline pumping the drug faster into his system. Defeated, unable to stop himself from collapsing, he couldn’t even brace himself when he hit the ground hard. Through hooded lids Alec watched helplessly as Logan was knocked unconscious.

Next he watched Max fall. White’s foot nudging her, making sure she was out. Alec bit the inside of his check as White cocked his head and squatted down. A finger trailed over Max’s chest, inching toward her breast. White’s voice was smug, loud enough that Alec heard, “How the mighty have fallen.”

Internally Alec screamed for his body to move half a centimeter- nothing. He was dead weight-paralyzed. It was a struggle to stay conscious, but he had to, he couldn’t leave Logan. Alec heard more than saw White stand. The order, “Take her..” then as an afterthought, “him too.” Before he felt hands on his body, picking him up.

Jostled and dazed, Alec heard someone ask, “What about them?” Alec held his breath knowing he had to be talking about Logan and Cindy.

White’s tone was uncaring, flat. “Get rid of them.”

Alec felt the beads of sweat formed. He was already on the crest on panic, his fear irrationally screaming out to Logan. Only silence was returned. However, whatever bond they had, Alec knew without a doubt that Logan was only unconscious, was alive. He could feel a tentative pulse of Logan’s heart beating expelling slow shallow breaths. For how long Alec didn’t know… the bond was there but it wasn’t strong enough. He had failed, had needed more time to thread and strengthen their bond.

Alec was suddenly slung over someone’s shoulder and carried out of the apartment, behind Max. Distantly he heard a gunshot: it wasn’t directed at Logan. Swallowing, he tried not to think of OC heard the ding of the elevator and waited. Knowing that when it did happen he’d feel it, their bond being irrevocably severed. Mentally Alec reached out, trying in vain to weave his way back to Logan, to touch him one last time. Physically squeezing his already closed eyes tighter, giving it everything he had waiting for the inevitable.

Another shot… pain spread through Alec’s body.

Sounds of a scuffle commenced. Abruptly the person holding him like a sack was turned then shoved, Alec’s head hitting a hard surface. The scramble of bodies, yelling – again it was chaos. Another fight broke out, a roar, sounds of a body being thrown. Alec’s heart beat did double time, Joshua and fought to open his eyes, but pain that wasn’t his sliced through his body as sharply as it did his mind. Their bond was there, weak, fading, the pain was Logan’s. Alec wanted to weep, to kill, to open his eyes, but fading blackness was winning.

He heard White’s anger, his panicked voice, “Get them out of here.” The guy holding him started running. Could tell there was someone ahead of them running taking the stairs. The further away from Logan they got, the fainter the thread of their connection.

Doors were pushed open, the scent of fresh air.

Someone yelled out. “Stop!”

They didn’t, but Alec suspected the people abducting them needed a distraction, and split going in different directions. The guy hauling him over his shoulder and a couple of his goons went one route while the guy holding Max went another. It was confirmed and more obvious when he heard a familiar voice give an order, one he thought was dead, Lydecker. “Leave him, get Max, we can’t let them have her.”

That had to be a mistake. Lydecker was dead. Not that Alec disagreed with the priority, not now with Logan’s life slipping away. However Alec couldn’t shake the sudden hurt feelings that Lydecker choose to save Max. Feeling hurt was irrational: Max was one his kids and she had those tattoos that made her White’s main target. It didn’t alter the unexpected emotions of Lydecker’s rejection, of feeling unwanted. Maybe it was the drug that was, or Logan dying—Alec couldn’t say, but the unexpected feelings on top of the isolated disconnect he felt from Logan, felt like he was drowning.

The abrupt sound of tires squeals and the slamming of brakes as a vehicle pulled up. A woman shouted above the chaos, “In here, quickly.”

Alec felt his body being dropped, as the man carrying him suddenly dumped his body into the back of a van. “Go after her!” The woman ordered. Alec knew she was talking about Max— heard the fighting, Lydecker or whoever it was that was trying to save them. Then Alec corrected himself, save Max. White’s people already had him and he didn’t care, not after they shot Logan and left him to die. His connection to Logan was non-existent; he no longer felt Logan’s pain. Didn’t know if Logan was dead and just slipped away, or if he had died instantly —if it was only Alec’s fevered imagination that was hanging on to hope. Hope he no longer had for himself - not without Logan. Nothing mattered now. Whatever hope he did have, was for Max, that whoever it was that was fighting for them would save Max.

The woman barked an order, “Go! Go; get us the hell out of here, now!” Whoever was driving didn’t hesitate and hit the gas. Wheels spinning, as the gas hit and the vehicle accelerated as they tore down the road without Max. Alec tried, wanted to smile that they didn’t get Max, but he couldn’t move. Then he thought about it, it was a small victory since they had him, killed OC and left Logan to bleed out. As soon as he thought of Logan, Alec tried to reach out only to find silence the connection broken.

Fingers pinched his jaw, forcibly turning his head. Alec felt her heated breath, smelled the heavy scent of her breath as she angrily spoke. “You can wipe off that grin, 494. Yes, I know who you are. Let me assure you White will capture her. However if your friends interfered let’s just say I’m not concern with any collateral damage. And for your sake you better hope 452 choose you to mate with. That’ll be the only reason you’re going to stay alive - as bait. Otherwise… well I might use you for recycled parts, or not!”

It didn’t feel like he was smiling, that he had moved a fraction, but nevertheless he was pleased that he had pissed her off. Ignoring her demand he tried to widen his grin. He must have accomplished the task as her nails painfully dug into his jaw, before shoving him away—he didn’t care.

The further away they drove Alec became acutely aware that his connection to Logan was gone as if it had never existed. He was alone now and that was more painful than anything Manticore had ever done to him. Collapsing under the pain Alec easily fell into an emotional void that allowed him the blissfulness of unconsciousness.



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